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  1. If I were in charge of working on the tier 9 armor powers I'd change them to be like One with the Shield. 120 second duration, 360 second recharge, ignores all recharge. This makes them work great as Oh ****! powers, but prevents them from being "abused" by people who've built for perma-Hasten. As for the effects, I'd have them be the opposite of what the rest of the set is. So like Elude would only add 10% or 15% defense, a bunch of defense debuff resistance, and something like 50% resistance to all damage types. Because the best types of armor sets are the ones with multiple laye
  2. Why even have mez in the game if all characters are immune to it? I agree that mez is handled poorly in this game, but that's something that the developers should have fixed back in 2005. I don't know if it's something that the current developers can even address and still end up with a game that resembles City of Heroes.
  3. Yeah. Something most people don't realize is that we're cavemen who were born in the modern era. Our minds and bodies are the same as humans who lived in 10,000 BC. We're better educated and less violent than we were in 10,000 BC, but our basic nature hasn't changed one bit. We're still the same people we were back then.
  4. My main is an Invuln/EM Tanker. Was also my main on the Freedom server going back to 2007 or so. If your tank isn't holding agro and keeping the squishies from getting mezzed then either - 1) no, your tank isn't any good or - 2) someone's pulling more enemies in and the tank is over the cap and can't hold all of the aggro. Either way, someone's screwing up. If you have a decent tank, and teammates aren't deliberately drawing excess aggro, there's exactly zero reason that your squishy should ever get mezzed.
  5. While I do agree that people shouldn't try to speak for other people, unless they're employed in an official capacity to do so, I'd like to point out that a developer did say this: "A single power should not be able to bridge a gap that results in entire parts of the game being obviated." So while I think he certainly could have worded his post better, it's safe to say that the developers do, in fact, intend for some classes to get mezzed.
  6. Or a good tank who can hold aggro off of you. You bring up a good point. I'm firmly convinced that all of the people who are complaining about the Rune of Protection buff are people who refuse to team with other people. They've spent so much time soloing at +4/x8 that they've forgotten that that's not the base game. It's nice that they can do that, but that's not the standard that everything's measured by.
  7. Sadly this isn't anything new. Celebrities have always gotten death threats, and they've always had their crazies and stalkers. We're pretty stable as a species, but it's a matter of percentages. If just .1% of the population has mental health issues, and you're living in a small town of 1,000 people, then you have 1 guy who's known as the village crazy. But, if you have a world population of 7 billion, that .1% is 7 million people who are hearing voices. And now days many of them are on Twitter having arguments about what the voices really want. Sad? Yes. New or unusua
  8. If I stood around doing nothing they'd occasionally have an opportunity to get a shot off at me. If I used any of my controls at all then they had none. I have Rune of Protection on this character and only used it once. When a Super Stunned slept me.
  9. I just logged off of Brainstorm where I was running around with my Gravity/Storm Controller. This feedback specifically concerns the changes to Singularity and Arcane Bolt. Note, I have a Sudden Acceleration KB to KD slotted in Singularity. So first I would drag, or teleport, Singularity into a group. Then I would cast Tornado right on top of Singularity. The entire group would be flying away, because of Tornado, and then pulled back in because of Singularity. So I would just stand there watching while the entire group was constantly flying out and then back in, while Singularity a
  10. Any chance I can talk you into dropping the whole combo mechanic for Arcane Bolt? Why does every powerset need a wack-a-mole combo mechanic? Why can't the Council just up the damage and call it good?
  11. Thank you! I did not know that there was a discord poll about this. I actually do appreciate your taking the time to let me know. However, you missed the obvious point that I was making in that post. If you have a moment could you answer the question?
  12. I have to agree with this. I'd like to see Rune of Protection at 60 seconds with a 180 second recharge and immune to all recharge buffs. Partially because this duration matches with Emerge, the tier 2 break free inspiration. I just can't understand why a power with 2 prerequisites should have a duration less than that of a common inspiration. Here's the other reason why I think Rune of Protection should be changed back to a 60 second duration: Developers: "We've lowered Rune of Protection's duration to 60 seconds. Please give us feedback in this thread." Players: "
  13. Ok, so the Council of 13's response to our complaints about the nerf to Rune of Protection was to nerf it even further. Ok, fine. Can one of the Council please post explain why we shouldn't be concerned about Domination next? After all, with enough recharge Domination gives a squishy permanent mez protection, which is one of the stated goals of nerfing Rune of Protection. Anyone who can spot a pattern should believe that perma-Dom is therefore next on the hit list, as it is the only other power that allows a non-incarnate squishy to have permanent mez protection.
  14. Ok, I just got done running around on test server with my Blaster who has the Sorcery pool. Remember before you delete my post that this is my feedback and you did ask for feedback. 1) Spirit Ward & Enflame Spirit Ward has a decent range, and it doesn't toggle off if you break line of sight, but it does stop buffing the target until you reestablish line of sight. It doesn't drop until you actually get so far away that the UI drops your target. I like the change to Spirit Ward. It allows me to help someone and keep helping them without having to constantly remember t
  15. Agreed. I may argue and complain on the forums, but I'm grateful that the City is back. Thank you Homecoming Team!
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