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  1. I was unable to reproduce the situation and also the problem I was seeing. Originally, while I was in the Manticore TF, I was being stunned by the Energy Paragon protectors. I would immediately click on my practiced brawler power to get out of the stun but notice I was being hit as if my toggles were off even while/ a little bit after running away (like a brave hero 🙂 ). I ran in to a similar case again (that same night) in a couple Freakshow radio missions. Each time is was the same scenario, get stunned pop practice brawler, get hit for the next several seconds as if my toggl
  2. Thanks, I immediately hit my power to remove the stun/mez status effect but the suppression is still active for the duration of the original stun/mez power (i.e. the suppression seems to be tied to the power that put in the status effect and not my current status), as I don't get my defense for awhile even after I am no longer in the mezzed status. Guess this is working as intended then, Thanks for the feedback. Solution, don't get stunned or mezzed in the first place 🙂 Edited for clarification. Removed note about DE Quartz they are just being super buffed. Tested on level 50+ i
  3. Don't know if this is a bug or just bad luck but twice it this TF my Super Reflexes cut out completely. I checked the combat log and realized that even level mobs (for speed run) had a 95% chance to hit me in melee and range for the mission. I noticed this happens if I get stunned. The toggle powers are still shown as active but they aren't taken into account so I lose all defense even from the auto powers defense goes to 0%. No biggie just wanted to see if anyone else got this effect. my build is Broad sword/Super Reflexes build. Cheers Could also be just the toggles aren't sh
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