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  1. In the mission 'Drive away the D.U.S.T. cell' from Nadia in First Ward I came across this potential glitch in the First Ward variant of one of the typical office map configurations. Here I can see the mission boss through a gap in the walls. As I was playing a gravity controller I just wormholed him out through the gap and skipped all the troopers which lie between us if I had taken the path up the stairs... neat!
  2. This issue resolved itself for me. After some hours the updater was able to process correctly and the game can launch as normal now. Note: updating the beta shard was not a fix for me, I received the same error for all of the available shards when running the HC Launcher. For reference, this was the log trace up to the fail point:
  3. I'm unable to update after the latest patch. Persists across a restart. Any tips? ((I can access the game OK using Tequila))
  4. From the Depths of the Human Psyche comes everyone's special inner darkness... The Shadowself!
  5. Congratulations, @Seen2BeGreen, for a very fine win last week! Competition this week looks even tougher already
  6. I think it can be worth thinking about trying to knock the enemy down before you have high melee def available so that you can get time to trigger your attacks without taking return fire. So even though you won't need Dark Consumption really, when you have Touch, you can treat it as an attack with a side effect of replenishing endurance... and it can take an Overwhelming Force chance for KD proc too... Similarly why I included Spring Attack, which inherently does KD. So double chances.
  7. I actually ended up going all in, using Spring Attack to zoom in to Drain position, and rounded it out with a PBAoE incarnate nuke as well. Not a lot left after all that. Since that time combat teleport has also come into play (non-damaging, but available much more often).
  8. Are you enjoying it? Because if you are then you are most definitely not doing it wrong! No doubt there are 'better' secondaries than dark, but I found it to be great fun and very serviceable - even before they made the sustain power less reliant on hitting its target. Soul Drain, as you point out, is really interesting on a blaster because it lasts for a long time and can provide a big boost when there are several targets. Also, it can be quite a serviceable PBAoE attack by itself, and seeing you are in melee anyway... ☺️ With all the other gadget-y powers that come with it there
  9. Good name (and costume.. 😃 ) First time seeing DP with that chest piece - duh!
  10. Dark Armor is good for everything, including on scrappers, and looks sweet with Psi. Go for it. Decide if you want full fluffball or toned-down visuals in the costume editor. The Dark Noir and coloring options can lead to a lot of good results. I'm pretty sure that Psi/Dark is good on ANY AT There are MANY threads around which will talk you through Psi/, /DA, and Psi/DA - including in other forums like Sentinel where you might also pick up some tips, even though the implementations are somewhat different.
  11. After a -very- lengthy battle with +4 Dominatrix the cleanup crew had to work double overtime...
  12. Thanks a lot @BGSacho& @Elthenar Lots of good info, and very interesting that the Gang War guys don't really start being beastly until incarnates are part of the equation. I haven't tried to make any builds as yet but I assume that getting them near-perma is very difficult until recharge bonuses from Alpha, Purples and Superior ATOs are factored in anyway, so I'm expecting a character that I will ride into a lot of post-50 content anyway. I've played cold and traps until the 30s at least on other ATs so I do have a fair amount of familiarity with the positives and drawback
  13. They say 'Ask and ye shall receive...' Amazing @TheSpiritFox ! I shall read and re-read to fully digest. I wasn't really thinking of traps for this run but I've never really made it work on a 'troller before - maybe this is the right place to try it. I also like to sit back and watch the magic sometimes, and the flexible play of the MM is appealing.
  14. Dear Masterminders, I come seeking knowledge I’m a pretty experienced player but the one AT I have never explored in depth is the Mastermind and for my next project I would like to really commit to learning how to build and play one. To this end I have been loitering on this board for a little, trying to pick up some of the main factors which make this AT fun and different! And it seems like there is potentially a lot of fun to be had, but it also seems like the Mastermind really is quite different to what I’m used to from the other ‘core’ ATs! What I have in mind is to
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