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  1. The LFG version of the mothership raid is instanced, yes. You can still do the "open world" version of the raid, of course, but this gives more control (and hopefully less lag) to leagues trying to make things run smoothly.
  2. As far as I'm aware, even paragon studios intended for any origin to be able to take any pool. Sorcery was available to anyone regardless of origin in I24 beta, and I can not recall nor find any evidence they intended otherwise.
  3. Other people have mentioned this before, but I would also like to chime in that I believe dropping Bruising in favor of a raw damage increase isn't the right answer. Whether you want to think about it this way or not, Tankers have always been a specific kind of party support, and Bruising contributed to that. Finding a way to make Bruising more pertinent and less painful to apply seems much more appropriate than simply dropping the party support ability entirely.
  4. I had been wondering about that myself, but I have never played a /devices blaster far enough to have direct experience with the gun drone so I don't know how survivable they actually are. I'm not really sure what that change is meant to solve.
  5. My /ninja training blaster has such envy. I don't suppose there's any plans to make ninja training's faux-Hide feature more.. ahm. Combat relevant, eh? Because 30 seconds is a wee bit of a high threshold.
  6. Obviously the solution is to make the medic the commander unit in the squad. Nothing can go wrong with this plan.
  7. Aid Self, once you grab Field Medic, is also an endurance sustainability tool. I think this is a heck of a lot more valuable than people think, especially since as noted above you can use it in place of a rest to keep your blue bar filled between spawns to keep kicking ass. In my eyes it's mid-tier for attractiveness because of this. It's not intended to be a safe in-combat heal, if you can't actually engineer safe circumstances to use it. Judging it for not being a safe heal seems rather baffling, especially since as noted above you can try again fairly quickly afterwards if need be. It's a highly situational tool that requires either beneficial circumstances or careful planning. And I personally think that's fine.
  8. sadly, i'm currently levelling one of those unicorns, so i am in the process of reducing the quantity of unicorns in the world. i am a monster.
  9. I've had that problem with proliferation of powersets in the past. As an example, for me the Forms toggles were the set-defining power for Staff Fighting, and that got tossed for the Stalker version. (and in general Stalker versions of sets tend to jettison powers I consider Highly Interesting in favor of the AT-specific powers that I find Generally Uninteresting. That they're "necessary" for stalkers has always struck me as an error of design). Having that happen with super strength would be unfortunate, but for good or ill there's ... well, quite a lot of precedent.
  10. And this right here is why I ask for citations on claims of this sort. Thanks for giving an authoritative statement, Leandro.
  11. Hm. Didn't realize those attacks were quite that long.
  12. You don't need to redesign mercs entirely. To fix the DPS problem, just adjust the DPA upwards a little closer to sane. Keep the same animations, increase the damage a bit, and that problem is solved. Doesn't even need to match the DPA of other sets just as long as the window is narrowed (and the below problems are tackled). The utility power problem is already fairly thoroughly understood wrt the cooldown stuff. Just look at how some of the newer sets are rigged up and that becomes pretty clear. Almost anything would be better than serum. While I'm obviously in favor of my leadership-toggle-or-clickie suggestion, the gun drone idea would at least give Mercs a mule for the recharge intense pet auras. And I wasn't even the slightest bit joking when I said that I'd accept it with serum's cooldown. It'd be that much of an upgrade over Serum.
  13. I'm utterly bewildered at this idea. To be clear: I think with work this could be technically feasible. That's not one of the problems with the suggestion. But I am unconvinced it's a worthwhile addition to mercs; without a radical shift in the actual powers available to the mercenaries, this wouldn't actually provide substantial tactical benefit. Outside of the utility powers not being on reasonable timeframes, mercs spends very little time idle. They're fairly constantly attacking, especially once you have the full kit (i.e. the level 32 upgrade). So you aren't actually going to meaningfully increase the offense capability of the attack pets (the only serious damaging power which needs faster recharge time is LRM, and it's not as impressive as it should be in the first place), nor will it meaninfully impact the "defense" capability of the medic (an extra heal and an extra casting of stimulant. Yay?). It would allow a spec-ops to deploy its mez again, but the jankiness of the AI is such that it will probably still waste it anyway. Further, I am completely convinced this is not even remotely in line with the actual conceptual design of the powerset. Ultimately, you're proposing trading one poorly-fitting mostly-useless power for an even more poorly-fitting mostly-useless power. I'd sooner have the gun drone. On Serum's cooldown.
  14. It's really funny, sometimes, how many problems can be solved with polite, patient communication. But it seems like "willing to actually talk with people" is a superpower not everyone has access to.
  15. The DPA for Mercs on their AR attacks is astoundingly awful. I believe direct comparisons show Mercs has typically around 2/3rds the DPA of analogous Thugs attacks. More recharge doesn't fix DPA. The cooldowns are a problem, especially for the utility attacks (Spec-Ops, i'm looking at you), but the truth is even with reduced cooldowns they'd still be in bad shape. As for Serum, I'd like to see it replaced with something completely different. Mercenaries to me implies a degree of team cohesion that they utterly lack. Thugs has actual leadership toggles in its LTs, putting us in the bewildering space that the powers of Thugs implies they are better coordinated than a bunch of trained soldiers. I'd like to see Serum replaced with a team buff like an actual merc-pet-only combined leadership toggle. Doesn't necessarily need to directly map to leadership, but something like that is, I think, appropriate. Alternately, if it needs to be a clickie, possibly a Merc-pet-only analog to Farsight/Mind Link. Either way, I think whatever Mercs gets in that slot should be a team-wide thing, something that actually conveys "this is a combined unit" rather than 'a bunch of assholes with guns who don't know how to work together'.
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