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  1. I know this type of build usually gets a lot of ‘pushback’.... But it can be a viable way to control. I mostly play an Energy/Energy Blaster, and I find smart knockback with Energy Torrent, Power Push, and (drawing a blank... tier 1 punch) very effective at damage mitigation and control. I slot the Nova and Energy Blast with KB to KD, they are otherwise a little hard to control. But they still offer a lot with KD. The trick is to be careful. If you don’t control it, you’re just slowing things down. Or trolling the melee ATs. Or worst case, pushing anchors around.
  2. Flat Line


    I haven’t tried repulsion bomb. Repulsion field felt pretty underwhelming. Maybe I didn’t slot it enough, but it rarely seemed to hit...
  3. Flat Line


    I went with Force Mastery. I like Personal Force field as an ‘oh shit’ power. It makes hospital visits a very rare thing. It can also be used to ‘stealth’ missions without actually stealthing. You’re just about untouchable with it, and can still click on glowies. It’s also a luck of the gambler slot. Lots to like. Worth noting that Afterburner can also do all of the above on a high defence build in a pinch. But Personal Force field is very reliable. The shield in the set is also costume friendly. I do really like the versatility of Fire Mastery though. My thir
  4. Flat Line


    I had the same idea to boost AoE damage. And using Bonfire, Torrent, Explosive Blast, Nova. All with KB to KD. I ended up respecing out of fire mastery. Not because Bonfire isn’t good. It worked great! I just really didn’t like the look of fire shield. Bonfire does definitely add more control and damage though. Char is also a nice power too... Maybe I’ll add it back for a third build... I also removed the KB to KD from Energy Torrent. The Knockback is just a great control on it. I took it early and it adds a lot of survivability during your first 25 levels before your d
  5. Flat Line


    The hate on Energy is overblown. Personally, I only use KB to KD on Explosive Blast and Nova. Everything else is easy to control either with hover blasting and knocking them into the ground or using walls as backstops. There are also a lot if situations where I want to knock back. Energy Torrent or Power Push are great for that. I find it’s a fun power set that looks great. And it keeps you thinking on how to use your knock back instead or to pushing buttons (which gets pretty boring IMHO).
  6. Personally, I think hasten on most builds is overrated. I try and avoid it unless I don’t have something else to put my auto-click on. Mostly playing Energy/Energy nowadays, so it goes on Energize. To the original post: I think it’s a great way to go! Just focusing on damage can get boring after a while. It’s nice to build for more tools in the toolbox!
  7. Just a thought for maxing burst damage (I don’t know if/how well it works). Could you put the ‘chance for build up’ proc in Tactics, then use Aim + Build up, and Assault? With enough recharge this could be up very often.
  8. One more thing to add: You can quickly change builds with this bind: /macro B1 “select_build 1” You can use the macro for each build and change on the fly. Just remember to turn your toggles back on!
  9. I mainly played Eng/Eng on live and now on Homecoming. So hopefully I can help a little. Personally, I like keeping Attuned sets. I sometimes exemplar and play Ouroboros missions. But you have three build slots. So you could always make another build for maximizing level 50 content. Seems like everyone uses Scorpion Shield... It’s ok I guess. It only adds to Smashing/Lethal defence. Personally, I built for Ranged defence and used the electric shield to get my Resistance capped. I’m at over 45 ranged defence and 75 Smashing/Lethal resistance. It’s nice to have a hig
  10. Something to consider is Kinetics has a lot more powers you need to individually target and Time has more PBAoE. Depending how you like to play, that might be a factor.
  11. I used to use this bind way back in the early days on live: /bind enter "beginchat <color gold> <bgcolor black> <bordercolor gold>$$afk 1 sec I'm typing" Doesn't work anymore though, so something changed...
  12. I personally went Energy/Energy. It does very well as a ranged only blaster. You can also have a secondary build that does melee very well too. Though, I think if I were to build him again I’d go devices. I prefer toggles to clicks and devices adds a lot of variety.
  13. Looks great #Nic Mercy! Thanks!
  14. Any chance we can see your build? I’ve been trying to work out a character that can do it all (DPS, Solo, Team, Buff, DeBuff). While keeping it at ranged, because I’m not a fan of melee in teams. Leaning towards Time/Fire as being the answer (Maybe Time/Ice?). I was also leaning towards Corruptor because more damage is more fun (for me anyways 😛 ). But I haven’t tried a Defender since I had a Empathy/Energy in the days before we had capes... I hear they got a lot better.
  15. Depends a lot on your build. I personally went for damage because defence and endurance were already covered.
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