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  1. Anyone tried this combo yet? How should I slot Ice armor for good survival? Should I skip certain powers? Mainly building for fun end game play. I don't have access to Mid's so any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Okay, I'm bored. I want a scrapper build that can solo AVs. Only one that I have come across is Titan/Bio. Any other builds out there that can do this?
  3. I really want to stick with Ice on the scrapper. Any ideas on which powers to keep? I have skipped Frozen Fists and taken Greater Ice sword.
  4. True. I had an old 50 Ice/Fire Scrapper collecting dust. But now I recall why she didn't get any action. Also, it seems that Ice doesn't do a lot of dmg or maybe I'm doing something wrong? Might try a Ice/Fire tank. I like Ice patch and burn.
  5. Hello all, So Linux is my daily driver for now due to my Windows SSD crapping out. I can't get Mid's to run on Linux. Would anyone be kind enough to post a Ice/Fire build that caps Fire defense? You can leave other powers unslotted, just need to figure out which enhancements, how many slots, and which sets to use to cap fire defense. I am mainly looking to have fun with this build by running with fire farmers. I wanna drop ice patch and burn and watch them die! Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Has anyone tried out ill/kin troller? Invis and confuse make it easy to go in middle of mobs and cast FS? Seems like it'd be a good combo, no?
  7. Has anyone tried running Mids on Linux? If so, I'd be happy to post my current build. Perma PA and can solo GMs.
  8. Hi, sorry, yes I am thinking of a fully ranged/hover build focused on single target damage.
  9. Thanks for this guide. I got it working on Manjaro and it runs much smoother than on windows. The maps that always lagged on windows no longer lag.
  10. Hello All, First and foremost, is there ANY way to change the sounds of Beam Rifle powers? Second, could someone please post an awesome build for this? Thanks!
  11. Like seriously, did you ever think that many have asked MMs to move their pets and it hasn't worked? Have you actually read how some players reply to such request? Or did you just decide you wanted to flame someone? The fact that you're asking how pets are preventing players from using their powers tells me you have no idea what I'm talking about and haven't experienced this issue or you're on a "good ole rant" yourself. Oh it's not on the burner? So you mean this is a new issue? No, it's happened to many players already. I've seen many arguments and teams fall apart because a player asked an
  12. Yes, exactly! Would be great if powerset has toggle auras. Set it and forget it kind of deal. Not clicky buffs, but toggle buffs.
  13. Hey All, I want to try so many ATs and countless builds! Considering that, farming has been a fast source of funding builds. It's gotten a little boring though (I'm sure many can relate), so in an effort to make farming fun again, I've decided to build a toon to follow along with my farming toon. Suggestions for builds that can contribute while on follow? Thanks in advance!
  14. Main scrapper is Kat/WP. Very good combo.
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