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  1. I know I'm late to the party here. I buy all of the amps on a new character. It only runs Inf24K, and they generally last me until level 20-22. After that there's KB protection IOs and the temp powers that you can make in bases. Anyone, besides me, remember that those are still there?
  2. I would revert Energy Transfer to its original animation that was 1 second long. And possibly add damage to Stun, as was done to Cobra Strike. When the changes are done Energy Melee should be the number 1 in single target damage. Which, in today's game where everyone favors AoE, shouldn't be a problem for anyone. Will this make Energy Melee "OP"? Well, one set has to be the best at something. Why can't Energy Melee be the best at single target damage? It used to be, before the live devs decided that Energy Melee had to die. Please don't add any special tricks or gimmicks to Energy Melee. When I want that I'll play SS or SJ, just make it the fun and fast set that it used to be. Make Energy Melee Great Again! 🙂
  3. Since my main is a level 50 tank I exemplar more often than not. My character is built to be tough at lower levels, having access to all of her toggles plus Tough and Weave at level 20. The autos and many of the attacks come later. I'm still working on getting more set IOs and attuning them. Plus of course the special IOs (Steadfast +3% defense, etc.) are also the lowest level ones available, and slotted into low level powers so that they'll be available at low levels.
  4. Agreed. My main on Homecoming, the same character that was my main on live, is an Invul/EM Tanker. She's a mutant and member of the Nuclear 90 that can create force fields. Force fields around her fists for EM and around herself. Since EA wasn't available on Tankers I picked Invuln since it looked the part. And then the effects were muted. I preferred the glowier version.
  5. In April, 2019, Sister Flame's father posted on the Facebooks CoH Survivors Public Group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/CoHSurvivors/permalink/2172650202820633/ He talked about them all playing CoH together again.
  6. I'm not attacking you, Saikochoro, nor anyone else that dislikes VOIP, but I've never understood the hatred that some people have for voice coms. Can someone explain to me why the dislike for voice communication with your teammates in videogames?
  7. Here's my idea, and it should be obvious what I'm copying, of a defensive set with minimal FX. Powered Armor (Defensive set for Brutes/Scrappers/Tankers) Hardened Armor - Toggle, +Res(Lethal, Smash, Toxic, Disorient, Sleep), +Special Battery Pack - Auto: +Max HP, +Regen, +Recovery, +Res(Slow, End Drain), +Special Hostile Environment Suit - Toggle, +Res(Hold, Knockdown, Immobilize), +Def(Energy, Negative, Fire, Cold, Psionic), +Special Adaptive Armor - Toggle, +Res(All), Foe -Res(All), Taunt, +Special Ablative Armor - Self, +Absorption, +Regeneration System Mode - Self, Gain Efficient, Defensive and Offensive Adaptations Conduction Panels - Click, PBAoE Minor DMG(Lethal/Toxic) Foe -Regen, Taunt, Self +HP, +End, +Special Nanite Field - Toggle, PBAoE, Minor DoT(Toxic), -Damage(All) Automated Defense System - PBAoE, Self +Absorb, +Regeneration, +Recovery, Foe -DMG, -Speed, -Recharge
  8. My main is a tanker on Torchbearer, who was previously my main on Freedom, who is 50+1. I have a couple of LoTg's, a Miracle +End, Numina's +End/+Heal, and a couple other special IO's on this character. I have a couple of set IO's frankenslotted, but no set bonuses. I have another 46 alts on the rest of the servers. None of which are level 50. I don't farm. I have no issues with people who do, it just isn't fun for me. I've also never done an incarnate trial. I'd like to try it some day, but I doubt anyone would want to carry someone like me who doesn't have any idea how they work. I don't know if I'm the "target demographic" for the devs or if those of you who have a dozen "soft-capped blasters" are. Either way you now know my perspective. I think the vet levels are great as they are. I don't think anything needs to be added to or removed from them. If the devs added the option to set the difficulty above +4 for level 50s (or for anyone) and/or the ability to raise it above 8 players, I think that'd be fine. Let BillZBubba solo missions set on +8/14 players if that makes him happy. I'd never do it, but I think that more options are better. I'll stick with my +1/+2 levels and/or +1/2 players.
  9. I saw the patch today and was excited for a moment that I'd be reading patch notes about improvements to Energy Melee. No such luck. 😭
  10. I'm actually excited about the prospect of Energy Melee getting un-nerfed. In 2020 I'm actually excited about the possibility of a single animation being reverted to the original one in an old MMO from 2004 that was shut down in 2012. It sounds crazy when I read that out loud, but it's true.
  11. Sorry about the delay. The very next day I logged in, same character, and was able to rename the ranks without issue.
  12. As someone whose main on live and on Homecoming is an Invuln/EM Tank, I'm going to throw my 2 cents in. Please don't touch the animation for Total Focus. Yes it's long. No I don't care. The going up and then coming down to smash is so much fun! Second. Please just return Energy Transfer's old animation to it. I don't care why it was nerfed. Blame whomever/whatever you want. Heck, blame ME if you want to. At this point I probably deserve it for something anyway. The self-damage should be removed, it will still lose in single-target damage to Psi-Melee, but if you feel the need to keep it fine, whatever. Third. Please don't add in any special combos or "cute gimmicks." When I want that I play Street Justice. I play EM because I want fast, simple pomp-pomps of death interspersed with the slow up>>>down>>>bam of Total Focus. That's what the set was before the live-devs decided that EM had to die. Fourth. Please give Stun the "Cobra Strike Makeover." Add some damage to it if it doesn't break the game. Finally. Please port EM to Scrappers. It's never make sense that they don't have it. And, given all people's love of AoE, giving them a single-target monster set won't exactly be game-breaking.
  13. It's working again now. Here's the link that I use: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Main_Page
  14. Just as the title says. It appears that I cannot rename the top 2 ranks of my Villain Group, Overlord and Kingpin.
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