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  1. As long as you're going to hit a bunch of guys with it, why not?
  2. Would be nice to have an official accounting of when this problem happens, since it does happen often. server stays says it’s up, which is clearly not the case.
  3. So just play a defender or corrupter and be wildly better at that.
  4. Replace electric blast with any other set in the above and you’ll see better damage, thus making it the worst. That’s why this thread asked.
  5. Electric Blast/anything Blaster. It's a set designed to do no damage on an AT that only does damage.
  6. Not even close. Even after the Brute nerf on PTR, still not even close. Sentinels do less damage than Corrupters, probably even less than Tanks (on live, certainly on ptr).
  7. I know you're agreeing, so this isn't an argument, just a continuation. That's what I meant by melee design superiority. Except for one outlier (Fire), all of the ranged sets would do noticeably less damage than nearly every melee set even if they were on the same scalar. Melee sets are just designed to do more damage.
  8. So if your pretending “range” is a defense all on its own, why have a defensive secondary at all?
  9. Increasing their damage scalar to scrapper’s would still leave them noticeably behind scrapper actual damage, because of critical, targets, and melee design superiority. as for survivability, why not? Aren’t we past the point of pretending “always at range” even exists? All ATs are in melee nearly all of the time.
  10. Why would you exclude pets from a Crab's single target damage? We're talking about damage. We're not talking about some arbitrary construct of rules designed to favor one side or the other. Single target damage, AOE damage, survivability: those are the categories that matter in this game. Crabs beat Sentinels in all those fields.
  11. This is entirely the correct comparison. The best Sentinel currently is Crab Spider. They're better at literally everything than Sentinel.
  12. Easy fix to sentinels: 1. Increase damage scalar to Scrapper. 2. Increase defense scalar to Scrapper. 3. Stop pretending range is something you can force into actual play as exclusively beneficial.
  13. Show me the screenshot of you having done every story arc and task force in the game.
  14. This thread should actually be abandoned. The topic relevant to this thread is already covered and answered. There is no smart agent checking to see what you're doing that influences drop rates.
  15. Homecoming has a system to prevent inflation already. It's called Reward Merits. Their changes to those effectively limit the cost of things in influence because if things become more expensive than their merit/time ratio, people will use that. It does not have a drop throttler.
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