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  1. That's what I was thinking too, but I wonder if it will cause problems somewhere down the line that math people on here would be able to explain 😜
  2. Do you mean a boost to damage or accuracy if we fulfill a certain requirement? What types of things were you thinking? I'm curious now. Or are you saying that MM pets performance is poor to begin with and you wouldn't mind a long recharge as long they had a buff in the future rather than a deceased recharge time? Not trolling just genuinely curious
  3. I totally agree on no auto upgrades, I don't have an issue upgrading with each summons, but for your second point, no other AT is "punished" by losing access to their primary for a period of time. You still have to upgrade them, buff them with other abilities etc so it will still be a small inconvenience when they die.
  4. Thank you for the response. Yes I use those ones and find them great for controlling each tier. I remember reading somewhere (maybe on these forums but I cannot find it now) that you could create a bind or macro using the "name" you give each pet?
  5. If there a specific set of binds, or better yet based on my hand agility, macros, that divide your pets up so specifically? Very interesting read! And a compelling argument for trying the combo out. Thank you!
  6. That's just awesome thank you @Force Redux! I hope this encourages other would be MM's to try dark out. I never realized how fun it is. And safe, well so far, at level 46.
  7. Ok, that's good to know that time bomb is still not worth it even with fold space. That helps a lot, even just to get scorpion shield.
  8. So I've been reading on here how good fold space is with traps now. I've been mixing and matching builds and I have a question. I am finding it difficult to fit 3 teleport powers in unless I get rid of the epic pool, or the fighting pool as I want so many powers from the primary and secondary as the 28 and 32 powers are good solo with fold space. If I can still achieve soft cap(which i like) is it worth it then to not have an epic pool? Thanks for any advice you can give.
  9. No problem! You're doing me a favour so take all the time you need. Please don't feel pressure to do it. Whenever is good.
  10. That would be awesome, if you have the time. Thank you.
  11. I don't know how I didn't come across this post sooner. Amazing amount of quality information, thank you @Force Redux. I am using your guide for the dark portion of slotting, but I am unsure about beasts(which is the way I'd like to go). I read somewhere that their attacks are more useful then the other sets so that means less choice of powers elsewhere. Also, you can't slot the defense and resistance uniques in their level 18 ability so I am unsure what to take out of each of the beasts slots to make room for it. Should one consider taking the attacks or
  12. That sounds rather refreshing actually. And thank you for posting an updated build. That was cool of you.
  13. I'm a little lost. Would Hjarki's build need to change because if the TA buffs? Wouldn't it be fine slotted as in but just "better" now?
  14. Hi there, I stepped away from the game for a bit and came back to dust off my Dark/Staff Tanker. He was built using the posted build. I found it on the forums last year and I *think* the original build creator was @Justaris? I just saved it to my mids folder so I cannot for sure remember. Anyway, with the "new" damage and and AOE range changes with tanks, is there any tweaks that could be made to this build? I love it to pieces, and taking it for a test drive he performed well, but thought I would ask the tanker community if some of the AOE attacks should be slotted different
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