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  1. "Wrong game version, run patcher and reconnect, server 20191231_596, client 20191202_560." Ok, how?
  2. The thing about T4 Degenerative and Reactive is the dot part only has a chance to activate if the debuff part already succeeds.
  3. It refills exactly the same way as anything else refills it. All heals in CoX are % based. Dull Pain makes all healing better because you have a larger max hp.
  4. Dull Pain is a fantastic layered defense. It provides a heal and maximum health. Health regeneration is based on maximum health, so Dull Pain makes you heal faster. Invulnerability is the king of layered defense, and Dull Pain is perfect for it.
  5. If you want to stay at range, don't use Electric. The only possible use of Electric is getting 2 aoes out of the primary, which requires Short Circuit, which requires melee range.
  6. Regardless of whatever it is you think Sentinels might need, the list of those things is "more damage". There's no making Sentinels useful that doesn't include that.
  7. As long as you're going to hit a bunch of guys with it, why not?
  8. Would be nice to have an official accounting of when this problem happens, since it does happen often. server stays says it’s up, which is clearly not the case.
  9. So just play a defender or corrupter and be wildly better at that.
  10. Replace electric blast with any other set in the above and you’ll see better damage, thus making it the worst. That’s why this thread asked.
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