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  1. Agreed!!! However, never together! They go with everything separately, *Holds whipcream in left hand and beer in right, shakes head* Never.... Together 😢
  2. HachiMan2015


    I've read through this entire discussion and was hoping for an answer to the OP's question as well, but I don't think it has been. I know that dimensions shift was changed to a toggle that affected an area where you can fight a mob in peace while you are both intangible. It has niche uses but nothing amazing AFAIK. I can't answer your other question, not that great a Dom player but also wouldn't mind hearing some tips and tricks. 😁
  3. That's......about as awesome a response as one can get. Thank you. It did help a ton. I need to use scream and nado more. I'm not melee preferred, I just thought I was supposed to be 😜 on this build. More the fool me. Thank you for your detailed answers!!
  4. I've leveled 2 Dom's to 50 so far, a Plant/Savage and a Mind/Martial and I am just not feeling either of them. The plant savage is the better of the 2. I think the reason is I have always longed to try electric and I'm not sure why I haven't. So, how is this build working for you? Have you changed it? And is it just as effective without the purples in it? Edit: well obviously it won't be JUST as effective, but will it work if I just switch out the purples for a less costly set for now?
  5. I copied and pasted and then just changed the path to what is on my computer. I didn't use notepad++, I just right clicked in binds and chose "create new text document" EDIT: NVM, using notepad worked..thanks for the tips!!
  6. So I am admittedly not computer language smart. When I try your method Sovera the game just keeps saying "Unable to read in keybind file: C:/CoH/Binds/Forward.txt" whicj is the location of my game. any ideas what I am doing wrong?
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