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  1. I'm using a 2016 15" MacBook Pro. I got Island Rum to download CoH successfully (it doesn't handle paths with spaces in the name well, evidently, but I did get it to work by using a different path with no spaces, which I continue to use) but now when I try to start City, I get the blue LOADING... in the center of the screen, and then I get a full screen version of it in some incredibly gross resolution, like 640x480 or something, and it just hangs. Command+Tabbing out I get to a Wine error screen saying Show Details revealed it to be an illegal instruction exception with a fairly consistent offset; always at 0x93819b18 for me. I did run it through TestRun through the Wineskin app bundled, and got the following logs, which are attached. I've tried both with `-fullscreen 0` and without at the suggestion of a friend, and am pretty much at my wits end. Backtrace.txt is the Wine backtrace. LastRunWine.log LastRunX11.log backtrace.txt
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