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  1. Can someone point me to a good post for keybinds. I just got my PB to level 6.. and well im a little overwhelmed by how much clicking i have to do, i am normally a 1-6 type of player for active powers.
  2. Thank you so much for the help, I'm working in tactics to the build now and working on taking some slots away from some of my toggle to spread the slot wealth to other powers.
  3. Hey everyone, I have dinged my Katana/WP up to 50 today and realized how underwhelming my build is, even with a decent amount of trial and error I am now on my 4th rebuild and its still pretty awful. Anyone of you have a Katana/WP build lying around that you could share with me? ill link my build below, i took too many attacks and i really don't like having a taunt. ZenBlade.mxd
  4. Thank you for the insight and the video to confirm that Fire is viable. Are all these pvp matchs like kickball happening on Indom? nothing pvp wise is happening over on excelsior and I would love to get in on all that PvP fun.
  5. Hey all, I was curious if Fire can hold its own on a pvp build compared to Ice or Psy. Thank you ahead of time for your input.
  6. Hi Widow community! I've been lurking up and down this forum thread for builds for my new main. I have tried about 4 builds so far and have not been finding what I'm looking for. I'm looking to play in teams and also do the occasional zone PvP with my Widow. Do any of you know of a all ranged Fortunata team build that would also suffice for casual zone PvP? Thanks ahead of time for reading, I can't wait to see if anyone has something to add 🙂
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