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  1. I'm one 100% with this. I do think that the power could use a buff, and I'm OK with a situational buff, but for me to enjoy it it needs to be a PREDICTABLE situational buff. I'm going to give my suggestions for Sorcery changes and then go into a request/thoughts about communication briefly before suggesting it gets opened in a separate thread by Jimmy. Arcane bolt: Keep the Arcane Power boost, but "create" arcane power differently, in a more predictable way- Arcane power is built up -when you cast arcane spells on someone else-. If a player has arcane power, arcane bolt will fir
  2. So I'm confused. You've said that the game is now so easy that you personally have seen many people leave because of it. Did they ALL have RoP somehow magically able to fill 100% of the gap between clarion and melee hybrid so they would never be mezzed and could withstand the brutal onslaught of carnies, Malta, and rikti? Something that is, mathematically, impossible even with live's version of RoP? Is the game so hard that even with def cap on a toon that literally mezzes every mob they come against you STILL end up dying easily, or is it so easy if you have RoP that it becomes boring a
  3. Exactly. RoP is only "overpowered", at least from what I've gathered through both threads, in that high recharge builds could make it permanent -when stacking with other powers-. So while available at level 20, you can't even come CLOSE to getting that until you've fully IOed a character and unlocked incarnate +recharge powers. So it's a completely invalid comparison. An SO or even set IOed RoP isn't going to "negate large portions of the game" for the player that has it at anything below level 50.
  4. Aren't controllers "squishies"? Or is it ONLY blasters that should have no option whatsoever to get real, reliable mez protection? Also...if "you have to choose to take psi" matters, then "you have to choose to take Sorcery" matters.
  5. Hell...we can now right click and "auto create" breakfrees from any three other insps in our tray. They literally made it EASIER to counter mezz via breakfrees than via using powers like RoP. This whole line of logic is...flawed.
  6. Pssst. Secret: These devs aren't infallible. Their view of how the game should work isn't "the right" view. They don't even all agree on it, or at least haven't always, specifically this group. And that's not a bad thing, btw. It's very GOOD that we have a community contribute to development instead of one hand ruling by dictate. And they asked for feedback. They don't HAVE to go back and rebalance things if they don't want to. In point of fact, the very things you claim were released as "beta" powers (which is false, btw. They've been adapted and used for years before HC came in t
  7. You're ignoring that a single -recharge affect from a single enemy ends your Mez Protection 100% immunity. And also you're ignoring how much MORE helpeful and effective defense is to mez. Every single conflict in the game has damage coming at you that defense protects you against. Much much fewer of them have mez coming at you. In point of fact, that's why I actually see RoP as mostly a res boost on the characters I have it, not a mez boost. I don't usually select it for mez. I want the added resistance. But that's beside the point.
  8. Wait...if we're adding in incarnate powers then you have to add in Ageless and Barrier to your "limitations" to the controller example. So no...it's really not that simple. Yes. A person who A: Takes the sorcery pool and sacrifices at least three powers choices to get RoP B: Takes other powers that add to their recharge C.: Takes enough defense powers to slot 5 LoTGs for recharge boosts D.: works the rest of their IO sets to add recharge E: Unlocks all incarnate powers and slots two very specific ones COULD THEORETICALLY work it so they're permanently at the me
  9. No, it's not that simple at all. You can build a controller that can reach permanent defense caps, even though that is usually in the realm of melee toons only. How? By designing a build around it and sacrificing damage, or recharge, or debuffs, etc. to get defense bonuses, and adding in defensive pool powers like leadership, combat jumping etc. and adding in incarnate powers. This is actually the -most- powerful buff any character in game can get: when you aren't getting hit, you aren't getting mezzed. You aren't getting debuffed. You aren't getting hurt. You can NEVER add enough re
  10. So we want to make Rune of Protection an auto-power? Im in! 😛
  11. I disagree. The flaw is in your altering a power that IS affected by recharge (and people build around that to make it a worthwhile choice) to be unaffected by recharge because you think it's overpowered for some reason. THAT is the problem here. You're taking a power that currently ISN'T "broken" enough for most players to even bother to take it, and the people who did built high recharge builds to make the power actually useful, and making it so their builds are now pointless and the power isn't any better, and arguably worse. You are, quite literally, breaking something that is fine
  12. And sadly, for me, even more casual because I'm being turned off by the changes being made and finding myself wandering to other places. Which I decidedly do NOT want. HC is my home at heart, but I'm finding these changes over the last few pages really making me have more fun elsewhere. Which sucks...because I want to play here, with the people I've been playing with for years.
  13. Yeah. You can waste precious slotting by slotting with IOs that actually dont offer the recharge buff that is part of that IO if you really want the set bonus. Which is a really dumb way to design powers for a game.
  14. You're turning two click powers into end heavy toggles. You're also trying to work yet another "state of" mechanic into making one of the attack powers actually worth using, except making that based on a "chance for state of" makes it really ineffective to build into any sort of attack chain since you can't reliably build around chances. Granted, the power is a poor one to begin with so it's a wash there. And now RoP will have a set 33% up time, which is a big nerf to almost anyone who was actually using it since they were very likely building around their recharge to use it. Th
  15. I think removing the terror and leaving the power as is otherwise would be perfect. Im with you on the problem being the "run away" aspect.
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