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  1. Respec after you do the arc, probably. It will definitely be interesting to see what comes of it. Seems kind of like a crap shoot to me, but like I said, I'm no expert. I didn't see a problem with the way things were, and my motto is if isn't broke, don't fix it. But obviously some people thought it was broke, otherwise they wouldn't have touched it.
  2. I think their hope is that if people are making less money, prices will drop on the expensive IOs so people who play the game "normally" will be more able to purchase the higher marked IOs. I don't know how likely that is to happen, I'm not a market expert or a flipper, but I believe that is their intention. As a very casual player, playing mostly for nostalgia, I don't think there was anything wrong with how things were. I was able to casually farm and relax when I felt like it, and could also do TFs/missions on my decked out toons when I wanted. I understand the Dev intention with the nerf, I just don't know how likely it is to be "better" than it was to begin with.
  3. I understand the soulbound allegiance build up is bugged, but just to be clear - there is no longer a reason to put the "gaussian's chance to build up" proc in Thugs Enforcers anymore, as it only procs on the player now instead of the pets themselves? And only when you summon enforcers themselves, not just constantly over time?
  4. @Frosticus Very interested in seeing your build as well if you get the time to post it.
  5. Thanks for the discussion. Looks like I'll have to figure out how to get on the beta server to test out some builds at some point. I've been pretty lazy with my builds since homecoming launched aside from my fire farmer, but building a stalker certain ways is pretty interesting with the ATOs and how procs work - so I'm willing to put a little more work into optimization.
  6. @Dr Causality Thanks for the post. Very interesting take with focusing on all of the procs and dropping accuracy due to alpha choices, and using shred in the main rotation too. Definitely something I'll experiment with. I'm a little concerned with managing endurance, even with vigor. I guess I'll have to level up my stalker a little more to see how it goes. Thanks again, really well thought out choices, and stalker is probably one of my least familiar ATs, so I appreciate the careful explanations as well.
  7. @Dr Causality You ever get around to coming up with a sample build for this? Very interested in seeing the results of your theory crafting. Been thinking about making my first stalker since Live, and you bring up some interesting points.
  8. It was this. Didn't know I needed patrol XP for it to work. Must've missed that somewhere. Thanks for the help! Apparently you need patrol XP for it to work, and I didn't know that. Thanks for the suggestions anyways 🙂
  9. Did the exemplar bonus inf get nerfed at some point? These are my settings, on +4/x8 on the 2915 map. When I enter I'm getting auto-exemplared to 49, and not getting XP, but still only getting the same inf numbers as I do at level 50 with XP turned off on the regular (xp) fire farm. Here are my settings for the 2915 (lvl49) map, which I think are right: Anything else I could be missing? Edit: here's a screenshot of my inf drops, which I believe are standard level 50 rewards. Not the level 49 exemplar amount.
  10. Got it, makes sense. Thanks for the heads up. I won't try to figure out how to take it out then.
  11. Last Update: June 18, 2019 http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=00622706679253418555 I25 v3: -Added Enhancement Sets to Tanker Regeneration Primary I25 v2: -Removed Unused Pool Powers (Experimentation, Force of Will, Gadgetry, Utility Belt) -Fixed /Kin and /Rad Secondaries for Mastermind (/kin and /rad secondaries had no powers, errors when switching to another secondary) -Fixed Stalker /Radiation Armor power order and level requirements (Proton Armor and Fallout Shelter out of order, wrong level requirment) Notes/Issues: -Can't delete Pool Power fitness tree without causing problems with Inherent fitness - Stamina -When loading a save for Mastermind /kin or /rad, powers are still in the build but not selected in the power choices. End result is that you can plan and save a build, but can't remove powers after reloading a saved build. -Some values still incorrect for some power sets. -No values for tanker Regeneration powers.
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