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  1. kyothinks

    Pet Names

    My plants/necro uses the names of toxic plants as zombie names, so the minion are Jimson, Jonquil, and Jessamine, the lieutenants are Henbane and Hemlock, and the boss is Foxglove.
  2. I made a Christmas tree in my arcane mansion. Complete with tree stand, star, and magical snow!
  3. The trees with the lights from the Ski Chalet. I'm working on setting up my base for Christmas and we don't have a good substitute for fairy lights. 😞
  4. The Evermaze reopens tonight at 6 pm PST/9 pm EST in order to host Chaos United's Maze Runner event! What's new? Well... Three new rooms have been added. All teleporters have been relocated and rearranged. There are now MULTIPLE entry and exit points, some more cleverly hidden than others... Added Observation Deck for folks who just want to see but not necessarily run the maze Added glass ceiling to prevent people from navigating the maze via flight/TP I hope you'll stop by tonight (or soon!) to visit the Evermaze and join in the fun!
  5. Our SG usually has one or two arcs that were "canon" to specific characters, BUT the outcome was changed to maintain the status quo. One of our arcanists DID lead a team against Mot, they were eaten, and they survived and bound Mot...but only for that time; Mot cannot be contained forever, even with the power of a goddess and a god-killing sword. And yes, one of our former-Arachnos-soldiers DID lead a team into the Rogue Isles to shut down the WEB...but that doesn't mean Recluse doesn't start building it all over again next week. Did our former Praetorian mercenary squad manage to defeat Emper
  6. Went through this last night with a friend and it was awesome! I had seen the screenshot of the dragon head before but seeing it up close and personally was even better. My favorite part was after I posted the code in our SG Discord, I heard my roommate scream "NO! I'M IN THE SHARK PIT AGAIN!" Well done!
  7. The Evermaze will be closed for maintenance from Tuesday, Oct 27, 9 pm PST until Chaos United's Evermaze Runner event on Friday, Oct. 30, 6 pm PST. Thank you for your understanding.
  8. Is there going to be a way to remove base passcodes? Currently, having a base passcode set on a base that is accessible to teammates and coalitions doesn't really make any difference from the base game except for being able to teleport into the base from anywhere, but having a base passcode set on a base that doesn't allow teammates or coalition members may enable people who shouldn't be able to access it to access it anyway. I know that I can just change the passcode (and have done on several occasions), but being able to just remove the passcode entirely would be nice too.
  9. Does anyone have a more detailed explanation/pictures of how to put this together? I'd love to set one up in my base, but I am having a beast of a time figuring out how this list of items turns into a piano. Alternately, willing to hand over base editing privileges if anyone is willing to put one together for me! Update: It ain't too pretty, but between me and a friend, we did get something that at least functionally resembles a grand piano in my base. Woo!
  10. I have the beacon and the location set. They were actually set right next to each other, because I was testing a hidden teleporter to make sure it was clickable--which, to be fair, it is, or I wouldn't know that it's not allowing the beacon to connect. I previously had this issue in another base and it just spontaneously fixed itself after a while, so I guess I'll just have to hope that happens this time as well. Thanks anyway all.
  11. The Interdimensional Shard is a tech teleporter. This was the first thing I checked. Having the same issue with other teleporters when freshly placed, but not with teleporters that were already present in the base before last night's editing session.
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