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  1. This is my current build on live. I never have end problems. I use HT offensively all the time. I like whips. I just was exemp'd down for SBB and it was a cakewalk still. My incarnates are musculature, clarion, reactive (I think), and the higher % support hybird. This MM is so good that my Beasts/Kin feels like a wet noodle. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1456;730;1460;HEX;| |78DA65934B4F135114C7CFBC282D055A4A5B90B6D016284CA15023A88951238811A| |9
  2. Thanks, Only! Good tip on detoggling stuff when solo ... esp WoC (seems pretty useless, moreso than Choking Cloud). I was thinking of keeping EM Pulse as I think it does massive -Regen to what it hits, probably good for AVs. I also like the Oh-Crap Button factor or alternativing it with the nuke. Man I just wish Shout animated like Blaze 😄
  3. Hi Defender gurus - I got around to trying out the reported old school power of Rad/Sonic, following this build below (I think from @Onlyasandwich, apologies if I'm wrong). It's pretty complete and seems to soft-cap Ranged def on its own while soft-capping melee pretty easily on a team with some def buffs. It also fits in all the rad powers and some procs. And has perma-AM. In short, it seems pretty darn good. The trade-off is no travel power, though that's less of an issue these days with stacking Ninja Run / Spring and Jet Packs / Void Skiff etc, though @Ukasemade a so
  4. Not having to rebuild entirely every time, and reslot all IOs every single time, would be such a time-saver .... so much frustration and mis-click potential!
  5. They no longer deactivate toggles. However I still don't think you can recolor either one of them. Has anyone been able to recolor void skiff?
  6. I've not made a nature corr or def yet, but i played around with it and collected some builds. Attached are 3 that might give some points to consider on the /Nature side. One option on a Corr would be to forgo trying to hit the soft-cap on S/L (and R) and instead focus on resists and using the epic resist shield in Dark Mastery coupled with Soul Drain for extra damage/to-hit goodness when you jump into mobs. The Fire-Nature-Soul build attached has that. I saw some hate on the boards for Spore Cloud given its long cast time but it does seem reasonably good to keep in the
  7. Softcap S/L with Clarion - some KD in the attacks for extra mitigation. If you want even better mitigation go Fire/Elec - plenty of threads n builds in Blaster forum. I mentioned Fire/Rad because it was cited and I wanted to try Rad armor on a Sent, but it's much better as an armor set on Tankers (or even scrappers) IMHO.
  8. There's an interesting (conceptually) Darkir build on the Dom forum that pairs WoC with Arctic Air (Ice dom) to stack confusion on mobs in the range of both while under Domination - I presume it would use Combat Teleport to port into spawns. I thought hard about making it but ultimately didn't because it will still have Dom damage and I'd rather just kill the mobs than confuse them.
  9. I tried the Fire/Rad/Fire sentinel build below on the Test Server and it was underwhelming in damage compared to a Fire/Rad blaster without gaining really that much in survivability. I ended up buildng an EM/Rad/Fire scrapper that I like way better.
  10. My mids is now borked due to recent update, but attached is I think Croax's build. What I was hoping to change was to slot some health sets (inc absorb IO) into True Grit and get some +rchg FF procs into the teleport nukes. elec-SD-stalker.mxd
  11. I like EM and I wanted to make up for the lack of AOE, so I tried an EM/Rad with proc'd out Rad Therapy and Ground Zero. Then I added Fire epic for Fireball, so I can get the crit on it from the ATO (I keep the ATO in TF and my chain usually goes TF to trigger crit, then Fireball, then BS or FB, then ET under fast version). I really enjoy playing him, though I don't think he has the most optimized single-target chain (though it still feels pretty strong). I guess my biggest "caveat emptors" are that (1) ET's extra damage under crit seems to be capped, and (2) sadly I learned that
  12. I know Croax has a great Stalker thread with an example Elec/SD build. I'm attracted to Elec / SD for the 2 mini-nukes. Wonder if anyone has any builds they like, especially that proc where possible (esp. FF +recharge). How does the build play? Do you feel powerful/survivable without any kind of self heal?
  13. It's hard for me to deny the power of Fire - but I have Fire/Elec and Fire/Atomic already. Lately I've been hearing good feedback about Ice as a primary and also secondary, suitable for blapping. I was trying to get to a S/L/R softcap build that would let me jump into mobs and dish out some good damage. I wanted to work Combat Teleport in but couldn't figure how to softcap w/o Manuevers or giving up too many procs. I took at stab at proc'ing Frozen Aura (MIDS seems to say it does way more damage proc-loaded than slotted) and also slotted Freezing Touch basically li
  14. Are you talking about Eagle's Claw? If not, which attack? If yes, I found that Eagle's Claw animated too slowly and was frequently corpse-blasting ... and also that my single-target chain seemed to do better dps with a rotaton of Storm Kick (to get the +rchrg proc), Exec Shot, Supressive, and even Ki Push, with AOEs mixed in (including DT for +rcrhg and Bullet Rain) ... most of the time I'm diving into big mobs and trying to trigger as much +rchrg as possible to get HoB back up. I liked the style of EC but it just threw off the rhythm of my chain.
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