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  1. Hi Croax, Cidri here from Love & War. Lovely guide and a lot of good pointers. I do have some additional notes I'd like to mention about specific sets. * Parry etc - all the attacks that grant a bonus to melee defense also grant a bonus to lethal defense. This matters for secondaries like Willpower and Invulnerability that use defense against specific damage types. [Titan weapons grant smashing defense instead, but stalkers don't have titan weapons.] * Defense Debuff Resistance: All secondaries that give defense also gives defense debuff resistance. There are lots and lots and lots of attacks that debuff resistance, and often for huge amounts - radiation attacks especially. Defense debuff resistance. The most important note about this is that Super Reflexes offers huge amounts of defense debuff resistance. This is vital, as the set has no other way to mitigate damage. This makes Super Reflexes better than it looks on paper, tough less so on a stalker than a scrapper. Also note that if you are missed, you are not debuffed - this applies to all side effects of attacks. * Psionic Melee has a a reliable single-target confuse, and like most confuse powers, this does not break stealth. This is good in solo play; move up to a group of mobs in stealth, confuse one, assassin strike another, and then scrap it out at considerably better odds.
  2. Hi I've only started a few support tickets, but each time I was given a support ticket link that didn't lead anywhere. This is the most recent link: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/support/18247/ I would have sent this message as a mail or otherwise direct to support, except I don't know how to do that.
  3. Cidri in a melancholy moment. Normally not one to dwell on mortality, Dr. Vazhilok's lab was over... or perhaps under... the top.
  4. Not read the full thread, so I can't say if this is new. T9: Amp Up has only damage-type-based defense. This means it does not stack with defenses from the Shield or Super Reflexes sets. This is not good. Force Field once had this problem, and it was considered serious enough that it was changes - Force Field (and later ice) shields now offer both directional and type-based defenses. I realize this might give concept issues, as Amp Up might not conceptually work well defending from certain types of attack. But I consider the synergies with existing defense sets more important.
  5. The Oroboros task forces have not gotten any love in this list. I think they deserve a bit more recognition.
  6. I could definitely see a purple set for Taunt. Less so for Fear and Slow.
  7. Electric Melee has a sleep instead of an end drain. This could be applied to other electric powersets too. Not ideal, but at least it does SOMETHING.
  8. Its is quite a bother to put salvage into the auction house. This affects the market in what i think is a negative way. Some simple GUI upgrades, like the ability to shift-click on a pile of salvage and get 10 of that pile (up to the number you have) put on the ah would go a long way.
  9. I would love to see more versatility among Slow Movement enhancement sets. All the current slow sets have damage in them, while many slow powers (Shiver and Snow Storm being two important ones) do not. The current slow sets are also very lacking in recharge time and endurance reduction.
  10. I support p2w vendors in Pocket D and Vanguard. Crafting tables in PD would also be lovely. But most of all I want p2w vendors you can place in your own base.
  11. About LRSF in particular, it is weird that we have Sister Psyche in it - in a future scene even - but not Statesman. Its also odd that we can defeat Numina in the future after having defeated her (in a later mission) in the present. But then continuity was never a strong suit of superhero comics. I'm otherwise in the Bring Back Statesman camp. Positron doesn't fill his shoes. And I feel that it was cheap of a developer with the handle Positron to kill of Statesman, which was the handle of a previous main developer.
  12. Get rid of all the crashes, or make them very minor. The more modern sets like Scrapper/Ice Armor doesn't have a crashing tier 9, so I think this is the way the game is going. I don't care so much about the details on how to develop the tier 9s - I trust our devs to do that right. Right now, most armor t9s are traps for new players. They are not really needed anyway. If we remove the crashes, they would be good powers for poor players that can't afford to slot their other powers to gain t9 efficiency without the drawbacks. Rich, experienced players still wouldn't use them - not much anyway.
  13. Electric blast has multiple issues. Short Circuit is just too slow and does too little damage. End drain rarely does anything, so that aspect of the power is not useful. Compare to Radiation Blast/Irradiate, its basically better at everything. Charged Bolts + Lightning Bolt does not make a single-target attack chain. With fast snipe, Zapp can give a chain, but requires too much amount of recharge to work. There is the MU Lightning animation that could make a 3rd single-target attack for Electric Blast, but that would require something else to be cut. No easy solution.
  14. I actually tried this. Does not work. The pets spread out and some fall down.
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