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  1. Patch Notes - Last Updated May 16, 2019 This post will be regularly updated as a quick reference for historical client/server changes and gameplay balances and fixes. Dates link to the relevant forum post. 05/16/19 GENERAL Halcyon has been renamed to Reunion (EU). For the next week each account will be given 20 transfer tokens every 3 days to allow for easier migration. The XP Boosters in Super Packs have been replaced with charges of the Experienced power (which grants Patrol XP). Moved the Respec Recipe from the Merit Vendor (formerly 50 Reward Merits) to P2W (10 million influence).
  2. Paragon City is Convulsing. Choking. Breaking under its own weight. Citizens in fear of the street. Only YOU can step up to the challenge and stop the forces of evil from taking over! We want to make sure everyone who wants to be a Hero, Villain, or one of those fifty gray shades in between can do so, so this guide here is going to lay out just how you can get yourself all set up for to play. First Steps Download the correct launcher for your operating system: Windows users download Tequila, the officia
  3. Folks, I know everyone wants to help, but just look at Star Trek: Axanar for what happens when money starts getting involved with someone else's IP, even if all you are doing is taking donations for your fan project or selling merchandise with no intent to profit. For right now the admin team has a handle on things, relax and enjoy the game :)
  4. Hey folks, please make a reply here if you have powers not recharging after the downtime and /sync, zoning, and relogging don't resolve the issue, the admins will take a look at it when they can, though hopefully the issue will resolve itself shortly :)
  5. Unfortunately this might be a database error issue due to the issues that cause the server to need a restart, I would say you'll need to either re-roll the toon or earn costume changes the old fashioned way, sorry.
  6. Some of the good folks doing volunteer tech support duty have put together a guide to getting in the game, the status of the projects, and many common problems that are encountered when trying to play. Please take a look here for a ton of helpful and frequently updated information. http://city-representative.network/coh/
  7. Hey folks, If you could please reply to this topic with your graphics card / gpu info and your experience with the game it will help us with diagnosis of problems and getting newcomers on-board, thank you! To get your OS Version info - Mac users look in the Apple Menu for About This Mac, Windows users can open a run box (Windows Key + R) and enter Winver and click OK. Needed info: Manufacturer: Model: Operating System and version: Does the game load (and error you get if not): Optional info you like: Driver Version: Monitor Resolution: Multi-monitor?: Graphics
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