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  1. Yep. The powexec_location command did not exist on live, and from what I'm told the ParagonWiki folks are not on board with updating the site with information about what's newly-added to the game. This will work on Homecoming and many of the other CoH servers, but not ones that are staying super-close to the live game from 2012. This is a nicely written guide about Homecoming QoL features, many of which aren't allowed to be on ParagonWiki:
  2. Good info to share! Back on live I used similar binds as well, and it's a game-changer for the teleport travel powers. On homecoming, though, I prefer a slightly different Recall Friend bind. I'm at work so I may mess up the details, but it uses the location targeting command to remove the extra click: /macro RF "tell $target, I'm about to move you to my location.$$powexec_location self recall friend"
  3. One possible cause for this is accidentally installing the game into your “Program Files” directory, or some other protected or special folder. That can make it so that the game has trouble saving certain bits of info that are held by the client instead of the server. If this is the issue, you may be able to solve it by reinstalling the game into a different location, like your user folder. If you move the files instead of reinstall the game it can theoretically work but you’d need to manually fix the permissions on the files after you move them, and I’m not sure of the details on that. (Ie, is it only a matter of clearing readonly flags on a couple main items, or are there other smaller changes also needed that only have impact on more subtle features like options saving, bind files, etc.)
  4. Agreed! Thank you, ineffablebob, for supporting this!
  5. Now in game :) I know! That was a really great addition by the Homecoming team... Yay HC!
  6. I think the concern here is about the tradeoffs of making this character-based vs account-based. I know you didn't describe this as a "locked" choice, but if it's a per-account variable instead of a per-character variable then revoking Beast Run, for example, in order to pick up Ninja Run on your ninja toon would also change all of the prior beasty characters. Personally, even though it adds 2-3 minutes to the start of a new alt, I'd prefer the current approach where I can make different choices on every character since it's a per-character variable. But that's a tradeoff, and I understand how other people may have different preferences.
  7. The part of herostats that I wanted to get back is timers for my long running powers, exp/min and inf/min calculations, and the like. I expect that all of those would work fine even though the Titan folks don’t want to support anyone else’s servers.
  8. Drag and drop on the character screen to reorder within the GUI does work fine in Homecoming. I just did it this past weekend.
  9. For the benefit of anyone later who sees this thread in their search results while having the same question... Part 2 is also given by Positron in SC, just like part 1. Ask him to “Discuss events in the rest of the city”.
  10. Name: Noam Chimpsky Account: GnomeDePlume Battle Cry: Stop Spanking Me!
  11. Has anyone gotten HeroStats up and running on their local machine, and able to read data from their current hero? The app will run for me, but not be able to identify the CoH process or gather any data, maybe because of the newer memory model used in Win10 that wasn't an issue a decade ago. https://sourceforge.net/projects/herostats/files/latest/download Anyone else have success?
  12. I think it's very possible you're right that there's no command line. There *is* a skin that you can see is different if you "Quit to Login Screen" after having been on a Praetorian toon. If it worked the same way as CoV, it feels like there might be a way to choose that as the default when starting up the game instead of having it only change after logging out of a particular character.
  13. I found that I could use the "launch parameters" field in Tequila to add a " -cov" and get the game to start up in the City of Villains skin, just like in live. But I'm not sure how to start the game using the Going Rogue skin and startup screen. Does anyone know how to find the command line switches that may be relevant? I found some of them documented on the Paragon Wiki page linked below, but the GR skin wasn't one of them. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Game_Client Thanks!
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