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  1. I think Dynamo's damage calculation may be broken also. Changing it's damage enhancement/procs doesn't do anything (at least in the version I'm working with).
  2. Ah, not really. It's just Fireball and Inferno, which is pretty standard. Of course, Blaster standard is pretty good relative to the rest of the game.
  3. Dynamo was the only one I actually used in testing. I just assumed the /fire ones might be the same. /Fire is obviously a worse dps set, so it didn't merit my attentions. Just putting out a secret weapon here then, but recharge pets contain the best damage set. 5 slots gives you 3% dmg, 6.5% haste, and build up. And their duration will be below their cooldown (assuming they live). Blasters should always take an epic pet power. Re Blaze: I'm thinking about making a "nerf Blaze" suggestion. It's game-breakingly too powerful.
  4. Finally got around to some crunching. I doubt the arcana time investigation will change some relative values I came up with. I know I made you put an activation time in Voltaic Sentinel, but Dynamo should be given an activation time of 0. Unlike Voltaic Sentinel, it is permanent. Ditto Cauterizing Aura, Hot Feet (possibly others). Epic Pet damage is either incorrect, or the most damaging power in the game. Are spiderlings really 300 dps? Pets aside, and surprising no one, Blaze is the most busted power in the game. It needs a slower casting time or casting time needs to sta
  5. Any tedious in game work you need done for testing purposes?
  6. This is the only question in your post.
  7. Combat Teleport is so slow though. You can't even melee a runner with it.
  8. If you're considering /Elec remember that Thunder Strike is only good for knocking a bunch of guys down, since only tiny energy component is AoE damage.
  9. Does 1.1.2 include the Bopper change to aoe procs?
  10. Pre-ED, non-alpha modified.
  11. You're never going to be held.
  12. This is my actual fire/time blaster: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EVjjXcOKCQ8ETsckuGXRYawirgw71VChu9hihFc9pCM/edit?usp=sharing Only 70 dps ahead of your dark/energy. However, you used some tricks I didn't when theoretically crafting dark blast I wasn't aware of. Also, I have different priorities on slotting. So here is dark/energy I would have built including your insights on some powers: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kreaynUFmE0fGXBvkFzQjGonO2YIkeupy-69VgBFFuk/edit?usp=sharing That'd only be 14 dps ahead of dark now. Pretty close actually.
  13. Few bugs. Decimation proc in Moonbeam formula is the wrong one. I tried to edit in the right one, but couldn't figure out why it would take. Soulbound Allegiance proc doesn't seem used in Epic pets. Epic Pet damage doesn't seem to get added to the attack chain.
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