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  1. I appreciate the additional explanation. I haven't rolled a blaster yet so good timing, I'll just have to rethink my gameplan.
  2. I see, so Absorb is better in a brief moment, and Regen is better over time. Not really sure whether I'll be doing blapping or hover blasting yet but good to know either way. I'm more or less a noob since I haven't been to 50 yet but according to Mid's some of those powers can double a build's health regeneration. I'll be trying to squeeze out any potential for solo success since I'll be using this character to do all the content I can.
  3. Been playing a couple months now with someone, got a couple characters into their early 30's and now my friend has been too busy to play. I have a couple character concepts I'd like to run as blasters, but since defense capping is more a late game thing it's going to be a pretty rough road. Which type of secondary is best, absorb based or regen based? Particularly prior to reaching defense cap.
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