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  1. Theyd actually have to have standards first 🙂 It appears willy-nilly or random.
  2. Doesn't necessarily mean I'm wrong either. Awhile back there was a post asking us not to give the GM's a hard time about their judging these contests......they do it for free....out of the kindness of their hearts etc. And while Im sure most of us, myself included, appreciate their hard work....for that to even be said....shows that people have an issue with how these contests are being judged. And that management/the owner prefers to overlook it in lieu of their hard work, instead of fixing the problem and moving forward. What I witnessed tonight wasnt a costume contest. It was
  3. Since youve never seen my costume or bio one could easily say that youre being presumptuous and arrogant yourself. I assure you that Ive put a hell of a lot of time, thought and effort into my character, his appearance, his powers and his backstory.....and as an artist who's sold his artwork all over the U.S, I think I know a thing or two about aesthetics. When I see someone win who put almost zero effort into their character, I have a right to feel disappointed and wonder if the G.Ms arent handing rewards out at random or giving people trophy's just for participating. Im more vocal t
  4. Ya'll might have more people show up for the next costume contest on Torchbearer if the GM's had better taste. As it it is, it seems like they just assign everyone a number, then pick 4 or 5 random numbers and say "Hey you won" I know it sounds like sour grapes, but some of those costumes were hideous/uncreative/no character bios/hardly any effort put into them at all. At least one of the costumes looked like someone hit random in the editor, then gave the toon a name with a vague reference to a mythological creature. "Oh yeah, that looks great, here a billion influence." I Cant Be
  5. 51 here. Glad to see Im not the oldest player. Ive had people tell me its odd that someone my age plays video games. I dont bother replying, I just dont speak to them anymore because I dont need stress and toxicity in my life.
  6. As the title says, shoot me a pm in-game. @ Blood Rune
  7. Zapped

    AOE scrapper?

    Thats easy, I was drunk 🙂 I have 3 Armageddons in soul drain. Ones a chance for fire damage
  8. Zapped

    AOE scrapper?

    I have 3 Performance Shifters in Soul Drain
  9. Red Rictus Rictus: a fixed grimace or grin
  10. Great minds and all 🙂
  11. All servers are green right now. Hopefully stability tests will be finished soon.
  12. Can you imagine all the giant monsters in the game congregating in Atlas Park awaiting our arrival? The ensuing carnage would be GLORIOUS!
  13. 4 servers up now!!!! Still undergoing stability testing though.
  14. I see Torchbearer, Reunion and Excelsior as green now when I try to log in.
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