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  1. After a -very- lengthy battle with +4 Dominatrix the cleanup crew had to work double overtime...
  2. Thanks a lot @BGSacho& @Elthenar Lots of good info, and very interesting that the Gang War guys don't really start being beastly until incarnates are part of the equation. I haven't tried to make any builds as yet but I assume that getting them near-perma is very difficult until recharge bonuses from Alpha, Purples and Superior ATOs are factored in anyway, so I'm expecting a character that I will ride into a lot of post-50 content anyway. I've played cold and traps until the 30s at least on other ATs so I do have a fair amount of familiarity with the positives and drawbacks there. I kind of want to really like traps but I never quite get there, hence I'm curious if a MM might be the right AT for me in that respect. I think what I'm going to do now is start a Thugs/Time and a Thugs/Traps and play them both up until probably the low 30s before making a final decision which one to take to the promised land.
  3. They say 'Ask and ye shall receive...' Amazing @TheSpiritFox ! I shall read and re-read to fully digest. I wasn't really thinking of traps for this run but I've never really made it work on a 'troller before - maybe this is the right place to try it. I also like to sit back and watch the magic sometimes, and the flexible play of the MM is appealing.
  4. Dear Masterminders, I come seeking knowledge I’m a pretty experienced player but the one AT I have never explored in depth is the Mastermind and for my next project I would like to really commit to learning how to build and play one. To this end I have been loitering on this board for a little, trying to pick up some of the main factors which make this AT fun and different! And it seems like there is potentially a lot of fun to be had, but it also seems like the Mastermind really is quite different to what I’m used to from the other ‘core’ ATs! What I have in mind is to build up a pretty strong Mastermind character which can be used across the range of playstyles - casual vs challenging; solo or team-based play. I think I want to play Thugs as I fancy making a character which can leverage using Gang War as often as possible, so global recharge will be a major goal. I have a ‘perma-PA’ Illusion controller and I really enjoy that so I’m thinking this could also be fun. I like the unique attacks in the Beast set too, but I’m pretty sure Thugs is going to be the one that I want. I haven’t decided on a secondary, but I would like to pick one which offers a lot of complementarity with the Thugs. Most likely I will choose one of: Cold Electric Storm Time I haven’t played any of those sets to a high level before and I would like to try something new. I could also consider: Forcefield Empathy ...which I have played before but not for quite a long time. I would welcome comments on how these sets might mesh with Thugs, in particular any special details or ‘combos’ which offer some unique or special interactions which could be leveraged to create that something extra! But aside from the secondary I have identified the following aspects as things which need to be considered when building a Mastermind character with all the options which IOs bring. As I wrote, I’m here seeking knowledge, so I would welcome any comments on the following topics. Which are important or less-important? Perhaps a link to a thread with more information, or to point out that I am missing something relevant in my list. Here are the ‘open questions’ which I have identified from my initial reading here: Most likely I should limit the amount of Mastermind attacks selected (as the damage scalars are so low). One or perhaps even no (primary) attacks could be suitable. How best to use MM ATOs? Mark of Supremacy split three ways can give A LOT of recharge, which could be part of working towards ‘perma’ Gang War. The interaction between procs and pets. Which ones affect pets and which ones don’t? Are there any ‘must have’ procs for pets at different tiers, e.g. chance for KD Overwhelming Force? I have seen this topic discussed quite a lot and there seem to be different opinions on how it works and what are the good choices here. Mostly I'm looking to not 'waste' procs which don't do anything to help either the PC or the pets. How to combine your buffs and debuffs the best way to optimize henchman survivability and attack power. Is it better, for example, to maximize defense for the henchmen, or to combine defense and resists and potentially debuffs to have a more balanced set of tools? The powers which improve the henchmen are obviously important but what are the signature characteristics? For example, I believe that one of the Thugs will gain Tactics at some point, improving attack potential AND introducing the potential for benefitting from Gaussian’s proc? Are there other key components of the power-ups which need to be understood? Understanding e.g. Bodyguard mode and how to build the Mastermind to get the most value from it, if indeed this is a good playstyle with the Thugs? Understanding which IO bonuses affect pets and which affect the PC. Similarly, understanding how incarnate powers affect PC and summons. edit: I will add here 'is stealth useful?' Some secondary powersets offer PBAoE stealth effects and with the MM summons controls your pets can be made to ignore enemies, correct? Is it practical to 'stealth' missions with summons out? Or is that just a non-starter? Seems like I have a lot to learn! Any tips on these topics is very much appreciated. edit: p.s. Yes, I know I will need either binds or macros - I can see there are plenty of good options there
  5. @Sodd - do you have 'remember account' checked on the login screen? because if you don't this file will not be updated.
  6. If you take your squishy fighting e.g. Carnies then it starts to feel pretty optimal IMO!
  7. Not sure I would call Fearsome Stare sub-optimal, but some fear, yes! I love a bit of Invoke Panic on some characters. It doesn't last very long but it can get the heat off you, has a nice animation and it's fun! I quite often take it on blappers and sentinels, and if I ever made a regen character I reckon it would be useful. In former times I would have included Touch of Fear from Dark Melee here as I used to use it a lot, but now that it has been changed into a power that you can't just spam you either need to pair it with Intimidate or Cloak of Fear to do anything interesting with it (both OK powers) or just use it as a ho-hum ticky-tack damage power.
  8. Long-time lurker, first time poster... be gentle 😃 I saw there have been a few nuns posted recently so thought I would share my humble effort, the Sinister Sister! She's been around for a while and never bumped into any other sisters - good to see there are a few of us!
  9. Yes @Hewthat's right, it is the opportunity cost that makes me skeptical of the capped S/L defense route. Radiation is quite an interesting set for a scrapper, I think, because it really does have a very diverse set of tools to play with. Aside from a small 'terrorize-hole' (which does matter a bit in places like Night Ward) pretty much the only thing it doesn't bring is defense. It has resists, regen, -regen, recovery, AoE damage, -def, recharge, absorb! So - to me - it seems like capping defenses can be done but only by risking to overlook most of the things that the set is actually strong at. That is kinda what I was hoping to discuss a bit here, because there are not a lot of posts about radiation armor on the scrapper board. Having said that, what @Nightmarer showed in a build does give me a few ideas for some slotting of IOs so I'm grateful for that and the DM/ build does cap S/L without completely trashing the secondary. I would prefer that the +Crit proc goes in Midnight Grasp, although in my leveling build it seems to be proccing often from ToF so that could maybe also work. I like the Shadow Meld option for /Rad. It gives situational high defense making capping unnecessary and giving more flexibility to build out the other survivability components and retain options in slotting of attacks. This also gives flexibility in pool power picks because it is less necessary to pursue Maneuvers and Hover for example, opening maybe a stealth build, or a teleporter, experiment pool maybe... Thanks for the discussion everyone 😃
  10. I know what you mean @Nightmarerbut in this case it is very expensive to cap S/L on a radiation armor scrapper - and I don't mean in terms of infl (although it's also quite expensive!). I assume to cap S/L you are thinking about 2*3 scrapper's strike, plus blistering cold, avalanche, weave with lots of slots, combat jump/hover, uniques... and even so this won't get you beyond mid-30's %. This build doesn't have that many single target melee attacks, so you are forced to slot what you have with these IOs and not others. I don't think you have the luxury of heavy slotting boxing or brawl for set bonuses as it looks like the secondary is also very slot heavy to get the max out of it. Considering that praetorian enemies in particular bring lots of non-S/L damage too I'm not sure that capping typed def is the right way to go for a /Rad. I definitely could be wrong there, but I suspect it may not be worth the cost. Thanks @Uun. The resistances is fairly straight forward, I think. How much survivability does the +Regen bring in your opinion? I find it difficult to gauge how much the +400-ish % gives you.
  11. I've been leveling a DM/Rad scrapper which is a nice & fun combination that brings a lot of options for both attack and defense. It has a ton of AoE possibilities with Maul, Touch of Fear, Soul Drain, Dark Consumption, Ground Zero, and even Radiation Therapy so it is very effective at mowing through large mobs of enemies. The question is, what is the best path to survivability in general and additionally taking on tough targets? There is a lot to take in and RA gives you a lot of options for how one *could* approach building for survivability. I don't usually play resistance sets on scrappers and don't have much experience with WP/Regen either so I'm not really sure how the numbers from Radiation will 'come together' in the late game. Additionally, it seems like slots will be at a premium for the build. There are a lot of desirable powers from both the primary and the secondary and rather few 'one slot wonders' so far as I can tell. This will place some limits on what set bonuses can be achieved. Resistance: it looks like with set bonuses and tough it should be fairly straightforward to get to 60-70% in most damage types. Meltdown can cap you pretty much across the board, however, it is probably only available around a third of the time at best. Rune of protection could be used for additional gap closing but it will take quite a lot of investment to get it, it will need some heavy slotting and with a 75% res-cap on scrappers probably not worth it overall? Regen: Particle Shielding can pretty easily be made perma and +200% regen or more. Radiation Therapy also buffs regen (amongst other effects) and probably could be made to increase regen by around 200%. These numbers sound good, but are they enough to make reliance on high regen a major focus? And using Therapy for regen means not using it as a mini-nuke so there is some cost to that approach. Gamma Boost also buffs regen, and being an auto power it is one of those which seems hard to gauge how useful it is overall? Absorb: Particle Shielding also brings a pretty nice absorb shield which is always available (with Hasten and a few bonuses) Defence: nothing out of the box, but with weave, CJ, bonuses and uniques, etc it is probably within range to get low 30's % to one or more positional types. It could also be possible to chase typed defense but probably a bit too limiting in terms of what can be slotted into attacks. Chasing serious levels of defense looks like it will get too expensive in terms of compromises elsewhere to chase specific bonuses at the cost of power utility. Shadow Meld can also be in play to close the gap between 30-ish % and the soft cap. It only requires two power picks and it is pretty good out-of-the-box, plus has a decent amount of uptown with the type of recharge most builds achieve. Also with a DM primary some investment in defense pays off because of the ghetto-defense in all of DM's attacks. These days pretty much every armor set ends up building layered defenses, but Radiation Armor on scrappers does seem to be a somewhat unique set of tools. There are quite a few elements which it brings which aren't covered here, in particular relating to endurance management, so there really are a lot of possibilities with it. What are peoples' experiences with building it out for scrapper survivability?
  12. You're not closing it before I also get to chime in with some 'I really don't like the changes to DM' feedback 🙂 Love the rest of the release (that I have tried) but not these. Touch of Fear? Please rename as Touch of DoT. Hopefully we'll see another pass at DM in the future that does a better job of marrying the theme of the set with the 'need' to balance. And yes, I did post feedback before release. And no, I cannot recall any discussion of the 'why' to these changes. Having some insight into the rationale would help, IMO. Nevertheless, in no way wish to appear ungrateful for the work people do, just hoping that in this case enough volume will prompt another look.
  13. There are definitely meant to be day spawns because there often are day spawns. As mentioned, Freaks and Warriors should be there and the DA gate should be crawling with Devoured. It's not even a server reset thing. Sometimes there are spawns and sometimes - often times recently - it is deserted.
  14. That one is most definitely intended. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Kill_Skuls
  15. I have had this happen several times this week, with the latest time just 15 minutes before this post. The issue is that there seem to be no enemy spawns in the South East corner of Talos Island. The issue affects at least the Eleusis and Eastern Argos Highway zones. Normally I would expect to find a lot of Banished Pantheon and Devoured Earth spawns, but there are no enemies at all. Spawns in the Central and Western areas are working correctly (Warriors, Tsoo, Freaks etc) and I haven't checked the islands to the North. Attaching screenshots from the most recent example.
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