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  1. *Sigh* Alright then, since this post has devolved into personal attacks and banter anyways, let's play that game, shall we? I have been around CoX since BEFORE "Through the looking glass" back before level 50, costume editing, or really any of the modern conveniences we all know and love. And my lazy descriptions of something not relevant to the board shouldn't be taken as gospel, or a full descriptor. But, lets address those big 3 and their mechanics. (And yes, at one point, i know that TA was 4 out of 9 powers location targeted. Hence my comment about it having too many for a while)
  2. Just swap Fire aura for Elec armor and you can run 1 build ๐Ÿ˜since /elec has better coverage for resists and a better heal + Gets a free travel power so you get an extra pick for giggles. My Spines/Elec and SS/Elec can easily clear the +4/x8 Fire farms while also still being able to tank basically anything in the game with relative impunity. It IS slower to farm with though, no burn or fiery embrace, but that's a trade i'm willing to make for the easier build I'm curious as to what is "Unplayable" right now, as i assume it has more to do with actual content and not AT's
  3. Oh man, my favorite char is Shadovolt, Elec/Elec/Mu mastery AKA "Mr. F*** yo' End Bar" Blappers were my blueside go-to for live pre-GR, so a stuck-in high defense ranged DPS was a dream come true. Ignoring all my nitpicks, i still have the most fun on HC running any one of my small army of sents (But most commonly shado) and just harassing enemies to death in creative ways, made an Energy/WP Recently JUST for punting fools across the map at mach 4. If/When the jankiness gets dealt with? I will more or less live on my sents when i'm not farming ๐Ÿ˜…
  4. And i still stand by my original statements, my 2 most played and rolled classes on homecoming are my old love stalkers, and my new love sentinels. Blazing blast didn't kill that at all, rather re-highlighted the fact that this AT basically hasn't been touched since it's inception and opened that old wound. See, sentinel damage is fine, the EFFECT of opportunity is fine (The mechanic is flawed due to poor design and implementation) and they play fine. That's the problem though that i think is at play here. It's TOO "Fine" - Why dedicate any effort if the AT is fine? sure it annoys us tha
  5. Like most people, i've been here since the Original Score server went public, the original meltdown, the false threats that nuked it, etc. and i would gladly take a couple days out of my free time to use the same tools they are or even some others that i have access to to literally fix the descriptions, fix broken powers and possibly even throw in some overall community tweaks to the class and just send them the files. Heck, at least a year ago now, i was highly active in the sentinel rework threads bouncing the ideas/balance around from the board. Yes, sentinels are inherently a "Flawed" A
  6. I missed that, now i have to go look up what happened with THAT, because i'm curious now. The thing though, is it's been at least ~750 days with no changes to boot to what is more or less some Excel files, but a new zone, some costume updates, whole powerset "Balance" changes and more have all happened So why SHOULDN'T we critique them for sentinels still being in a sorry state with powers that were heavily modified from their base versions as drunken experiments that make what has been an pretty dang fun AT to play an occasional utter nightmare of jank if you don't spend 4 hours poring
  7. Honestly, a lot of it feels more slapdash than skilled. Some sets (Like my beloved Electric blast) Work perfectly fine, no random stupid, the damage is OK and the increased damage on the hold works well for making it a DPS staple if you know your anim/cooldown times so you can do speedy chains of hits over and over It's just, the messed up descriptions and constant missing updates for primary/secondary powers combined with the seeming lack of Care for the ONLY custom AT on the server, makes it a bit painful when you spend a while levelling a new build, only to find that it's painful to p
  8. Exactly, the problem here is that it's Blazing blast, which like every other sentinel set is a Snipe converted into just a click damage power to act as another part of your DPS rotation, it's a bleedin' Tier 8 ST attack However, for fire in this case, somebody was absolutely drunk, tacked a bunch of dumb onto it, and basically ruined what should be one of the most useful powers in the set. and then did NOT CHANGE THE POWER DESCRIPTION TO INDICATE THE EXISTENCE OF THE DUMB overall, i feel like as i go through more sentinel builds, i'm going to find a lot more dumb changes/"Tweaks" hiding
  9. It's because it's not just KB. It's got a random hold, mag 3-ish KB, and a mag 8 REPEL, so you can turn the KB to KD but the repel will still push enemies.
  10. I noticed, was basically gone for a year, came back, and we're still in the same kinda "Meh" state, not unplayable, but still lagging behind because some super easy basic fixes/changes haven't even been ATTEMPTED let alone actually done
  11. It's as amusing as it is annoying, it's basically a staple of your DPS rotation but against 99% of enemies you just keep pushing them around or tossing them out of your OWN damage effects (Because i totally enjoy throwing people out of my fire rain radius ๐Ÿ˜•) I Mean, it's so annoying i got rid of it for now, every other "Blast" converted snipe is basically just the snipe attacks, dunno why they felt fire of all sets needed a hold, knock and repel all tacked onto the death beam. when none of it adds to the power in the first place.
  12. Why the absolute HECK Blazing blast has a mag 3+ knock and a Mag 8 REPEL attached to it now? I thought it was someone else in the team, until i went to do the incarnate arc and realized my lazer was a yeet lazer Was this always a thing and i just never read the power, or is this new? hadn't played this char in like a year.
  13. Sure, and because someone will chime in on it. It's not built for the "Insane Deeps" it's more about smashing END off enemies (Including AV's and up, naturally) though originally i had some slotting for more spike damage on certain powers (Zpping bolt, tesla cage) Chance to stun is comical in elec builds and should probably be unique just for this edge-case....But it's not and for a heavily offense focused build, it's a thing of beauty, if i had the extra slots i'd slot a few for even more CC Build: Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.c
  14. Oh i'm fully aware, it's why i pushed it into the specifically-stated opinion side of that post. I Feel the "Sentinels need more damage" camp, i REALLY do, but sentinels have SO MANY ADVANTAGES already with proper armor sets and everything that if just the damage gets bumped up to be more in-line with blasters, they'll actually overshadow them Keep in mind too, being mezzed suppresses many many powers, so while they can still do damage, it's also at a massively higher risk-case than a sentinel that has protection to that mez. Lets use a stun for example - The sent will take that hit, still
  15. In my experience (I know, but this is OPINION, rather than pure hard data, working on that part still) 1.) The idea as a whole is fine, we perform especially in teams pretty much like one would expect a tanky damage dealer to perform, we don't hit big numbers but we hit endlessly. Solo, Sentinels are MONSTROUS when built and played well 2.) Overall, in current state, it's less "Sentinels horribly under-perform" and more "Sentinels are clunky and hard to understand" because the passive has like 8 parts, requires 2 powers to have both options, and has basically ZERO in-depth explanation in
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