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  1. Thanks for the confirmation, I thought Vigs could get credit but wasn't positive. Will be running as straight missions, not as an Ouro Arc, so in the off chance that people get booted we can bring them back, but thanks for the info, will keep that in mind for future runs. With the alignment shifts being a click with Null, it really shouldn't be a hassle for most to switch sides for an evening though.
  2. If there is any interest, I can run a Patron Arc to unlock the Patron Power pools for people on Everlasting this week seeing as it is Respec week for TFs. Scirocco's arc is the likely candidate. (Mirage Badge) Tanks will need to be Rogue or Villain alignment (I believe credit will be given for those of Vigilante alignment, but am not sure if the pools unlock until you fully flip to red side). To switch alignments a tank will just need to talk to Null the Gull in Pocket D and switch to Rogue for the night (you can switch back the same way afterwards). See you all on Tuesd
  3. A 3 Tanker run on Reunion today where we helped out a ghost and fought a junk pile. Numina's Task Force was completed in 1:23 by MsAligned, Warboss & myself. Bozos were trashed and good fun was had. It started with some Crey goons refusing to not MoG... Then some good Devouring Earth herding took place... Finally we found the cause of it all... and in the end it was just three tanks and Jurassik Hope to see more out next month... October 16th is the date for the return to Reunion I think
  4. There are many. I will start with this
  5. Lots of fun had tonight on the +3x8 Numina TF (and a few grey hairs given 😉 ) Some fine herding was done, with a few face-plants... and then Big J learned what it meant to tangle with some of Paragon's tankiest Thanks to all who joined us tonight
  6. There was also a Paladin beatdown to start the night. Manticore's TF remained a clandestine operation and photos of it do not exist to my knowledge
  7. I managed to get a couple... Here was Team 1 just after kicking Clamor's butt in 26 minutes And later, the missions team taking out the Clockwork King for Tina M
  8. All levels are accepted and we will find content that fits all who join. We were working on Task Force Commander progress for a number of tanks on this server and Manticore is next on the list. Bring a 30+ if you got one but don't worry if you don't plenty of tanking actions will happen regardless
  9. Six intrepid Tanks took a European tour today and found that Vandal was causing a stir again, apparently we didn't beat him down hard enough last month. We did get him to pose nicely for a group photo, before putting him to rest.
  10. The purging of Hydra from the Paragon City sewers by a few hardy tanks
  11. A 3 Tank Citadel was completed in 1:25 ish. Vandal was thoroughly vanquished. Good times had by Canoe, Warboss & myself
  12. Was the Tour to Reunion still on for today (the 17th)? Don't recall any mention of it on Tuesday.
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