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  1. This is my first character to reach 50. Even way back at live retail the highest level character i had was in the late 30's early 40's. I had most of my fun making characters. So what should i be doing first. I am a casual player with limited time. All my enhancements are white level 50 from my origin shop. I have around 40 million influence Maybe more. I sell everything. What advice for a new level 50 electric/electric blaster?
  2. Yes this is a problem so I can't complete that mission nor can I abandon it.
  3. It is the rescue parsons mission.
  4. It was in a mission instance, I had to find some missing police men. I forget the name of the mission but I had to find missing police men in a sewer. It was part of a mission chain.
  5. Can you guys please do something about this. I can't stand it any longer getting killed this way. Please fix this if you can.
  6. Is there a guide or something that list this?
  7. I would love more info on the upgrading of your enhancements. That's something i have wished to happen for years in my fantasy wish.
  8. When will this go live completely?
  9. Ok thanks for the replies and I did not know xp boost stacked. They go one after another?
  10. Why does it always take me forever to find groups? I swear I ask politely and say my level and what side I'm looking for. People always talk about how group friendly the game is. Those xp boost are a waste of time. By time I find a group its worn off.
  11. OK when i leveled up a pop up said another power pool was open. So i clicked it and picked Flight as a new power but i didn't get it. Did i miss something?
  12. How do you do this please? I have a mission to kill Chernobog but he doesn't show up after the cut scene. Tried it 4 times so far and just want to move on.
  13. You sir, said almost the same thing as the OP, but did it casually, without malice, and constructively...Thank you! You're welcome I still play him I just have to figure out what's going on with him. But some new games are taking up some of my time now. And sometimes you just need to step back for a bit. I never truly give up on pet classes.
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