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  1. Which, at least in the case of Energy Aura, makes no sense. Completely ignoring Incarnate powers for a minute, what could an EA Tanker accomplish that a Shield or SR Tanker can't already do with IOs? So what if an EA Tanker's defense with IOs will be higher than SR's with IOs? The enemies can only miss you, it's not like they'd "miss you harder than ever before", a miss is a miss. And as for Super Strength Scrappers doing too much damage... Sorry, after the kind of damage output that I've seen soft-capped Fire/Fire/Fire Blasters put out no one is going to be able to con
  2. I have this strange feeling that there are two things that I will never live to see: Energy Aura on Tankers Super Strength on Scrappers
  3. That's the thing that bothers me the most about Homecoming. I wonder almost every day just how many people are out there that still miss City of Heroes, and would love to play again, but just don't know about Homecoming.
  4. Yeah. I hate the fact that so many of the pool powers are, frankly, useless. I really feel that no power should be useless especially if it's a prerequisite to another power.
  5. If City of Titans, or Ship of Heroes or whatever, doesn't launch until after I'm dead then can it truly be called a successor? At least for me it wouldn't be. And isn't my experience what's really important? 😁
  6. Wait, what? I didn't know that. I thought that, like the others, it was always intended to be a CoH successor. Well, now I've learned something new. Thanks!
  7. So on my favorite MMO News site, Massively Overpowered, Eliot wrote an article that shows that he has the ability to read my mind. Into the Super-Verse: Has Homecoming torched the plans of City of Heroes successors? You have to admit that it's a great question! 🙂 Also, please don't freak out like you all did last the time I started a thread about a Massively article.
  8. No. That's not what that means. What you're talking about isn't fascism it's authoritarianism. Fascism is a subset of authoritarianism. Soldiers working for the King who oppress peasants are not fascists, they are monarchists. Chinese police oppressing their masses aren't fascists either, but they are authoritarian. You don't get to just rename anything as fascism just because you want to. You seem to be upset that I'm "talking down to you" but then you respond with a post that shows that you clearly have no idea what you're talking about. I wasn't trying to talk down t
  9. Ah, no. From the wiki: "The Fifth Column has the nefarious distinction of actually triggering the United States' involvement in the war against Nazi Germany. Hitler first sent the covert super team to Paragon City in 1939, tasked with spying on and sabotaging US shipping and naval development." They were a Nazi super group sent to the US by Hitler. They weren't Italian fascists, they were Nazi Super Soldiers.
  10. Fascism is a specific political ideology. It doesn't just mean "anyone that I dislike" or "anyone that voted for Orange Man." For example: if the Queen of England ended up ruling the world she wouldn't be a fascist, she'd still be a monarch. The Chinese communist party believes in rule by an Oligarchy, a ruling council, whereas Fascism believes in rule by one strong man. So, while they are similar, the Chinese are not fascists. The 5th Column was originally a Nazi super group that came to America and fought against our heroes during WW2. They were Nazis and, like the
  11. While we're at it the P2W vendor should also sell: A powerful ranged attack temp power in case the Blaster disconnects. A ranged taunt power in case the Tanker disconnects. A powerful melee attack temp power in case the Scrapper/Brute disconnects. Powerful buff and heal powers in case the Defender disconnects. Right?
  12. More costume parts are also a low priority for me. I play on Homecoming because it seems like it's the rogue server that's the least likely to just vanish without warning, as at least one other already done. Population is a big factor in that calculation. Also, I'm stuck with Homecoming because they fixed Energy Melee. That may not seem like a big deal to most of you, but my main is Energy Melee, and I really really hated what the live devs did to it. Now that they fixed it I can't see playing on any server that still has the broken version.
  13. If "first post" = "NO!" then yes, it's exactly like that. 🙄
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