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  1. Or Mystic 1/2, there's one of those two that has a sort of faerie wings vibe going for it! Edit: actually, not Mystic, Ornate. I think.
  2. Something that I've heard people bring up in regards to why there's so few VEATs is: once you have a VEAT, you don't need another of that VEAT. Like, talking Widows - sure there are differences in how you want to tweak your build, but ultimately, you can do one of two things with a Widow - Night Widow, or Fortunata. And you can do both on the same character. Take that versus a Blaster, where there's a huge variety of combinations and no two are going to play exactly the same - some are going to be melee focused, some ranged focus, some *control* focused, some can survive the world, some operate on kill-or-be-killed... and then across that mechanical variety, you have a huge range of flavor varieties. Basically, what I'm saying is that more people roll more alts of other ATs. I would bet good money that if we had a way of measuring AT-per-human-player, VEATS would not be unpopular in the sense that people aren't rolling them. I think people just don't often roll multiple of them.
  3. Crater Kate


    Slow team, you run on And say holy words in chat: "ATT to boss?"
  4. Ooooh Mind/Savage sounds fuuuuun. grumble grumble altitis
  5. The irony is Energy Cloak is extremely skippable, so that's not even a great reason to hold back from the set 🙂 I love Energy Aura. It really does give you so much mileage *and* looks so damn good! If I had to leverage some criticisms vs the set on Scrappers, these would be mine: - The Stalker version of Energy Aura gets a flat +20% recharge on Entropy Shield, vs the less potent scaling recharge on Energy Aura. Also the whole AT is a Stealth AT so the Energy Cloak friction is more palatable for those who don't like Cloak (but again, it's a very skippable power so) - Brutes are a good chunk tougher than Scrappers, and the big health pool makes the layered nature of EA really shine. Scrappers have to work a lot harder to get that kind of performance with the set - The psi hole is absolutely gaping and almost impossible to patch. There's a butt-ton of psi late game, so EA hurts then. .... but with all that said, the set is still incredible to the point where none of the above really matters. You're still getting lots recharge, you're still layering quite well, you have great End tools, a good self heal, and look awesome. The psi hole sucks but almost everything's weak to something, so that's just something to stomach.
  6. More fuel for the fire! As a callback to Page 1 of the thread, ran a few runs with my Street Justice/SR/Body Stalker to see how I was stacking up. T4 Musculature Core, T3 Degenerative Core, T4 Assault Core untoggled. Results: 2:41 - missed about half a dozen from-stealth Crushing Uppercuts, Combo 3 Assassin's Strikes, etc. Then got knocked twice by the Pylon through 59% positional. 1:50 1:44 - pretty sure this one I ran hot with -res procs 2:03 1:56 So.... outliers on either end aside, I'm getting a fairly consistent bit-under-2-minute time. On an iSoftcapped Stalker. Yeah, I'm proud of this one!
  7. I have a "main" Stalker who's conceptually basically what-if-Batgirl-had-magic, and she's Street Justice/Super Reflexes/Body. It ticks all the boxes: - Very satisfying, thwacky sound effects. This is the most important part, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. - Excellent offensive potential - *Incredibly* durable for a SR Stalker, which misses one of the scaling resists - Nearly infinite end. I run ALL the toggles. And Tough/Weave. And Assault. And Sprint. And Ninja Run. Doesn't matter. - Because of that, she's very very fast. I feel that speed is underrated on melee DPS by a lot of people, but it helps a ton. So StJ/SR/Body is a combo that dishes it out well (as any Bat-disciple should), dodges like mad and can take a *reasonable* hit every once in a while (which fits Batgirl's fighting style), can fight forever, and can do so while sneaking and doing backflips everywhere. It's awesome and highly recommended for Bat-knockoffs.
  8. An Energy Aura Tanker is like, all I want in this world. You can even nerf Regen if that's what it takes! Buff Titan Weapons! Nerf Mind Control! On Controllers! Whatever it takes! Give me pretty tanker!
  9. If I'm understanding you correctly, I am actually working on something very similar to this as we speak...
  10. Gonna echo chatty and fun! My preference when teaming is generally something where the whole team is relaxed and feels like they can contribute, while also feeling free to talk a lot in chat without faceplanting. This does mean I tend to prefer lower difficulty than many people (I'll default to +1 when leading a TF, and will usually only pump it up to +2 on my own volition), because my mindset is "if the weakest/least experienced person on the team is having a good time, then we all are". I only push difficulty aggressively when the team can really handle it. Of course, the other extreme is also not really fun either - 8 Incarnates on a team dropping a T4 Judgment every 15 seconds is not only not difficult, but it makes gameplay frustratingly fast. I feel like on those kinds of teams we end up speedrunning even if no one's trying to, just because things get nuked so quickly. Now, suddenly, I don't have time to talk in chat either, but it's for the opposite reason. So yeah. Big low level teams are great, mid-size medium-high level teams are great, and pretty lean Incarnate teams are great. That's kind of my speed - big enough that things aren't really a grueling challenge, but small enough that we don't turbo through everything either. (I really like the ~lv40 mission range for this reason, incidentally) In terms of playstyle, I like being very in-your-face and in the thick of things. Which, cleverly, does not at all help my goal of talking a lot in chat 🙂 Melee ATs and Epics tend to be most of what I play... but I also have a terrible soft spot for Mind Control...
  11. What do you mean? I have characters who never deal damage, honest! They were just walking through a battlefield and happened to point at some Rikti! The fact that those Rikti were torn limb from limb by a dozen demons from the Netherworld shortly after? That's completely beside point, MY character never did anything. *bats eyelashes*
  12. Wait, what?! We're back up already? On a holiday weekend? Goddamn you guys don't get paid enough, well done and thank you ❤️❤️
  13. When buffing sets, I think it's important to consider what the set is good at or supposed to be good at. Luckily, Mercs already excels at something and if we go all in on that strength, I think the set becomes great, if not OP! It's a simple fix, and doesn't even require something as complex as adding more minions. So what is it that Mercs excel at that I'm talking about? What is Mercs' claim to fame? Why, SHELL CASINGS of course! Mercs is all about little brass doohickies flying everywhere as your soldiers kill nothing and die instantly. But killing nothing and dying instantly doesn't matter because OH MY GOD LOOK AT ALL THAT BRASS. I actually workshopped out this problem a little, and came up with a formula that I used to derive my conclusion: n = F = P Where n is the number of shell casings on screen, F is the net total fun YOU are having, and P is the set's absolute amount of power. It might not be apparent at first glance, but with a little math, you can determine that the more shell casings you have, the more fun you are having, and therefore the stronger the set is! So here is what I am proposing: One bullet makes TWO shells. I know, this idea might make me a radical. There is going to be a realist who comes along who tells me bullets don't have two shell casings, then Bopper is going to come along and tell me that shell casings don't actually improve damage and certainly don't improve survivability, but I am not going to be able to hear them because I'll be knee deep in brass. One bullet, two shells. Make it happen.
  14. I'll bet it's Mender Derek who keeps letting the sub-level 14s through the Ouroboros Portal, too...
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