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  1. To me, the change could be thought of as a slight damage buff to whirling hands but at the expense of endurance cost and cast time. Before the change, the double damage boost didn't boost proc damage. So now that you have to activate the power twice, procs now have twice the amount of chance to fire. So this means that any Interface or slotted procs can now hit twice as often.
  2. While leveling up, I definitely encourage to try all the earth powers to see what you like and don't like. I actually found all the powers useful. I personally liked having a melee attack chain so I took all the melee powers. I actually didn't mind hurl boulder but didn't find myself using it enough to keep it in the build. As far the question about what AOE to drop for imps, for me it would be a toss up between Fissure and Ice Storm. Fissure is available earlier for exemping, takes a lot of diferent proces, and recharges fairly quickly but has a tiny radius. Ice Storm has
  3. The videos are set to not be public and are only viewable by people with the exact link which hasn't been posted anywhere outside this thread. Also there aren't any labels or descriptions on the videos mentioning homecoming so I didn't see an issue. If i'm wrong I'll take the vids down. It's the same base damage according to mids. The earth aura does fire damage and the ice aura does cold damage.
  4. Luck of the gambler recharge bonuses are considered separate from other 7.5 recharge bonuses. It actually has a differently named bonus in the description which is the key.
  5. It’s a decent power at low levels when everyone lacks defenses but it’s the least needed power at steamrolling incarnate levels. I’d also argue that the hold powers are not as essential so that’s why I take them so late in the build. You can also use flash arrow to help stealth-click mission glowies but having super speed + stealth IO + soft capped defenses negates the need for it for me. You could always swap out assault if you really like the power.
  6. I think that containment needs to be removed and damage needs to be adjusted back up to more tolerable levels. There’s already too many barriers to damage for most combos such as having weak attacks and no appreciable aoe outside of fire. There are many control resistant mobs late game which makes the problem worse.
  7. I just installed homecoming this week and quit live before the final issue was released so I may not be the best expert. However when I was playing I felt that my plant/fire/ice dom was a much better performer than my fire/kin/earth controller in many situations. Controllers typically do fire or smashing/lethal enemy farms depending on what mastery shield they took while my dom was mostly enemy agnostic. I think that ice mastery for doms is generally more damaging mastery between fire and ice. Fire mastery gives you extra aoe attacks and ice mastery gives less aoe but gives access
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