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  1. I joined the White Widows VG on live and met some great people and i've been wondering if any of them have returned .. Mistress Lily, Dita, Aeralinda, Mary Thunder, Scarlet Jaguar, Petite Marie, Mistress Ana are a few of the names I still remember..
  2. wondering if some former members of White Widows, VIP, and / or The Oddities Petite Marie, Scarlet Jaguar Sable Kat, Jade Heel Cassy Destri Lilly, Dita? don't remember all the names
  3. This has happened to me several times on mayhem missions lately. I have watched specifically for the keyholders to be killed by PPD or other npcs. I have not been able to confirm that this is what's happening. I have noticed a couple times that without the marker showing on the map, when I go to the jail I can free a villain and get time credit for said rescue.
  4. ok, my bad, can't remember what I had for breakfast an hour ago.... But, my global did have those words, with a hyphen @Zephyr-Wind great minds eh
  5. Back on live there were all kinds of Vampires and vamp VGs. Not sure I even saw another player in Nerva yesterday....sad
  6. From Virtue here. On Live I think my global was @ZephyrWind Heroes: Trazor, Caitlyn Massey Villains included Lady Doanya, too many alts to remember Was a member of the VG White Widows and then a member of The Oddities. Looking for former members.
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