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  1. That is not the ambient foghorn from IP. It is just boat sounds, as are all the others.
  2. Is there a way to set your base background music / ambient sound to the Independence Port foghorn? I couldn't find it listed anywhere. I have a base with a harbor and lighthouse, and the foghorn would be perfect.
  3. I'd like to see hallways that could be filled fully just like regular rooms. If you build outside, you don't want unbuildable Mystery Holes, which you get at every doorway wall if you don't buy them as doorway rooms. If building inside as well as outside however, that gives headaches if you actually want a regular doorway, but need to buy the doorway rooms just to avoid the holes. Often you may not even want to use some inside rooms that connect via doorways if you're building on top. You can make a regular doorway or fill-ins by truncating a room by filling in blocks in front or back of t
  4. I would also love to see a Redo key, for those times you accidently undo something you wanted by hitting ^Z too many times. And I'd love to see the absolutely horrible bug that suddenly makes you fall through the floor or magically teleport to start for no reason, when you're trying to rotate or lift things get fixed!
  5. Snow #3 appears to be absolutely huge in size - on the order of the Rough Water blocks. For weather effects like these, I much prefer the sizes for every single other weather effect- which seem to be limited to the room at least. The Snow #3 definitely goes bigger then single rooms and goes up and down as well, so you can't place one on top or below unless it's very very far if you don't want it overlapping. It's the only snow effect that I really like too, so it would be great if that could get fixed. Right now it's just far too big to be practical. I'd also like to see butter
  6. Fantastic Beasts (Torchbearer). A natural / magic base for toons with some comfortable biomes for fire, water and nature. Pass code BEAST-9225. You can reach me using @Azurette if you have comments or interest in the supergroup!
  7. I think one of the best choices Homecoming ever made was to make ALL costume parts available at all times. There was never a time ever, that I wanted to grind for a specific part just to create the look I wanted from the very beginning. Or pay 1,000,000 influence for the recipe for a speicifc part for a level 1 toon (insect wings, fairy wings) - which actually was the case on Live. I hated having to buy a recipe for a part for a brand new level1 toon using money from a richer toon, then being forced to immediately go to ICON just to get the look I wanted from the time I created that toon.
  8. Since we already have the ability to Clone a full costume (the one worn), I do not see a technical issue with being able to create a way to specify a costume slot number to use for Phantoms. I also don't see a reason why the same thing couldn't be done for all mastermind pets using the same method - although for pets with weapons, it would probably have to default to the weapon naturally used if the animation changes would be too hard. As for complaints about worrying that people would make 'inappropriate' costumes, the devs should simply put specific, clear examples of what the
  9. I'd love to see some quality of life updates on the costumes. For example, I'd like to see Masterminds get to choose the costume slot for all their pets - rather then just clones of their current worn costume. You can swap the worn costume without the henchmen changing currently, so I don't see why this should be a big change. It would make a huge difference to those of us who like making themes however, especially if you could choose a costume slot for each pet! With that small change, I suspect you'd get a whole lot of people excited about what they could do with their squads
  10. If someone doesn't know about it and it's still a problem for anyone, it's still useful information I think. We all start at zero with the base editor, and there are still people joining the game. Though it may be that new people might not find this anyway with the fine guides out there now for new base editors.
  11. Supergroups are about getting people together and teaming. The old system was absolutely awful for anyone who wanted anything more then just a minimal base. Earning prestige was also poorly designed because of the enormous penalty on influence gained. For new low level toons, it was a complete deal breaker without a 50 who could give out money. There were actually guides out there for how to build the absolute smallest base you could that would still have the teleports because of the upkeep costs. That such guides actually existed showed there was a significant problem with the
  12. You can always do /edit_base 1 to start editing from anywhere. If your portal is trapping you, /edit_base 1 will let you start editing where it is, and let you move it. You don't need to edit just by moving to the place where it lets you do the edit function. Using this is the way to build outside when what you need to edit is reachable by portal. You portal there - and /edit_base 1 to edit that room. /edit_base 0 will also let you exit the base editor as well as the menu option. You do not have to go to any specific place to start the editor.
  13. Excellent! That worked perfectly. I still think it's a bug that it defaults to attaching to the floor, but with F5 letting you choose anything, I don't care. That's far better then doing the rotate and raise thing.
  14. It is impossible to attach the shower items to walls or even ceilings, only the floors. There is no such thing as a floor shower! It can be fudged by rotating, moving, and lifting but that is a royal pain. You can't attach them to a wall, period - you have to use a divider next to the wall, and turn off the grid to get it to attach (after spinning it around to make it face properly on a wall instead of the floor).
  15. Lately I've gotten serious about building bases. There are some problems I've noticed though. The hit box for some things for interacting with some things (fences, NPC's, anything small) seems to be very small. For NPCs in particular, you simply can't easily select or move them once they are placed somewhere with a lot of other items. Even if there aren't a lot of items, it's amazingly hard to select to move or interact with NPC's. This is really annoying. It also seems like moving things is very fiddly unless you're quite far away. This means if a floor gets moved accidentally in an outside
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