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  1. Just the first one. I restarted and Tequila started working again. No idea what might've happened. But I'm logged in and enjoying some good times again.
  2. Is anyone else having issues with Tequila? It's trying to fetch the manifest but it's been doing that for a good while now. It's pointing to http://patch.savecoh.com/manifest.html
  3. I agree. The steampunk faces are really pretty on the ladies, and only a few of the older faces are actually good-looking. I find myself often using the same three or four faces for female heroes and likewise male heroes. But if we can increase the resolution at the very least, that would be a great start. Or give some new options of lookalikes - Kate Upton, Noel Coet, Lindsey Pelas, Amber Heard, Margot Robbie, Abigail Ratchford, Antje Utgaard, Jami Ferrell, Megan Fox, etc. would be good for some new face options. Or add face customization with codes (like Mass Effect 3) so we
  4. It's been a while since I've seen the original 1995 movie, but from what I see so far in the 2017, stealth is one power.
  5. I was watching the 2017 movie and it was an interesting concept for the main character. So that got me thinking - how could I recreate that character in CoH? My thoughts so far: Origin: Technology Powers: Dual pistols? / Regen? / strength? Archetype: ?? Pool Powers: stealth, jump, super speed (thank you Issue 25/26) I do want to try the dual pistols set, but I'm curious which combination and archetype can get as close as possible to Motoko's portrayal in the anime and movie. Thanks!
  6. I would make the suggestion that I would like to see 8 slots per power as an option and/or an option for when we get to veteran to have each primary/secondary and other powers have 6 slots per power to max the powers out - as in, while earning veteran levels, I get additional slots so that each power I have will show 6 slots eventually. For the sake of challenge, I'd say make them earned through task forces, or available only to veteran levels, or something sufficiently challenging to earn. But I would love to max out my slots since we are limited to 50 levels in the game. I have a claw/reg
  7. Agreed. Some nice cut-off Daisy Dukes with an option for tights, which my wife does on occasion wear. If it's possible to change the models for female and add cleavage and a top that goes across the cleavage that would add to the realism.
  8. I would like to offer some suggestions for hair. For female: short braided hair - stops at neck, single braid mid braided hair - stops around shoulders, single braid; if possible, it should move like tails or capes long braided hair - stops around waist, single braid; if possible, it should move like tails or capes Pippi Longstocking - twin braids that curve outward to the sides Horn braids - braids that run along either side of the head, then curve forward like ramhorns twin braids short, medium, long, thin and thick variants - stopping at the shoulde
  9. I only suggested the option for female MM pets for gender equality and allowing female heroes/villains to have female henchmen. Just expanded creativity. I had a female mastermind but was a bit disappointed that she could only have male henchmen to command. If there are female NPCs whose models we can use, why not do that if it's easier? Down the road, I would love to fully customize MM pets, but I can understand that it takes more work than we have capacity to do now. Aside from MM pets, a clickable 'summon clone' would be fun for RP purposes, where you can bring in a clone of
  10. Hey everyone, Is there a badge tracking website or app available nowadays? I know there used to be one, and I just got all the Atlas and Steel Canyon exploration badges, and I'm wanting to track my progress on that, and the mission badges. Thanks!
  11. I'm planning my claw/regen scrapper, and looking through the IOs available I have a question: do I need to slot an entire set onto one power to get the bonus, or can I put them on any series of powers and get the set bonus? Preventative Medicine, for example, if you have 3, gives you 25.1 HP bonus. Do I need all 3 on my fast healing, or can I spread that out onto various healing powers? Thanks!
  12. I have a character I'm intending to RP as a nurse, basically to see how I do as a healer in teams. It's Mind/Kin, and this is what I've got so far: Mind: all Kinetics: All but repel/intertial reduction Medicine: all experimental injection: EI teleport: Recall and teleport I'm just wondering how I can slot these to best manage the IOs later in the game, and maximize healing ability as well. I'm using Pines, so I can see which kinds of IOs there are. From what I can see, I would like to maximize my Max HP, healing, hold, and damage. I don't this will be a
  13. Ok, let's say I try mind/psi dom, with presence and teleport for travel. Thematically that could work. A mind/kin controller with presence would also work, I think, as they historically drain life, which is what kinetics is for. Maybe Force of Will also? My thought for a Mind/Kin Controller: Primary All Secondary All but Repel Pool: Presence Pacify, Intimidate, Unrelenting Pool: Force of Will Weaken Resolve, Project Will, Unleash Potential, Wall of Force The downside is that doesn't leave a power free for teleport
  14. What's "Force of Thunder" ? My plan is to have this character be elec/elec/elec mastery when all is said and done. From what I see in Pine's, I think I'll take all the electric sets, either fly or super speed, and maybe one or two other powers, for the sake of the theme. Are there any electric powers that aren't worth taking, or are less useful than other electric powers? Which powers should I focus on slotting and maximizing?
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