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  1. I'd properly say - My main character - War Mace/Rad Brute. Although it would be tough as I also love my Arachnos crab and Elec/Dark Troller.
  2. Earth/Energy Assault is pure lovely. It doesn't need a buff 🙂
  3. One thing I did love about AR was that most powers can be slotted for the +Rech making the rech insanely fast. Add in the nades and stuff makes it a fun set to play. If you dont mind not being top dps
  4. Uninstalling and deleting the json worked perfectly. The issues haven't returned to this date. Thanks for also letting me know what the issues were exactly including json. I thought I had already done this previously, but I guess I hadn't. I also understand when travelling it's hard to say exactly what you want there n then so thank you for coming back to update this 😄
  5. Defender for debuffs etc Corrupter when you want to make a blaster but with more team based abilities. xD
  6. I've found that randomly the program tells me an IO can't be slotted because it is slotted else where as it is a unique IO - when in fact that IO hasn't been placed anywhere in the build at all. Not even when you flip the slots around.
  7. It's a very old MMO who's character creator still outshines most modern day MMO's.
  8. Ahhh I never clicked on that button before. Thank you very much.
  9. With this new look, Does it show Power Prestige skills like "slide" like the old version did?
  10. Has there been any update to this since? I've noticed it stops if you push your settings down to recommended but it means I cannot use any setting above it with flickering
  11. When people shout out that they are gonna be using TT, ATT etc and someone doesn't take it but then moans when a mission gets completed.
  12. My Brute remade, reborn as a bat smashing radiation infused badass xD
  13. Its a very underated profession. AND I LOVE IT lol
  14. It's the first to get torched 😛
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