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  1. Fudging autocorrects. Replace that word with Proc, same questions.
  2. Why 59? did something change in the base mechanics?
  3. Here’s as good a place to ask as any, but how many and which kind of powers are you pricing out on a blaster?
  4. Sonic is an amazing set if you’re mostly grouping.
  5. The combat log will show a successful hit roll. Power goes on cool down and endurance is lost. No damage occurs.
  6. The combat log will show a successful hit roll. The power goes on cool down. No damage occurs. Is there a workaround?
  7. Why would you want to do that? These days, they are quite easily fought all at once.
  8. Which actual pets are these numbers from: core or radial?
  9. So procs do the most damage, but you also need set bonuses. What's your balance on the two fronts?
  10. Mathematically, it doesn’t seem worth the cost of not adding a stack of assassination. Am I misunderstanding what people are doing with snipes?
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