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  1. Is the most recently posted build also modernly optimized?
  2. Isn't Sentinel Burn pretty pointless on anything that isn't a Pylon?
  3. I've been away for a bit. Has there been any work on this, or am I good starting back up with my old sheets?
  4. I still like Hover for Blasters that melee. It's the smoothest way in and out of groups without getting stuck on anything. But never play an Electric Blast/Electric Melee Blaster. Stalkers exist and use all the same powers for vastly more damage and survivability.
  5. It's pointing out that a hovering Elec Blaster has access to only one high damage attack that isn't a nuke: Zap. If you're going to hover blast, you should endeavor to get some high damage ranged attacks.
  6. No high damage ranged attack, no melee attacks, and ignoring one of it's AoEs. Elec Blast is not suited to ranged only combat.
  7. However, it would need to find a way to do even acceptable damage while staying at range.
  8. The answer is always Fire. Blaze needs to be nerfed.
  9. Character data is never going to be available. It's too large and too specific. If the HC folks lose some kind of legal battle, I assume some copy of it would fall of the back of a truck somewhere.
  10. Do they stop runners? Taunt auras stop runners.
  11. No work being done on trivially easy to fix power/AT inconsistencies.
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