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  1. I doubt I'll say anything that hasn't already been stated in the 15 pages prior. 1) Not to have to start over again 2) Not to have to worry about a shutdown of the game 3) Keep the 1000 toon slots per server Anything else is gravy. I'd love new costume options, asymmetric costuming, TF reworks, new TFs, more powerset proliferation, more new powers. Those would just be sugar on top for me though.
  2. I like this idea as well. I'm certainly in favor of any powerset proliferation.
  3. "The game hinges around creating a personal super hero. People need to feel more powerful than everyone else, that's part of the fantasy. But when your choices are overshadowed by someone else who's tapped into an imbalance in design, that cheapens the gratification. Then when you try and balance the power, the people who've built up an identity centered around those powers/powersets without regard for their balance feel like they're being singled out. Really no way to win..." I found this quote from Back Alley Brawler, in regards to making adjustments to powers over the years, he said during one of his impromptu AMA's on reddit a few years ago. It seemed fitting for this discussion.
  4. I don't want to derail this thread any further than it is but I think you're slightly off base on this one point here. "An existing power will not have its core functionality and purpose changed, though its strength may be altered and effects secondary to the power's true purpose may be added or removed." That is the exact quote from Castle that defined "Cottage rules" for devs. Adding KB resist to Acrobatics or adjusting its protection points would certainly be in-line with cottage rules. Adjusting Grounded in Elec Armor also would be in the line with cottage rules. Now, you're correct that changing the armors for Dark and Fire would probably violate cottage rules. I just wanted to point out that one of the suggestions mentioned does not. It was always one of my pet peeves on the old forums when someone threw out "cottage rules" as an end all argument for disregarding any potential change. It's pretty clear that the Devs aren't changing this, and I think it's great they at least took a moment to consider it.
  5. When the STF came out originally, Dark and Electric weren't tanking options and Fire Tankers had access to 100 KB Points in Acrobatics. I don't think it was ever intended to have the Tanker be knocked around like that. Put KB resist into Acrobatics. Follows cottage rules and is a simple easy fix here.
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