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  1. In my opinion 'fighting' pool on a Time/ is a luxury/unnecessary pick. Those three powers and losing the pool can open up some interesting other options.
  2. If you visit City of Data you might be able to sniff out some of what may lie ahead
  3. For me radios are the worst designed part of the game, unless you want progression optimized at the cost of everything else, and it seems like many people do want that, which is fine. That's blueside, of course... on red you have to run radios to get some contacts in each level band, which is super annoying when it goes up to 5 radios to unlock the bank job. The old contacts have their main story arcs which can be accessed via Ouro, there can be quite a lot of other content worth playing if you have any interest in the story aspect of the game. I don't believe there are any merits
  4. Issue: incorect power description text in Stalkers - Epic Pools - Weapons Mastery (it retains information taken from the Body Mastery pool
  5. Story Arc: The Envoy of Shadows Mission: Clue received during briefing of 'Disrupt the ritual and look for signs that Hequat is returning' Issue: Text shows 'The...' - it should show 'They...'
  6. Story Arc: The Terra Conspiracy Mission: Two - Take the residue to Dr. Steven Sheridan Issue: After completing the mission the clue says that you took the residue to Dr. Stanley Sheridan 😃
  7. Slow down. Except when you need to go fast. Which is to say, compared to playing melee DPS you need to keep track of a lot more variables, and you need to be watching the team UI as much as the enemy. You can't afford to be stuck in the middle of a long attack animation when there is the critical need for a support power - sometimes a heal to a character whose health is crashing, but often times a stun or a -to hit or a +res will get the job done just as well. That means you need to know where everyone is, which can be tricky if you are just spam-blasting. Don't empty y
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Now, I am considering taking OG so maybe Dark Pit could be a level 47/49 pick... Question (to all): if this power also carried a -9,38% to-hit debuff like every other power in Dark Blast (bar Blackstar which has a whopping -62,5%!), would it become interesting-ish? I think I would take it with the debuff.
  9. Leaving aside the possibility to slot purples which rules it out for leveling purposes... please tell us a little bit about how you use it. It's not my intention to just take a cheap-shot at a weak power - life is too short. I have been trying to use the power for real in game but I just can't seem to find any utility in it (I had overlooked the fact that the accuracy is indeed really poor). There is a respec coming in a few levels and it looks like Dark Pit will probably have to go then.
  10. Metatheory

    Dark Pit

    Alright defenders! Dark Pit: cost 13 endurance. Effect 11 seconds stun (minions only). NO 'to-hit' debuff. Aside from possibly pairing with another stun - like Thunderclap or Repulsion Field - is there any reason to take this power? It seems hellishly expensive for very little reward. Unless I am missing something in here it seems like one of the absolute worst powers for pretty much any AT.
  11. In the mission 'Drive away the D.U.S.T. cell' from Nadia in First Ward I came across this potential glitch in the First Ward variant of one of the typical office map configurations. Here I can see the mission boss through a gap in the walls. As I was playing a gravity controller I just wormholed him out through the gap and skipped all the troopers which lie between us if I had taken the path up the stairs... neat!
  12. This issue resolved itself for me. After some hours the updater was able to process correctly and the game can launch as normal now. Note: updating the beta shard was not a fix for me, I received the same error for all of the available shards when running the HC Launcher. For reference, this was the log trace up to the fail point:
  13. I'm unable to update after the latest patch. Persists across a restart. Any tips? ((I can access the game OK using Tequila))
  14. From the Depths of the Human Psyche comes everyone's special inner darkness... The Shadowself!
  15. Congratulations, @Seen2BeGreen, for a very fine win last week! Competition this week looks even tougher already
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