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  1. I think the concept has potential, and the spirit world is a great source for all kinds of different effects.
  2. I was about to suggest the same thing. Every (?) powerset allows the character to pull his weapon(s) or shield, but it just sits there if there is no target. Would it be possible to short-cut an emote out of one of the tier 1 attack/defend powers? Don't know about whip, though.
  3. In many characters, the weapon (or shield, or both) wielded is an important part of the costume design. How about a new emote, 'brandish', where the character whips out their weapon(s)/shield and they remain visible until the player does something that causes the emote to turn off. When just standing in place, perhaps slightly turning from side to side, the weapon(s) or shield or both remain visible. Perfect for costume contests.
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