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  1. Myself as well as the friends who watch the show have been enjoying it since the first episode but yeah, Episode 4 really kicked things into a higher gear. In a lot of ways, Wandavision is the kind of content I'd wanted from Agents of SHIELD (and I say that as someone who absolutely loved the show as it was) as well as the Netflix Marvel shows (which were also good, but felt like they were mostly in yet another separate bubble of their own). The fact that I have no idea who will or won't show up or what the ramifications of the story will be is a huge boost to personal interest. Agents of SHIE
  2. Putting aside the 'limit access to softcap Def' aspect, let's focus on another. Specifically, the claim that 'this would be a boon to casual players.' That implies a single definition of 'casual player' - in this context, one who feels stymied by the perceived extremes of the IO system. Now putting aside that this assertion is an extremely personal opinion, it is by default wrong as there is no single 'casual player' ideal when it comes to CoH. The game is designed to be easy to pick up and run with, not just with missions but in every respect. Task forces, super groups, giant mons
  3. Sweeping modification to the game's IO set up and punishing changes to archetype stat percentages are not 'solutions that'd make the game more fun to play.' Those are just personal preferences to self-imposed problems. The archetype system in City of Heroes is built around being interchangeable. You aren't required to have X, Y, or Z on a team, which innately makes 'roles' a lot more flexible. Outside of a small handful of endgame situations (like Ham iraids) you can pick up whatever you want and go. It's meant to be casual and allow players the freedom to play as they like - that'
  4. The devs aren't doing that, though? The Homecoming devs have not made any major endgame content as of yet, and leveling in CoH has always been easy outside of the first few Issues post-launch (namely after Issue 5, when the OG devs first adjusted how Debt worked). Yes, the P2W vendors have made leveling easier still due to Double XP Boosters combined with the abundance of farms in AE - but there were an abundance of AE farms on Live, and if you want a more traditional leveling experience you don't have to use Double XP. You can play the game however you want to, as can everyone else that's par
  5. While trying to make a costume for yet another alt, I found that Female character model was not able to access the Kanji symbols as a Chest Detail (Under) when using a Jacket. Investigating further, I found that there are a number of Symbols usually available as Chest Detail choices are not enabled in certain sections for Female and Huge models. Female -> Jackets -> Chest Detail Under: Does not give access to any of the Kanji, Greek (Upper or Lowercase), or Special (Council, PPD, Vanguard, etc.) symbols Female -> Jackets - > Chest Detail Over: Does not give access to
  6. Totally agree that the Winter Forest assets should be base editor items. It's not a huge, time-sensitive issue or anything of course but it'd be a nice and they are already made. As for why it's a separate zone to begin with, I doubt its due to any holiday cultural aspects and more just making one small separate zone (essentially a public holiday-themed base) was a lot easier than doing massive makeovers for the blue/redsize zones like Atlas Park gets. That stuff takes work, especially depending on how many assets need to be manually changed each time (and then changed back).
  7. New Zones/Missions would have broader appeal than a hardcore mode, imo. I'll echo the sentiment of some earlier players here in suggesting that the Hazard Zones/Kallisti Wharf be added to. Given that those zones already exist, it seems like it'd be easier to make content rather than starting from scratch (even if I am very interested in seeing what Zone ideas the HC Devs could pull off). I don't think the initial content would need to be extravagant or bring about sweeping changes either - for the Hazard Zones, just adding a short Trial akin to the Market Crash could be a solid start. Could ev
  8. That's working as intended - part of the Winter Event stuff is powers that create/throw objects (like Hurl and Propel) are all set to use the same model as the presents that spawn in the zone maps instead of whatever they'd normally use. Though, now I have to imagine all the Warwolf gifts are full of dog treats. Dog treats and fascism.
  9. The top option for Ms Liberty's Winter look is the Barbarian Fur Chest Detail. She's also got the Barbarian Fur shoulder options combined with the Witch Tight gloves so they match the look of the Barbarian Fur boots.
  10. The Asymmetrical Toggle is the little button to the right of the Shoulder options in the Costume Creator. Works the same with Gloves and Boots - toggle it on to give independent Right/Left options.
  11. Getting some serious Gigan vibes from Slash Serpent, @biostem. That is a fantastic look. Posted this costume in the weekly contest on the Homecoming discord and it got some love, so figured I'd share it here too. Mictlan - my answer to the question of 'What if Lara Croft became Batwoman?' dunked in a heaping helping of Aztec mythology.
  12. Afraid that's not a bug - the bare skin of the biceps is part of the 'Short Sleeve' option for Jackets (same with the Classic Steampunk 1 option). Sleeves are entirely separate pieces rather than additions to the base model, which is why there's a thin 'seam' on the forearm just below the elbow. Essentially they're like the Robotic Arms, just matched to the material and style of the Jackets they're themed with. Given how the Retro Sleeve option exposes a clear expanse of empty space on Female models I'm pretty sure there isn't an actual upper arm under any of the full length Sleeve options any
  13. I remember your art thread! I lurked through it back in the day. Glad to see more old school forumites join up with Homecoming. ^_^ As for the screenshot request, I'll offer up my new main - Brazen Brawler Stoic and patient, Brazen is very much a 'speak softly and carry a big stick'-type with the styling of Mad Max crossed with the Terminator. He's Crey Industries' attempt at making a living Nemesis Automaton as part of an expanded Paragon Protector program (which he violently escaped from) and now he leads a supergroup of fellow Crey escapees. His claim to
  14. @Glacier Peak is right. Should've included this in my original post (beyond Homecoming's 'Players not playing as NPCs' policy) but a lot of the NPC only/Dev Edit mode costume pieces are in their own overly specific categories, attached to unfitting anchor points, and/or just flat-out broken when used in-conjunction with regular player accessible options. Given that these were the only costumes that the NPCs were ever going to have, the Live Devs basically slapped any custom pieces into whatever open anchor point/section was convenient or unused for that particular NPC. For example,
  15. While clipping is certainly an issue with the Sybil pieces, they're already usable in the costume creator (as per Titan Icon) - they're just tagged as NPC only. Granted, this means absolutely nothing in-regard to the devs granting players access to them. Given their official policy regarding players not being allowed to play as in-game NPCs, it seem very unlikely that we'd get access to these pieces (and if we did, it wouldn't be any time Soon™).
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