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  1. Because it can result in an unwinnable, and not even EXITABLE, situation outside of logging out of the game completely. Which is, by definition, broken. Does that mean it can NEVER be completed? No. But there can be an instance where you can become "stuck" and unable to do anything but log out. Which means it's broken in those conditions. This is basic game terminology and situations, not some crazy idea. If a map had a specific spot that, if you stepped in it running super speed, you "fell" below the map and could no longer complete any of the objectives, it would equally be broken. To say "well just dont walk on that part of the map with SS and you're fine" or "Ive completed it hundreds of times and never had that happen" doesn't change the fact that this is likely a glitch that isn't WAI and should be fixed.
  2. "Let's run an arc at the level it's opened to my toon, so balanced around that level and my gear level, in a game that doesn't require specific archetypes, and be bothered when it's designed in a way that, once you die, basically becomes an endless loop of death forcing you to quit." There. Fixed it for you. By the way, EVERY SINGLE ARC in this game is optional. There is literally not one single arc you're required to do. That doesn't mean we shouldn't address issues where arcs are broken.
  3. Do you believe the mission was designed with the intent that, in the event of a team wipe (for whatever reason) with a large spawn still present, you were supposed to become stuck in an endless loop of rez/kill/rez/kill with literally no other option but to actually quit the mission and log out to exit? If the answer is yes...then we just disagree. If the answer is no, then no matter HOW rare it is or HOW many times you run the mission and don't experience it personally, the fact that others do means the mission has a design flaw and that flaw probably should be fixed.
  4. And doing so admitting that they haven't actually "experienced this mission".
  5. You do realize changing this from an "exploit" to "normal base tp" takes care of that entire problem, right? There is literally no reason why base TP should take as long as it does, recharge as slowly as it does, etc. I dont know of ANYONE who thinks "running to the tram together" is somehow the fun part of teaming. Especially since the Oro portal takes care of the base TP issue once you hit level 14 anyway. Besides, back in the days before "ninja run" this happened as well, when I was stuck with "hover" and people already had SJ or super speed.
  6. I would agree with this post, but also throw in a few more of the newer contacts and their ambushes, including the UN contact in Steel and the art dealer, as well as several in Preatoria. It seemed to me that one of the devs who was designing toward the end really felt constant ambushes at a non-stop pace was the way to go. And honestly, on some of my high end toons, it can be really fun. And it probably comes from the complaints of people waiting around forever for the old ambushes in respect trials, etc. (THANK YOU FOR FIXING THAT DEVS! 😄 ) But for most of my toons, it makes those contacts and missions difficult to the point of skipping or auto-completing. It's pretty clear some in here really like it though. How difficult would be it (and I already know the answer) to add another option to our difficulty settings specific to ambush difficulty? One that affects either the speed, size, or level of ambushes? So someone who normally can solo +2x4 but not in these ambush heavy missions could stay at +2x4 but know that just the ambushes would be toned down a little? Im sure that's next to impossible, but thought maybe I'd throw it out. Otherwise, I think we need to go in and space these ambushes out a little bit more, OR make sure those ambushes that come out this fast or this difficult automatically don't include bosses, etc?
  7. Fair enough. I think that's a valid criticism and I apologize. Ive gone back and removed the comments.
  8. What I'm hoping to accomplish is to voice that nerfs to procs should be very carefully considered and, if done, done surgically and not with a blanket change to how they perform. My statement was that I'm seeing nerfs that concern me that this is the direction any proc changes would go, and I think it's a concern worth voicing. It was a specific reply to the statement that Powerhouse has said he wants to visit procs at some point.
  9. Im confused because your argument was that people are playing defenders too much now because procs are too powerful. And I guess you have data to prove that, but haven't shown it yet. And I just showed you that at least SOME of the people playing more defenders are doing so now because they are finally able to be soloable.
  10. The change to procs becoming PPM was made before shutdown as well. Maybe you can show me your data so I can try and understand why you're seeing a pattern that I entirely don't see. For the record, as I stated, -I- roll almost exclusively defenders now, when I used to run almost exclusively corrupters, because now I can solo with them and STILL be able to contribute to a team with strong buffs/debuffs, where before, I couldn't. It has nothing to do with procs. Because again, if you're rolling a defender to do more damage because you can use procs, you're kinda illogical, since you can do even MORE damage with a Corrupter using those same procs. And with the defender changes, you don't NEED procs to do decent damage on a defender when solo...and when on a team, procs won't contribute enough to make a dent anyway, given how much more damage everyone else is dishing out.
  11. I don't disagree, but want to remind you that NOT being able to solo with a toon effectively can HINDER a lot of players who would, otherwise, make a team oriented toon. There is a not-insignificant part of the player base that doesn't want to be locked in to teaming all of the time, even if they'd like to team some of the time. I'm one of them. Before the defender changes I had, I think, 2 defenders. Now? I roll them more often than corrupters.
  12. It absolutely does explain it. As more toons are made post-change, you'll see them becoming more balanced. By the way, procs were around before sunset as well.
  13. This is because of the defender changes, not procs. Defenders were changed to make them MUCH more solo friendly when solo, doing more damage. This made them suddenly a viable option for someone like me who likes to team and solo. Before...they simply couldnt solo well. Now...they can. This is just like the tanker changes, making THEM more solo friendly as well.
  14. This is the most incorrect thing Ive seen posted on this board in days. Yes...a defender or tanker can do more damage than they would otherwise with a proc. But they still will not out-damage a corrupter or brute of the same combo, and they will have much less direct control over when that "added damage" hits. Of course, you can ALSO slot the SAME procs into the brute/Corr, which makes this argument make even less sense. Under your logic we should get rid of all enhancements because brute with full Single Origin enhancements slotted is more survivable than a tank with no enhancements.
  15. The LAST thing this game needs to keep people playing is to have nerfs that suddenly make people feel LESS powerful.
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