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  1. It’s in the Knockback set. I’m drawing a blank on the name… There are a few builds on this forum where they really abuse those procs for crazy recharge numbers. Personally, I’ve found it doesn’t proc often enough to stack much. But getting it to be up once fairly often does make a big difference!
  2. Devices can be fun solo. Especially if you like a slower play style, setting up trip mines and traps. Blasters are my favourite at the moment. They offer a challenge in that they aren’t as invincible as most of the other classes. They can also be made very strong for end game content.
  3. Yeah... it’s not terrible, put it’s not the glorious idea I hoped for. Thanks for the numbers! It definitely helps to understand whats going on.
  4. I’m currently running with 4 in my attack chain. (Snipe, Burst, Explosive Blast, Torrent). It doesn’t seem to proc nearly enough. It also makes you want to rush. Because if you aren’t fighting, it’s not proc-ing.
  5. I hadn’t really considered repulsion bomb! I could slot it instead of a melee attack at the end of the build. I like the idea of using it when Nova is down. I played the last version of the build last night. It feels a little sluggish compared to my normal build. I don’t think I ever noticed the +rech proc stacking. And it didn’t seem to proc all that often. Pretty disappointing really. I think I might have to go back to the drawing board. Maybe even have to pick up Hasten which I was trying to avoid...
  6. I don’t have an entry. But this contest has been fun to follow! Thanks for putting it on 🙂
  7. Yeah, I was just playing around some more with it. I think keeping the extra Mako is better. I'm thinking of Power Push instead of Power Boost or Boost Range. Using Intuition instead of Musculature, I could still get a 20% range boost. But 33% damage instead of 45%. Though it seems if I'm using Aim and Build up I'm capping damage anyways.
  8. Thanks Nemu! I really like what you've done with it! Any reason for Power Bolt over Power Blast? I figure with a high recharge build it's better to go for the higher damage? Are you looking at the short cast time? Putting the melee powers at the end also makes a lot more sense. You're also right that I neglected the Accuracy. I was a little too focused on only Damage, resistance, and Defense! I made a switch between Power Bolt and Power Burst and added Winters Bite to maintain the defense bonus and pick up another Force Feedback Proc.
  9. I really like Personal Force Field. It’s a nice ‘Oh Shit’ power. I use it to tank. Or gather mobs for a Nova. I also like to ‘Stealth’ to the end of missions. Being able to be as invulnerable as possible for as long as you want is just really nice to have. Also a luck of the gambler slot (so I don’t need something like Vengeance, because I’m trying to minimize clicks). Temp Invulnerability is also a nice resistance shield. It’s also costume friendly. I liked the powers in both Ice and Fire. There are some nice controls in there. But
  10. Thanks nebber, You were right about the damage cap! I just verified it. I also agree with what you're saying: Having control to front load Aim and Build Up or divide them over multiple spawns. I was trying to minimize clicks. But, I think in this case it could be worth it. I started shying away from clicks when I had Hasten on Auto. And then trying to constantly click: Energize, Aim, Build Up, Boost Range, and Power Boost. I was also clicking those powers more often than I needed to because of such high recharge... All in all, I think 2 clicks for Aim and/or Build
  11. Thanks, those numbers make more sense. Also, makes the argument for Build up easy. Something is still off with my mids. I was looking on the damage output of Nova. It increased by the same amount wether I had Aim or Build up on... But, I know mids can be buggy.
  12. Looking at MIDs Aim and Build up are giving the same damage increase. But it looks like Aim gives a bigger To Hit bonus. Am I missing something here? Or is MIDs incorrect?
  13. Thanks! I didn’t know they take the same sets. With set bonuses and Tactic, I’m not too worried about accuracy. That’s a simple swap on this build 🙂
  14. Thanks, that's a nice build! I like the 'chance for build up' in snipe. And the '- resist' in Explosive Blast also seems like a really good idea! Good point about the slow resist, so I added some in with 'Winter's Gift' in Fly. I dropped the +Max HP from Tough to do it. But I think that might be a better tradeoff. Adding the procs lost me 0.7 in Smashing/Lethal Resistance, but upped my defense slightly. Here's where I'm at: This Hero build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/Reborn-Team/MidsReborn Click this D
  15. I'm mostly hover blasting. Though, the defense values are high enough that I don't really need to. Especially because Diamagnetic gives the -5% to hit. Super Speed is there with the Stealth IO. That gives perfect Stealth. I wanted this build to be Exemplar friendly. So I can stealth missions at level 4. Power Boots definitely isn't necessary. I'm not sure what else to put there, Maybe Assault? I use it for the defense bonus mainly. The reason I went Aim instead of Build up was for the perception increase. Good point on Energize! I didn't know
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