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  1. Dammit! Lol ok, looking for a free slot for the -res now!
  2. Oh yeah it's basically your build for sure, just reflavored. Thank you so much for that. You also answered one of my bigger questions.....I will take the slots from frozen armor, and put them in sleet maybe? I like dimension shift solo also😜
  3. Ok I took @triplem3build and made a few personal adjustments. I still cannot get teleport other to zapp my singy around the battlefield but I have resigned myself to that. I also wish I can slot sleet more but....... I kept their purples and winters...I will probably just cannibalize one of my under used 50's so I guess that's not a big deal. I am happy with these numbers. I think I may go Agility for incarnate and that will just top it off nicely...what are you experts thoughts? This Villain build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/Reborn-Team/Mid
  4. Quick Question @triplem3 Does Power Up Boost your link minds? Mids says yes but I thought I read somewhere that it does not? If it does, well, then that's a game changer Edit: Just tested it. It only lasts as long as the 10 second Power Up 🤥
  5. That is awesome and a great reference point...thank you for sharing it! 😄
  6. So, just so I am clear on the thinking, in order to make this work if I wish to keep enflame, and to get Teleport Other, I will have to remove hover to free up a power pool and then try and get the defenses from somewhere else in the sets? ok I will go back to the drawing board!
  7. That's weird, when I'm home I'll try and export it again? Alot of great information from everyone, thank-you. The reason for sorcery (and subsequently trying to get teleport other) is for enflame on singy and then dropping him into packs for some needed aoe. Or is that just too gimmicky and not as good as I'm envisioning?
  8. Only thing is, I have used up all 4 power pool spots. Unless I get rid of hover....but then there goes some defense 🥺
  9. Hi all, in my continued battle to have an IO'ed out everything at 50 (not pimped out, but workable) I am now down to the last 2 AT's that I need to do. My MM (Ninja/Elec) I am happy with, it's just this dominator that I can't quite eeek out the numbers. I am going by @oedipus_texrule for Doms with Recharge first then 32% S/L/E ( I can't remember if Range was in there......if so then I am more far off than I wish) I am sooo close on both. Is there any way I can get you great people to help clean this up. What I am married to is the main powersets, and the sorcery pool for the enfla
  10. Yeah now I've actually put thought into it I guess storm is more "busy" graphically than clickily. (I think I just made that word up) once your nados and clouds are down you just watch your minions destroy! With the odd gale and o2 boost of course. Storm must be harder to keep alive I'd imagine? Then electric? But far more damaging. Electric protects them but at the cost of your tendon health.
  11. Oh man I can imagine the damage of adding storm to the mix. But I can't imagine the shear....business, of the set. I'm already sweating and needing a beer after a couple hours of wrangling those buggers in.....but worth it.
  12. I'm not at my computer but here's the link to the topic, as mentioned it was @Sir Myshkinbuild
  13. Well I leveled a beast/dark, bots/time, demon/cold and thugs/traps to 50, and many many more to 30's and 40's. (incidentally, my altitis doesn't prevent me from making 50's, that's easy. My altitis prevents me from making money to fund the 50's) Sorry, got sidetracked there....much like my ninjas! Seriously though, I've been leveling a ninja/electric and am now at 35. Yeah it's kind of a maniacal carpal tunnel inducing playstyle and you definitely can't "chill" with the combo, but man, those suckers hit so hard....mobs just.....melt under their frantic swords and shuri
  14. LOL I guess I did sound a little dramatic 🙂 I think I took Physical Perfection as I borrowed from a dark armor build and now just realized...oh wait....this is electric armor. Thanks for the guidance!!
  15. HI All, I searched and only found one build of this kind but it looks like it was before the DM buff. Could you have a look at my build and see if it could be tweaked a bit? I wanted soft capped melee/S/L which I got but the others are pretty lowish. I wanted as many maxed resistances as I could get, I fell a tad short on neg energy , psi and of course toxic. I also really want the teleport pool: Teleport, combat teleport and fold space but I cannot seem to get fold space in there. Anyone better at this then me have a way to improve it? Is it redeemable? Thanks for your
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