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  1. Just chiming in because I noticed that you all missed an important part of what I wrote: "that was the post-EQ/pre-WoW trinity that existed in 2003." Sit down, youngsters, and listen to grandpa for a minute. Back before WoW the trinity was Tank/Heal/Control. The concept of a DPS character was starting to become a thing as well, and game developers were starting to like controls less and less. Which is why more modern games, have very little in the way of control, but I digress. Shortly after WoW launched the trinity got morphed, in the collective consciousness, to Tank/Heal/DPS.
  2. You know, I read some of these threads and I wonder if some of you even understand the state that the game is currently in. The game was already designed and built and ran and shut down. The current team of volunteers are trying to run the game that we used to play, not create their own. This is important because the game launched, 17 years ago, with a trinity. Tanker class, Defender class, Controller class - that was the post-EQ/pre-WoW trinity that existed in 2003 when the developers were applying the finishing touches to this game to get it ready to launch. If you re
  3. Well, to be fair, the other servers all have a ton of animosity towards the Homecoming devs. I know this because, on their own sites, they've said "we really have a ton of animosity towards the Homecoming devs." Or words to that effect. I've forgotten what little info I knew about why, which was never very much. Obviously I'm curious about what happened from Homecoming's point of view, but I'm sure the homecoming developers will decline to talk about it out of a misguided sense of professionalism.
  4. Sure. As an intelligent, sapient being you certainly have a right to discuss legal issues. I often enjoy those conversations and I would never tell anyone they don't have a right to their own opinion. The problem that I have is when someone who knows nothing about the law says "that's illegal!", or "US law forbids that!" And then what they're saying is incorrect and they refuse to listen to someone who does know what they're talking about. For example; you wouldn't try to tell a brain surgeon how to perform brain surgery, would you? It's one thing to ask the surgeon que
  5. If I were buffing Force Fields I think I'd add some Absorb and whole lot of Defense Debuff Resistance. This way bubbles would be useful even to those Billion Inf soft-capped monsters.
  6. Well stop it! You're misunderstanding what people are actually writing in their posts. Probably because you're multi-tasking. Your last couple of posts you've responded to things that people did not actually write. I'm going to say it one last time, though you probably won't see it because you're clearly not reading people's posts past the first sentence or so. Discrimination, in any form, does not apply to what's being discussed in this thread.
  7. And this is why people who don't know anything about the law shouldn't talk about the law. Literally nothing you've said is applicable to this situation. There are no laws, that I'm aware of, in any US jurisdiction that prevent anyone from accessing posts or private messages on their platform. Moderators at Facebook and Twitter do it all the time, it's part of their job, and you've already agreed to it. Also, in some states, unpaid volunteers fall under the same guidelines as employees and they fall under a different set of guidelines in other states. Do you know which
  8. Uh huh. I'm sure you're also a ninja, an English teacher and an ex-navy seal. Don't worry dude, I'm impressed. 😮 If you've really studied law then you shouldn't have any problem explaining the Supreme Court's reasoning behind requiring an affirmative defense for copyright and trademark holders.
  9. You know, the thing I love about the internet is that anyone can comment on anything. But the thing that I hate about the internet is that anyone will comment on anything. People who don't know how to change a tire will try to offer me car care advice. People who've never seen the inside of a hospital will offer me medical advice. And people who've never even seen a law book will try to offer legal advice. I've never understood that about people. What is it that makes people so arrogant now days that they feel that they have any knowledge about a subject or industry they've never s
  10. No I am not! I purchased City of Heroes and paid hundreds of dollars over the years for it. I own it and US courts have already ruled that I have a right to play the game that I've purchased. Because I am not stealing anything. The development team could, in theory, get into some civil (not criminal) trouble because of unauthorized use of IP. But understand that they cannot get into any sort of criminal trouble either because they also are not stealing. My advice is to stick to what you know, because you certainly do not know US law. And don't bother making
  11. Translation: "Nothing's perfect." Yeah, no kidding. However, the best predictor (notice how I did NOT say infallible) of future actions is past behavior. Also, the phone call example is a bad one. Those laws don't apply to written chat logs on the internet. And those chat logs are the best way that the Homecoming devs have to find out a person's true character.
  12. A lot of employers will conduct background checks for many positions. This includes not just running criminal and credit checks, but also things like talking to your old high school teachers, college professors, and former neighbors. The goal is to find out not just what you're like, but what you used to be like years ago. Checking chat logs is no different. It's just a background check. The best predictor of future actions is past behavior. If you're against having someone look into your background then you're not qualified for the position. It's as simple as that.
  13. Tanker Tuesday was a ton of fun, as usual. Thanks Hera for leading such a great task force!
  14. In that case I'd say that the best solution is to buy another computer. A desktop preferably, a cheap older laptop with an Nvidia graphics card, if that's all you can afford OP.
  15. Have you managed to find out what your graphics card is yet? If you don't have one then that's probably the problem. CoH's graphics are old but, you still shouldn't be using an onboard graphics chip. Especially on a laptop.
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