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  1. This happens to me as well, the names appear blank. Sometimes I'll get an at sign, as if I'm messaging someone's global, but the name will never appear. DM shortcuts like "Chat" still work. But these 3 are busted.
  2. Just spun up the character creator to take a look, and without knowing which horns exactly you're looking for, it's under Head -> Detail 1 -> and then probably either Demon Horns, Abomination Horns, or War Horns. Does that seem right?
  3. "Hey, big guy. Sure could use some advice right about now." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Another gushing review for Rad Armor! I've played it specifically as Rad/Rad and that combo works so well together, /Rad is slow to spin up b/c Proton Sweep is bad, but Rad/ gives you two mininukes that are crazy good. You have great durability, chonky absorb, +recharge, end management, you debuff the hell out of everything... the only thing Rad/ doesn't do by itself is have a damage aura, and /Rad comes in and is like "Oh hi how about a double ticking damage aura? You interested?" So great at taking damage, great end, recharge, ridiculous AOE, plentiful debuffs, legit
  5. Hey @TheGentlemanGhostronaut, I saw your DM as well but I'll just reply publically for the sake of visibilty/clarification: - First of all, that SR/MA build wasn't really meant as an endorsed build! It was meant to demonstrate that Tanker Super Reflexes is such a flexible set that you can do some very silly things with it while still staying very sturdy. Blindly chasing +Dam to the detriment of many other parts of the build qualifies as very silly to me, if I were building an SR/MA for real I would immediately look at the 3x2 Might of the Tanker slotting and the three powers devote
  6. Tankers are also the AT that keep themselves alive the best, so not only is their Leadership pool better, but they're gonna be more capable of focusing on Medicine pool things than the others. They get my vote!
  7. Wait, what is the question here? When I first read it, I thought you were asking if Build-Up was required in the sense that was it skippable. In which case, the answer is that it is definitely not skippable and IS required. But that's not what you're asking. So what you are asking is - and correct me if I'm wrong! - but I think it's along the lines of this : "Is Build-Up a necessary part of Stalker primary design philosophy, to the point where it cannot be replaced by a reasonably similar power with relevant ATO adjustments?" Is that right? If so
  8. Oh man. I don't know if this is trolling or not, but I am 100% taking the bait. I haven't laughed this hard in a while.
  9. Another +1 for accessing /ebfp from anywhere in Pocket D, that would basically make any of my remaining concern evaporate. Speaking as someone who is currently spending the majority of her time RPing, the two obvious reasons to me are crowding and keeping Pocket D attractive as a central hub. Right now, most of my RP characters log out in scattered spots throughout Pocket D, which gives me easy access to the central RP space without getting crowded in one spot. My experience on EL has been that on nights where a particular club or event or something is channeling people through the Poc
  10. Hellions in Atlas Park when they see @Luminara's characters:
  11. I only ever truly 'give up' on a character, as in delete it and banish it from my sight, if I realize I'm not in love with my concept AND I'm not in love with mechanics. If my character concept just isn't fun, or I struggle to invest in playing them, they're gone. My rule of thumb is "would I have fun in a light RP team with this character?" I feel like if I can't even manage that, then it's just going to be too much of an unpleasant experience. If I like their character OR their mechanics but not both, they get shelved indefinitely. This is the state of most of my characters. If i
  12. @Diantane - lots of other people have offered lots of great advice, all of which I'd second. Please understand, what follows is meant as constructive and helpful and in good faith, and isn't meant personally at all: I noticed that you're the person who started the thread about old-school playing a bit over a week ago. Between these two threads, the impression I'm getting is that you have a very particular way you feel like the game is meant to be played. And it's great that you have your preferences, I'm not trying to take those away from you! But IMO, the most important lesson you
  13. Ahh, but just because every character can get the mission, doesn't mean it does happen to every character. Just don't accept the arc in the first place. Boom. Never happened. 😉
  14. I mean... I get the sentiment, but when reverting this change is tantamount to rescinding support for solo'ers... it's not cool. I'd love more mechanics in missions as well! But not if me having access to more mechanics actively penalizes players who don't play the way I do. That goes directly against the spirit of what I like about this game.
  15. I think as long as we're talking Grandville contacts, it would be criminal (Ha HA!) not to mention Westin Phipps (40-44). His storyline isn't so much related to anyone else's so much as it's some of the nastiest, ugliest, most horrifying, skin-crawling villainy in all the Rogue Isles. I haaaate Phipps! 🙂 ---- GREAT work on this guide @Gulbasaur, I know you've been agonizing over it for a long time now, so seeing it finally come to fruition means a lot. Thank you!
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