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  1. Can you post your build changed for scrappers?
  2. zohawn

    Mercs procs

    Can you guys post a mercs build
  3. zohawn


    What should I pick for alpha slot for the archery/ta build?
  4. zohawn

    Leading Interface

    Whats the consensus for brute interface slot? I'm guessing Degen but I'm not sure.
  5. your build doesn't have it, did you forgo the set?
  6. zohawn


    I thought footstomp does a knockback but I see a bunch of builds that don't slot the knockback to knockdown...what gives?
  7. Where would you put the unrelenting fury proc?
  8. No max hp from unbreakable guard set?
  9. The problem is that ff is boring. Its boring because its broken and overpowered. Bubble at the beginning of every mission. Keep everyone in big bubble, the end. Mission is done before bubble refresh...pull harder/faster. Proc monster out what you can. Lead teams. Trollers require the right type of teammates. If you have time to type or scratch an itch then its to slow Kill kill KILL!
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