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  1. funny you mention the stalker, because i currently have a savage/energy armor stalker built out who is a little monster that inspired me to try out the power set on a scrapper or brute. i prefer stalkers over scrappers because the ATO’s are just absurd on stalkers. i wasn’t too impressed with scrapper crit damage on the test server. the damage is certainly nice and sustained with less set up time than stalker, but stalker feels muuuuuch quicker overall...especially if i don’t open with an assassins strike. fire felt a little lackluster on the test server, thinking i’ll probably make a elec/rad brute instead and roll the savage/elec as a brute too. thanks for the discussion everyone!
  2. Hiya! I’ve got some new melee alts in the works and can’t decide on whether they’d be best realized on a scrapper or brute. the 2 power combos i’m thinking of doing: savage/elec armor fire/rad armor my initial impulse is to make these toons as scrappers because of the crit bonuses. both combinations are intended to be heavily aoe focused but also able to put out some solid single target as needed. i know people generally recommend defense sets on scrappers, but does it really make that big of a difference at the end game level? if it does then the combinations seem better suited to a brute. alas, i’m not really too experienced with either AT in end game to be able to nitpick, so i’ll let ya’ll take a stab 🙂
  3. it is! i figured, why not. i have a brute that is near 50, but haven’t dumped anything into it and my altitis is strong. i might just end up biting the bullet and building my brute next which will give freedom to mess around with oddball farming builds. it seems like a little more focus is required to not taste the ground as a dom
  4. Pretty straightforward. Does anyone have any experience using an elec/psi/mu to farm? I have one who is an aoe monster so i figure damage wouldn’t be a problem, but my concern is building adequate resist and defenses to stay alive. Theres a plant/psi farming build somewhere on the forums, i’m thinking i can use that as a source of inspiration.
  5. Hello! I will preface this by saying I never had a blaster to max level back in live, so I have no clue how to go about slotting mine. I figure I need to build up defenses, recharge and resists. I can’t currently afford purples, but will make do with other sets. What should I be aiming for? Are there any powers that aren’t needed? (from either set) Thank you!
  6. Does anyone have any experience with /ice armor on sentinels? i made a psi/ice last night and quite like the theme of the character. i got her up to around level 26, so i have the majority of my toggles and defensives. so far the set feels fun and with a good balance of utility. i can’t comment on how durable i feel, or if ice armor is worse than the melee version, but it seems like there was some thought put into it.
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