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  1. Rebooting my machine fixed the issue. Thanks for that! 🙂
  2. Just as the title says, the recent update freezes at 82%. Nothing has changed with my computer lately. But suddenly today the update freezes at 82%
  3. I get what you're saying. There will always be jerks wherever you go. Home, work, grocery store, online video game, everyone. Ignore/block and move on. My advice, for what it's worth, is that your entire life will be a lot happier if you don't let stuff like this affect YOU. Some one else being a jerk shouldn't make you feel down. It's not your fault, it's not your responsibility, and you shouldn't care. Block/ignore, have a good laugh at someone being a jerk/idiot, and then forget that it happened. Drama just doesn't matter.
  4. Yep. I just checked and realized that's exactly what was happening. My character had been logged off in the Vanguard base and had the day job bonus. Thanks for pointing that out!
  5. I noticed a new bug: Villain side newspaper missions award 2 Vanguard Merits upon completion. No, there's no Rikti in the mission at all.
  6. Yeah? Well I suggested back in 2011 making Rage into a toggle for Scrappers and everyone just threw fruit at me. 😄
  7. Oh please. When I was in Iraq the last thing that I was concerned about was whether or not I'd lose a character name in some video game somewhere. Please don't try to use people who actually risked their lives to keep people safe as an excuse to get what you want in a video game.
  8. I'm not sure if this is a response to my post, but in case it is: I agree with you! People ignoring evidence has been a huge source of annoyance for me all of my life. However, what I was posting wasn't "the more evidence you show..." because the opinions being posted in this thread aren't evidence. A better translation of my words would be "The more anecdotes and personal attacks you make to counter my claim the more I'll be convinced I'm right."
  9. I hope you all realize that a LOT the of people who are arguing against releasing names are doing so because they logged on a few days (or months) before you even knew that Homecoming existed and created a zillion placeholder characters using every cool-sounding name they could find. They don't actually play those characters. They might play them later, or they might sell the name off or whatever. But what they desperately don't want to do is have to log in to all 836 characters for the first time since April 2019 in order to keep the names, and they don't want to lose those names. And they certainly don't want YOU to be able to have those names. Now everyone's going to attack me for one reason or another, or point out how they're the exception or claim some sort of edge-case, or whatever. That's fine. The more you push back against the perfectly reasonable assertion that people who are no longer playing this game shouldn't be able to keep their character names for all of eternity the more convinced I'll become that I'm right.
  10. Would it be too onerous to have the rule be "If you haven't logged in for 365 days ALL of your character names are up for grabs"? I mean, if you haven't logged in for a year you're obviously not playing the game anymore. If you do come back a year+ later you're better off starting with a new character and re-learning how to play the game anyway.
  11. I think what's happening here is that actual numbers are being shown. Some people are seeing these numbers for the first time and getting buthurt because their favorite powerset isn't as "ZOMG hAxx0rs oVerpowered!" as they thought it was. "Bu... bu... but when I tank with that set I'm the awesome because I do this or I combine it with that." Ok, I don't think anyone here is saying that you're not a great tanker, but the numbers are the numbers.
  12. Because, as someone mentioned earlier in this thread, the Korean culture has this thing where if you give up on something and then it succeeds later then you lose face. Basically you look stupid because he/she/it succeeded with someone else, but not with you. Meaning you, not it, was the real problem. So if CoH, which NCSoft tried to kill, ends up doing well now then they look stupid. You may think that this seems silly, but it's their culture, CEOs have lost their jobs and even their lives over this. This is why I believe that the situation that we're currently in is the best that we can hope for. NCSoft ignores us instead of sending a C&D, the homecoming team's official stance is "we're in talks", and we get to keep playing City of Heroes. Anything that upsets that applecart could end up being really bad for us. So, until that happens, I'll just keep playing CoH and not worrying about it.
  13. The longer the talks go on without any statement from anyone the better for us. First, NCSoft may not actually want to enter into a formal agreement with HC. They may also not want more bad publicity related to CoH that sending a C&D would certainly generate. And, since they probably don't want to lose their trademarked IP, one option that they have is to be involved in "talks" that don't go anywhere. This prevents someone from being able to legally steal their IP by claiming that NCSoft wasn't defending it. NCSoft can claim that they were "in talks" (even if no one actually spoke to anyone else for years) with HC and thus they were taking action that was "in defense" of their IP, which is required to keep from losing their IP.
  14. More hard mode? No. More zones? No. New missions? Sort of. The story arc missions should exempt players down to their max level, just like TF's and Agent Hassel's Safeguard missions do, so that players can keep playing the storylines without worrying about out-leveling them and without having to deal with the Ouroborus and its problems. Suddenly people have a ton of new content that they've probably never seen that they can run. Fill Kalisti Warf with tons of level 50 content. Take it from the AE if you have to, and if the game engine allows it. Make the Shadow Shard Zones co-op zones. Fix up the lame geometry problems that prevent some AoE's from working in the Chantry and Storm Palace. Add more "radio/paper" repeatable missions to the zones. Add a capstone mission to those repeatables, like the safeguards/mayhem missions. Adding a repeatable mission contact to each of the hazard zones, like Meg in The Hollows, along with a different capstone mission specific to that zone, also seems like a lot of extra content for less effort. Perhaps that guy near the zone door that warns us about how dangerous the zone is could be the repeatable mission contact.
  15. I skipped Build Up on my Invuln/EM Tank. In fact I almost never get Build Up on a tank. Doing damage isn't my prime directive. I wouldn't skip it on a Scrapper or Blaster obviously, damage is their job.
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