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  1. Something I shouldn't be proud of, and something that I definitely shouldn't win anything for... Remember Peregrine Island powerlevel beggars? One had been going for some time and was particularly persistent. After quite some time I responded that if they wanted the "best PL" they should go to Pocket D, where they'd see groups of PL'ers standing around and ask for "ERP Powerleveling" This was Virtue server and the 'D was where all the RP'ers hung out. I giggled and carried on, not thinking I'd hear any more about it. Cut to 20 minutes later, and on a global channel "WTH, there's this guy in the D who's demanding ERP and will NOT take 'no' for an answer..."
  2. TBH, if i were in roleplaying mode, I'd be perfectly happy if people would need to ask my name 😄
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