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  1. HAGIS: Hagis started to say, "Uhm, I really didn't..." but Libra's "I am a mage" comment stopped him short. On his personal "do not do" list is displease a mage, sorcerer, witch, druid, wizard, or any other magic-using entity without good cause. Hagis found the triangular billiard rack and set up the balls. "Ye go ahead an' break, Libra, an' I'll tak a look at tha music selection." He scrolled through the choices, settling on "Tubthumping." As the beat kicked in, he felt a little more vital. He selected his stick and noted that Libra had already sunk two solids and was looking at him expectantly. He sighed, "Well, I can already tell this is gonna be a quick game." He looked around and found a shot on a stripe that was within his ability, with a little luck. "Ye asked about Sparkle, and her behavior. That's a....complicated answer, ta be honest. I dinnae even like havin' her out in tha field, but we learned pretty quick there was no keepin' her locked up in tha' base. Seems like we'd be out on missions or in the middle o' fightin' one baddie or another, an' she'd pop out o' someone's pocket or pack. Even managed ta hide in me beard once." He bent over and took aim, pulled back on the cue, and made solid contact. The stripe glanced off the bumper and stopped an inch shy of Hagis' intended pocket. He grunted and straightened up. "So as head of me SG, I made up a hero registration for her. She canna talk in words, so I had ta get creative with some of it. Includin' her age. Azuria says she could be anywhere between 3 an' 300, which isnae verra helpful. I've tried ta ask War Witch, too, but havna been able ta find her. So if ye got some inking, I'm all ears. All I know is tha she acts verra, verra young." SPARKLE: Sparkle fly. Sparkle see. See people. See colors. Pretty colors. Red black. Green black. Gray black. Gray fur. Black stripes? Oh! CARD! Cat card! Cat dress? Cat swat! Sparkle fly! Sparkle hear. Hear music. Where music? Music earbud? Music earbud! Sparkle dance! Sparkle headbang! Sparkle moshpit! Oh! CARD! Sparkle fly. Cat swat. Sparkle duck. Card heavy. Money heavy. Sparkle drop. Drop money. Drop card. Sparkle fly. Sparkle see! Big mirror! See Sparkle! Sparkle Sparkle! Sparkle play! (OOC: I realized that I made a mistake with Tabitha's money, in that I said Sparkle picked up a money clip, where Tabitha only lost a folded pad of bills. Instead of retconning, though, I figured I'd keep up with it and maybe lay down a plot hook for later use by anyone. This should fit in with the building's history as an old pawn shop.) RP: There was a clang followed by a splash. On the counter near to Tabitha was an old brass moneyclip. (OOC: If it is investigated by anyone, it will hold several hundred dollars worth of twenties and fifties, none dated later than 1955. The clip itself has the words "To my pal Al, from Spanky" etched into it.) Tabitha's PCU card was floating in Nikeiva's drink. Tubthumping music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2H5uWRjFsGc
  2. OOC: Yep, Dr. Demento was part of my childhood soundtrack. Heard that song bunches, although what I remember was a slightly different version. Thanks for this; I'm totally blaming it for the random LOL outbursts while I was at work last night. EmeraldFox: This is my first RP forum. I had great fun with some collaborative round-robin type fanfic on a Highlander: The Series page years ago, and that's what I thought this was. Had a chance now to see that there are differences in the formats, so I'll do my best to not "hijack" the purpose of the bar and turn it into something it's not. I do have some kick-arsery shenanigans planned, though, so I'll make them a separate forum "story" post when the time comes. RP: Hagis looked worriedly at Libra, then his eyes flicked to the others to see if they had noticed Sparkle. He noticed Tabitha's fur bristling, and took a small involuntary step backwards. Had he been in her personal space? Or was it feline senses and his lack of a shower in going on three...four?...days? And was that throbbing in his temples the beginning of a doozy of a caffeine fueled migraine? Ughhhhhh...... All right, first things first. How to answer Libra without upping the jig? Turning his attention back to Tabitha, he said, "Thanks lass. I hope if it was Rictus that ye saw, ye gave him tha what-for." "Libra, Paul's lookin' a mite busy. Did ye say there were darts an' pool tables in tha back?"
  3. OOC: Hagis is not really adept at social media. He might be able to pick out Facebook from LinkedIn, but that's about as far as his proficiency goes. So he wouldn't have a familiarity with Tabitha as an Internet sensation. Hagis and Sparkle (introduced here) are characters from a pencil and paper improvised COH RPG that me and my group play. One of my group has a young daughter who we have done our best to bring into the game. She started rolling dice before she could read, so we built her a character based on Tinkerbell (her favorite) and let her pick pictures (made of stickers) when it was her turn to "Buff" or "Attack." It's pretty random what you get, which leads to some fun moments at the table. In the video game and here, she can be considered as a plant/storm controller, with all powers manifesting in shades of pink and purple. Not my choice, but also not my character. 🙂 You'll probably get to meet a few others as we go along too. RP: Hagis lumbered over to his knocked over mace and looked around for a better place to put it. He saw an old coat hook that might have been left over from the pawn shop days, and hung the mace on it. As he did, there came an insistent jinglejangling from the floor. He glanced down and saw a very pink and purple pixie fairy struggling to drag an ID card across the floor. Looking quickly and using his body to block anyone's view, he stooped over and cupped his hands around the tiny fae and the card, then straightened up. He whispered, "Sparkle, what have I told ye aboot comin' in ta places like this? Did ye duck in when I got here? Tha' owner's got enough worries ta mind wi'out wonderin' if he's gonna get busted fer servin' underage!" An indignant jingle was his answer. "Would ye please keep it down ta a dull roar? I dinna care what that Azuria says aboot yer likely age; she's scattered! Oh, aye, again wi' the eye roll." He shifted, pretending to admire a patch of wall. "Anyway, what's that that's got ye bothered?" Sparkle jangled and flipped the card over. Hagis saw the words "PCU" and a photo of Tabitha and quickly covered it and looked away before he could see more. Although he didn't have one, he respected secret identities and would do his best to forget what he had seen. (Probably not that hard given his exhaustion...) Sparkle pointed to the ground excitedly, and Hagis saw a money clip. He scooped it up as well. Wandering a few steps further away from the bar, he whispered again, "We've got ta get that back ta her wi' out her noticin'. Think ye can sneak these back in her pouch thingee?" He frowned at the flat chime that followed. "I dinnae want ta embarrass the lass ennymore than she already is. All right, I'll try ta keep her attention while ye just slip 'em on tha bar. Can ye do that an' stay out o' sight?" A more hopeful jangle was the reply. "All right, we can try that. And if ye get seen....nae whippin' aboot in a tizzy and knockin' stuff over, aye? Gaed luck." Hagis let Sparkle fly up to the rafters before he turned and headed back to the bar. "So, Ms....Tabitha, was it? Is yer toe...paw....claw.....foot? Aye, yer foot! Is it all right?" He took a deep gulp of his refill while listening to the answer. "I'm sorry fer that, lass, truly I am. New place an' all, an' here I am leavin' heavy spiked stuff willy-nilly layin' aboot." He put his communicator on the bar with the surveillance video feed going. "I could nae help but overhear what ye said wi' regards ta yer fer fallin' off an' how it would be inopportune. Just want ye ta know, I've got kinda a similar problem. Oh, aye, I do. Ye canna wear a kilt in this town an' fly or jump around wi'out someone writin' up a citation fer public indecency." He shook his head sadly. "Aye, I learned me lesson early. Just sprintin' and trammin' now. At least I made me mistake before high resolution camera phones." A furtive glance up towards the ceiling. He continued, rapidly. "All that aside, lass, could I bother ye ta look at this mug shot? I'm verra interested in findin' this guy fer a talk, preferably in a dark alley. He calls himself Rictus. The barman here says he's seen him running a sect o' tha local Skulls."
  4. With a sideways glance, Hagis said to Paul, "Patrols?" Putting aside amazement at how some people manage to live a life and be a superhero at the same time, Hagis considered the offers of help before him. He sipped at the tankard of steaming brown liquid, sighing in relief. It was indeed good, hot, and strenuous. "Thank ye, all. I'll tell ye wat- me SG managed ta develop a few leads o' our own. Haven't led ta nuthin', tho. Just one out o' use Superadine lab an' another site that might have been a rave in tha' last week. I've got surveillance runnin' on what might be a clubhouse. It's two an' a half blocks..." he looked around to orient himself, then pointed at the northeast corner, away from Freedom Plaza. "....thataway." He continued: "But I been sittin' on tha place fer six hours and havna seen anyone. I'm gunna give it another three before I gotta call it a night. Think it mighta been an Edmund Ace hardware store once upon a time." He shows everyone the live camera feed on his phone. "I'm nae willin' ta ask ye ta do ennythin' on yer downtime, an' I'm sure ye got yer own problems ta solve. That said, I willna turn down help tha's so willin'ly offered. If ye do see somethin' out on patrol, or ye do manage ta have a pleasant conversation wi' a Skull that turns up anythin' potentially related ta Rictus, please lemme know." Unable to stop himself, Hagis yields to a bone-cracking yawn before draining his tankard. "Could use another one, mate, an' then I'll be on me way." ((OOC: Sorry, Flintlock. Been to Montreal a few times, wandered the Olympic park there, but not at all familiar with symphonic metal.))
  5. OOC: Hagis' current frame of mind is that sort of punchy ragged tired. We've all been there-where your words just sort of come out as a stream of consciousness babble. I'll try to play that up a bit. At this point, he's 1) not aware that Paul is a hero, but making a guess that the others are 2) aware that there is no real food available 3) not aware of any names, with the possible exception of Paul, if he's wearing a name badge or embroidered shirt or something like that RP: Hagis sighed gratefully, rubbing the bridge of his nose, as Paul prepared the coffee maker. "Aye, a coffee that can win a bar fight by itsel' would be wond'rful about noo." "Thanks. I prob'ly shoulda looked fer a diner but this was too convenient." He looked idly around. "From tha costumes, an' tha talk o' telekinesis, I'm guessin' this is a hero bar?" He waved again. "Me name's Hagis, spelt wi' one 'g'. Somewhere out there's a hero who beat me ta tha proper Haggis spellin', but I'll be durned if we've met. I dinnae suppose any o' ye ken who that is?" He started a little at the red-and-black clad woman sipping her drink with her mask half-down, and then smiled ruefully. "Lass, I can certainly appreciate needin' ta keep an identity secret. I dinna ken if ye know this, but bein' able ta drink wi'out endin' up wi' foam on yer mask is a skill ta be envied! I have enough trouble w' me beard sometimes." Shaking his head, he continued. "Aye, right, sorry, miss. Pay no mind ta me ramblin' and blatherin'." He reaches into his sporran and pulls out a piece of paper that is worn, as it has been folded and unfolded many times. "I hope none o' ye mind me talkin' aboot business on yer downtime, but I hope ye'll tak' a look at this." He slides the paper across the bar in the direction of Paul and the others. It's a mug shot of a heavily tattooed Skull, grinning as his picture is taken. "I'm lookin' fer this man. Calls himself Rictus. Any chance any o' ye have seen him in yer travels recently?" With a nod at the woman in white and black, he added "He put three o' me own clan in tha' hospital."
  6. "What's all the Clamor about? Oh, I see," said Atlas, as he shrugged and walked away.
  7. OOC: This looks like fun. I'm flat out with life right now, but if you don't mind me being slow, I'd like to jump in. RP: There came the sound of the front door closing again, and in came a burly Highlands Scotsman with a full orange-red beard and a head of hair to go with it. The red glow of his eyes dimmed as the bar's power suppressors kicked in. Stopping before he entered the bar proper, he spoke: "Excuse me, mate! Are we needin' ta be checkin' weapons?" He held up a medieval war mace. "Aye? All right, I'll just be leanin' it here on the wall. Lemme know if its in yer way." He took a quick look at the booths, and then the bar stools. Deciding against testing the sturdiness of the furniture, he gently moved aside a pair of stools and elbowed up to the bar, a respectful distance away from the other patrons. He dug into his sporran and pulled out a ruggedized communicator, as well as a Hero ID card. He glanced at the time on the comm unit, heaved a weary sigh, and placed it back in the sporran. He slid the card across the bar in the general direction of the bartender. "Please excuse me fer interruptin' tha conversation. When ye get a chance, mate, would ye put on a pot o' coffee? Hot, black, an' lots of it, if ye dinnae mind." By way of explanation, he apologetically waved at the women in the bar. "Workin' on hour 53 since I last slept. Nae ashamed ta admit I'm needin' a wee kick."
  8. I have it at T4 (radial) on my Mace tanker. I do mostly soloing, and it helps with my ability to survive by slowing down the amount of damage coming in. It's not hard to stack through repeated attacks, and they do stack from the same source. Can easily Fear bosses, and have seen it work on AVs once the purple triangles drop. Duration is dependent on whether or not the enemy mob has resistance or not, but generally it "feels" like somewhere in the 6-10 second range. At T4, you have a 70% change to Fear and a 70% chance to Immobilize. 0.70 x 0.70 = 0.49 = 49%. So on a given AOE attack, 70% of the mobs will Fear, 70% will Immobilize, and 49% will Fear, Immobilize, and Stun. (Assuming no mez protection, of course.) I will admit that I don't see the stun a whole lot, but it can be hard to see the visual "swirly head" fx for that, and if they're immobilized, then they're not able to stagger around, which is the other main visual indicator. EDIT: FWIW, I really like it. Turns me into a super durable petless Controller for two minutes at a whack. What I imagine a Dark Armor tanker to be like. It's not fast, so if you are on a steamroll team, then you might not see a lot of benefit from this ability, but on a smaller team or soloing (or if you dual box) then it is pretty useful IMO. It "feels" powerful. I can only imagine that it would be loads of fun if you had a damage aura and could make mobs appear to quake in their boots just by being in their midst. EDIT 2: Actually, my math might be wrong. Thought about it, and there are a couple of scenarios that might come into play, and I would need to do some testing instead of rampant speculation.
  9. I thought it was Defender version Radiation Blast-Neutrino Bolt? Archery-Snap Shot is pretty quick too. But that knowledge is pretty dated.
  10. I'm guessing this is where this belongs. May be late to the party, though; apologies if this is the case. Level 50 Tanker (Inv/War Mace) using Kick. Every time I use it, I am seeing a knockdown effect. It's not supposed to be a 100% chance. Have tried it on it on minions, LT,s etc, all the way up to +3 bosses (Freak Show Tanks). The only thing I have slotted in it is a level 50 Accuracy IO.
  11. Hagis

    Nerf That!

    A Vahzilok sapper would be cruelly unusual, if not unusually cruel. (I'm specifically thinking of Doc V at the end of Positron II. Imagine if he were somehow to be equipped with some kind of device to drain energy from a targeted nervous system..) .........see, this is why you need to nerf creativity. That stuff's just dangerous!
  12. Hagis

    Nerf That!

    Nerf creativity. There's too gosh darn many toons with un-optimal builds. Nerf choices, too. Pick a couple of powersets per AT and call it good. While you're at it, take a look at the color palette. How many crayons are in the standard small box? Something like 8, right? That's, like, 4 more than you need for a costume. I would also like to see more "Kill X things to collect the other things, and bring them to the person on the far side of the map, who will make you a cosmetic thing from the looted things" missions, please.
  13. First.....can we take a step back and appreciate how badly we would have wanted to have this problem a year ago? 🙂 I remember DC Comics putting out a few issues years ago where the basic idea was their core heroes as Stan Lee might have imagined them. (Or did imagine them. I don't actually recall if he wrote the books himself or if they just used his name.) It looks to me like you have the opportunity to have some alternate or parallel universe versions of your character. Each one born under a different set of circumstances, adapted to his/her environment. The final decision is yours, of course; but I think if I were in your shoes, I'd be seeing each of those toons as an individual reflection of the greater whole that is Rathstar. Good luck.
  14. I believe that the original devs tried ice armor and ice melee with brutes, and found it to be counterproductive to generating Fury.
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