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  1. HI! I've done some searching on the forums and also on the 3500 build list, but I haven't found anything on an Ice/SS tanker. If anyone has such a build I would really appreciate it. Also if you have thoughts about the effectiveness of certain powers in the sets I would like to see your thoughts. thanks in advance.
  2. Camel, I woke up and read this before going to work. I am now amped up and ready to face the day and I am going to roll this tank tonight. Fun Fun!
  3. I know this game is the best I've ever played and here's how. I stopped playing a long time before sunset, but when I found out COH was gone, I felt a hole in my heart. Just plain LOSS. I still played other MMO's, but they were less. Every game came up less than COH to me. When I discovered it was back on, I loaded up the game, and it literally felt like COMING HOME. And then I found out it was run by VOLUNTEERS who love the game, and made so many Quality of Life improvements that were sensible and useful (and fun!). The three things I love best about COH have already been mentioned, but I will state them again. 1.) The community---you can find good people at any time who will group and help. My job has changed from 3rd to 1st shift and I've met decent human beings everywhere, from farm leaders to raid leaders to group leaders to GM's ( and especially group members). 2.) Almost numberless combinations of interacting powersets. I play controllers, defenders and tanks. There are similarities within the powersets and AT, but also real differences. Yes I am an altaholic, and there's always something more and interesting to learn! 3.) People love to share their builds and how they work. Folks are still coming up with new ways to make the powers more effective and fun. I have learned a great deal from the forums and the discussions there. People are still engaged with this game and there is great theorycrafting and guides being created. Lastly, I am grateful to be playing this game. I have liked other games and have enjoyed playing them, but being grateful is a whole +4 Mag of wonder. So I am on and will be playing here. Period. Thanks!
  4. Folks, I just got a FM/Bio brute to 50 and want to know what builds are out there. Fire seems straight forward, but there are so many toys in the Bio box that I'm a bit overwhelmed. I really like the play and I want to continue her , so any builds/advice/tips would be welcome. I've done some searching through the forums and there seems to be very little info on a FM/Bio brute, but any links would also be appreciated
  5. I remember the tank vow from my first time playing in COH. I don't mind whether you call me defender or healer or support, as long as I make the team work better. I almost never play DPS but you made me look at them differently---which is one of the things poetry should do. You gave them all honor and dignity with your words. Thank you.
  6. The idea about the Fae wielding beam rifles reminds me of those in the Artemis Fowl book series. It's not COH canon but it might be a good springboard for character creation. Leprechaun can mean Lep-Recon. Think about it.
  7. Cool thread generating more light than heat (mostly). I look forward to your guide Hopeling.
  8. You got me hooked. I'm waiting or the next chapter. Please don't stop!
  9. These beautiful----and horrible---and very, very moving stories are such a gift. Thank you! (And you love Shakespeare too!)
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