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  1. As of last time I worked on it... Mids saves user build files using "static indices" determined at the time that data is imported, in the name of making those really small data chunks you can export to forums and such (and so it doesn't need a second save format). You can open a Mids build in a text editor and see that it's got one of those hexadecimal data chunks at the bottom of the file. Anyway, that said, it wouldn't be particularly hard for the Mids Reborn team to import that format, but I hear they're a bit busy. :P (For the record, I've not made any changes to Mids myself since 2011.)
  2. Doesn't that sound like exactly the kind of thing businesses like to do--increase the hype? :P
  3. The Titan Network didn't have "backers." Maybe you're thinking of City of Titans?
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