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  1. All levels are accepted and we will find content that fits all who join. We were working on Task Force Commander progress for a number of tanks on this server and Manticore is next on the list. Bring a 30+ if you got one but don't worry if you don't plenty of tanking actions will happen regardless
  2. Six intrepid Tanks took a European tour today and found that Vandal was causing a stir again, apparently we didn't beat him down hard enough last month. We did get him to pose nicely for a group photo, before putting him to rest.
  3. The purging of Hydra from the Paragon City sewers by a few hardy tanks
  4. A 3 Tank Citadel was completed in 1:25 ish. Vandal was thoroughly vanquished. Good times had by Canoe, Warboss & myself
  5. Was the Tour to Reunion still on for today (the 17th)? Don't recall any mention of it on Tuesday.
  6. Was a hell of a fun night! Not too many of my screenshots turned out, but this was as close as we got to a United Shield Charge, against the wall of Cyclopi And the impending Tanker doom of Romulus can be seen here coming down the stairs
  7. I think my Stone/Energy Melee on Excel has the record... 2 to 27 back in December Would be fun to see if we could get someone (or multiple someones) from 1 to 30 in a single TT though
  8. Are you sure on the timing there? That would be 4 AM Pacific and 12 noon GMT
  9. That is correct. Heroes can access the Abyss by utilizing the Smuggler's Submarine in Independence Port, Peregrine Island or Kallisti Wharf. No need to change alignment.
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