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  1. I missed the last TT fun but I'm planning on bringing Good Seed to the dark side for tonight's mayhem.
  2. Antarticaa

    Missed it

    I wasn't able to sign on until 9:40 last night, so suffice to say, if we had a sg tf last night I missed it. Darn, and I had so much fun last week. Nothing like a riot of planters running wild! And if someone in game could give me the chat channel I'd appreciate it, so I won't miss the fun and the chats. Thanks for the encouragement in making a plant troller. The are just plain fun!!!
  3. I've been playing on a 17" gaming laptop but it's 6 years old. About time I got a desktop computer but the problem is, I don't know anything about computers. I could buy one off Amazon or get a local company to put one together. I need a computer for general purposes like Word, YouTube and of course CoH. What computer do y'all recommend, or what components do you recommend? I'll need everything, including a monitor. I believe this is the community to ask! Thanks for your input!!!
  4. Insult to injury time. My surgeon's office called and they have to move the surgery back to March 2. That will make over six months with a shredded rotator cuff and a broken shoulder that didn't heal right. Ugh. Should make a plantie called Sore Thumb, lol.
  5. That's a great build Ukase! Thanks for sharing it.
  6. My plantie is Good Seed and her fly trap is Whippersnapper. Just kinda suited our walking, snapping plant.
  7. Confession time. I have had so much fun with my plant/nature troller that I've worked on nothing else. An old sg mate who has my log in info thought he was helping me and got me levels 25-32 Not solicited but by then I decided to go gung ho and ran her like mad, getting to 50 the proper way. Then I spent two days converting enh to rewards and getting recipes, making enh, transferring to Good Seed, the works. Not what I had planned because originally I wanted to level her up slowly. Then I got hooked on how much fun I was having and I guess that was the point really. I hope that wont disqualify her for TF Tuesday. Been looking forward to it since I misread the time for last week's TF. An all plant BAF would be awesome. Wonder if someone would at least let us fend an all plant team on a BAF. I think the reason I went nuts on Good Seed is that I'm going to have a reverse shoulder implant on Feb. 24 and will be out of game for awhile recovering. I broke my shoulder Aug.22. After it didn't heal correctly they finally did a CAT scan in Oct. and found out I shredded the rotator cuff as well. I was going to have the surgery at the beginning of the month but I wound up with two abscesses from a broken tooth from the car wreck I was in. Bad luck is that all the local dentists were closed over the Christmas holidays but the teeth were removed a couple of weeks ago and healing well. Surgeon has rescheduled so that's good. but dealing with a painful, useless arm is challenging, lol. Top it off with a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and the 4th of 5 surgeries left me with 7 rods and screws in my neck that causes a lot of pain. I definitely a WRECK. Not down about this, just determined to regrow!
  8. As a player who prefers her blasters, I am so thankful for the roles tankers play. Like you tanks, I was delighted with the latest patch that addresses some of the problems tankers faced. My hat is off to those of you who chose to play tanks even though your powers were not like they were. Hurrah for the new devs! Any time I am in a group with you I certainly appreciate you. If I want to survive I stay fairly close to that tank who was drawing the attention of the AV or Hami or on MSR runs, not targeting through you. I don't want to disturb that taunt! So thank you! Long may you taunt and protect us squishies, lol. Carolina Heat, 50+ blaster Carolina Moon, 50+ defender -and numerous other of her ilk
  9. I havent been able to stop playing Good Seed. What an addictive plant she is! Cant wait to see y'all and join the sg if possible
  10. How can I thank the devs? You saved my sanity. I was teaching at a gang ridden, violent middle school (where I had my nose broken) and every night I would come back and game till the wee hours to rid myself of the toxins from work. My husband lovingly would often bring my supper to my desk so I could game on. Although he never gamed he understood how much this game helped as a coping mechanism. I grieved so when it went dark, losing my guildmates one by one till I alone remained, holding onto vain hope that somehow our city would be saved It was impossible to explain to others what the loss of this game meant to me I finally dumped the maps and builds I had printed out a year ago, even finally getting rid of the original comics and hero clix I had from the CoV expansion. The cruelest blow was the loss of my beloved husband. He died from glioblastoma, a terrible, malignant brain cancer, three years ago. My love, my best friend was gone! That terrible loss is something you don't get over. I was delighted a few months ago when an old guildmate of mine posted about the resurrection of CoH. I've been happily immersed in the game again, thanks to the work and selflessness of the Homecoming devs. Playing once more has been a real salve for the bruised soul. Thank you for this labor of love. It means more than you know to so many people.
  11. I'm another fan of Termite and had to make a plant/nature troller too. Meet Good Seed. I'm so used to playing blasters that it's a bit of a learning curve to get the hang of her, but you planties look like you're having so much fun I just had to make one too. If you see her please invite her to the sg. She just dinged 30 and I'm dying to get to 32 so she can get her own Fly Trap.
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