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  1. Why does everyone want Defibrillation to be worse at endurance drain? Endurance drain is already the most garbage effect you can put on an enemy.
  2. Jump powers need to start at the caster. The pet needs to be removed.
  3. Yes, Sentinels are garbage.
  4. In general, far too weak to be useful. In specific, everything takes far too long to actually get going. CoH fights don't last long enough for all the setup time this set needs and it needs to do them each fight. Doubly failing is that what it provides after all that setup time wasn't actually worth the time; the bonuses simply aren't impactful. Faraday Cage being immobile is just a complete non-starter. This kind of power will never be useful. For a non-set related issue, endurance drain is still a completely superfluous effect. It provides nothing.
  5. Coh code is pretty messed up. It’s not an insult to imply such.
  6. "Wrong game version, run patcher and reconnect, server 20191231_596, client 20191202_560." Ok, how?
  7. The thing about T4 Degenerative and Reactive is the dot part only has a chance to activate if the debuff part already succeeds.
  8. It refills exactly the same way as anything else refills it. All heals in CoX are % based. Dull Pain makes all healing better because you have a larger max hp.
  9. Dull Pain is a fantastic layered defense. It provides a heal and maximum health. Health regeneration is based on maximum health, so Dull Pain makes you heal faster. Invulnerability is the king of layered defense, and Dull Pain is perfect for it.
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