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  1. I haven't tried one myself, but just tossing things together I came up with a pretty simple build that should make life interesting. I'll have to go back and look at my Shield tank and Scrapper to see what I am forgetting. I don't think you will break hide with Lightning Rod or Shield Charge currently, so those were a given, and high recharge to use them often. I tossed in Water Spout because it's awesome and if you like... it will take every proc in the book for stupid numbers (otherwise just roll with the stupid damage it'll kick out; no harm no foul). Since the Lightning rod and Shield
  2. That's a good question if I can share or not... I'll have to play with Mid's a bit and see why I'm getting export the error. Mac and Mid's aren't playing nice right now.Ruby Rocket.mxd Here is the basic setup for my "All Arounder" (DM/DA). The attack chain is basically Smite, then whatever you want.... Granted the Mobs are generally dead after you fire off your heal and soul drain. But the recharge is so high that you can have Midnight Grasp, Ball Lightning, or Shadow Maul every other attack. If you want to go for a more AoE approach, then drop Siphon Life and get 6
  3. They use the 6 slot because it has a build-up proc, helps with your to-hit, cures 98% of the endurance issues of the power, and gives big defense bonus'. 99% of the time the people that use all 6 are hunting for soft cap defense. You'll find that a lot of people either 1 slot or 6 slot that power depending on where they are getting their defense bonuses from... 2.5% defense is pretty huge. I generally "1 slot" tactics due to having plenty of +To-Hit. My DM/DA has so much +to hit once I got soul drain "perma", that tactics is basically obsolete. A 5 stack of Soul Drain withou
  4. Ruby Rocket

    Dark Dark

    I run a dark/dark scrapper with high recharge. I just dropped a heal/recharge and a -resistance proc from gladiator fury in dark regen. How is the damage slotting it out like that? I wonder if the damage aspect would outpace the -resistance. I spam the crap out of dark regen (mainly because I’m a Scrapper and +4/8 fire farms hurt), but have never really thought of it as an attack worth slotting. It is effective for driving shadow maul from 324 to 368 on a +4 comic con fire farm. I may need to revisit that power while I try to work touch of fear back into my build.
  5. No I did not. All my Dark Armors have been saving citizens before that was an option. Totally missed that update.
  6. Dark Armor toggles are broken down pretty well by damage types. It'd be a rare occasion to have to run them all. However, proper slotting of endurance reductions, a couple Performance Shifter +End proc, and you should have no issues with your endurance. If you're still running SOs you need 2 endurance reductions slotted in everything. If you're using IOs 1 endurance reduction is "OK" with everything but the "heavy users" in your build. Weave, Tough, Obsidian Shield, Dark Regen, and Maneuvers will all need 2. Running Maneuvers and Assault will most definitely crush any hopes of endurance
  7. /Dark Armor laughs in the face of Sappers and Carnies... "ha ha ha... Your Sapper powers are weak compared to my natural endurance drain!"
  8. I like that theft of essence trick. I might need to add a slot to mine for it. Could be a good way to dump Ageless for something more fun like Clarion Radial or Rebirth Core... 🙂
  9. Maybe something like this? I'm not Dual Blades aficionado, but Dark Armor is a favorite of mine. Just remember Unbreakable Guard is your friend... slot it everywhere you can. The endurance discounts are great with Dark Armor. Got you 43.8% S/L 40% F/C and 50% Melee while bringing your resistances up 77% S/L, 75% F/C, 72% Neg, 70% Psionic. 12pts KB protection (although I don't see much gain after 8pts so you can add back in your flight speed if you want), 16.6% endurance discount, and 66% recharge with minimal changes. I did have to dump Taunt... but you didn't have much slotted to it, so
  10. Dark Melee/Shield work very well together. Very easy to cap defense and has some really good damage. Dark Melee/Dark Armor for when you want to make sure everything on the map is dead and don't mind that you can't see your toon EVER. I solo GMs with my Dark/Dark. If you go Dark Armor... make sure you get Cloak of Fear so you have something cool to look at (other than the smudge on your screen). You can also pair touch of fear with Cloak of Fear and lock down Bosses and the occasional AV.
  11. Alpha Slot: I like Musculature for extra damage. However, you can use Spiritual for recharge and a boost to your healing. And some more endurance reduction. If you're worried about endurance, Ageless is a blanket patch (the the bonus of +Recharge). Otherwise, I'd suggest Clarion and dump some of the KB protection in your build and salvage a few extra slots for more sets. Hybrid: On a brute, I'd either go with Melee or Assault Radial. Dark armor is very susceptible to defense debuff. Melee would solve that half the time. Also provides some extra KB protection if you
  12. I think you're using too many slots on Dark Regen. Perhaps send a few of those over to Cloak of Darkness, unless you're set on getting the KB protection from Fury of the Gladiator. Dark Regen just needs a little endurance redux and recharge to be epic. I slot mine with 1 Fury of Gladiator -Res and 2 Touch of Nictus, or you can proc it out with the slots you have. Slotting it for Damage on the Brute version isn't going to be a game changer. The Scrapper version does way better base damage. I run 8 pts of KB protection on my Dark/Dark and it seems to be plenty outside of Lord Recluse. You
  13. I was wondering just how many Specters you can get out, or if it's limited to the two and will just dismiss and respawn? I was also wondering if Burnout just resets primary and secondary powers once or will do it repeatedly over the 60 seconds? I was curious if I should look to figuring out another respec.
  14. I didn't care much for Radiation Armor. It is really tough, but you need to finesse a lot of Defense out of it so you're not just constantly healing. Heals are great, but it really feels like they put you in a basic death spiral trying to get ahead of the incoming damage with your lower overall hit points. Shield makes a sustained fight a lot easier with it's inherent defense stats.
  15. DM/SR was a good one back in the day. Claws/Regen was quite popular. Katana/DA did very very well in PVP before the constant nerfs to Cloak of Fear. Broadsword/Invulnerable was a heavy hitter too.
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