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  1. Kinda late here, but working on Sentinel #5 now so i have a waaay better idea of how they work/play and what really murders things "Ranged scrapper" not in the slightest - They're more like pure-human Warshades/PB's with more builds, just durable as heck with pretty solid damage output As far as "Changing" the class, i would entirely do away with the current opportunity system and rework them to be more dom-like, with an active power. EG, when the bar is full, you click activate "Opportunity strike" which works like domination, and it doubles the effect of your passive while active This decouples it from your T1 attacks and lets you hold it easier (especially at low levels) without wasting it to kill a random minion or something. New descriptions/effects would be like: Opportunity (Passive): As a sentinel, your constant assault weakens your enemies resolve and builds yours up, reducing their defense and resistance to damage as long as you keep striking them. Working alongside other sentinels increases this effect (Passive -5% Def (All) -5% Res (All) on hit, unique per sentinel, becomes -10% while in opportunity strike. Or whatever the real numbers are from the server right now and then double those when activated) Opportunity Strike (Active Self buff, click, requires full resolve meter): When the time is right, you unleash your full power as a sentinel. Activating this power increases the debuff effect of opportunity and causes your next single-target power to apply Vulnerability on a successful hit, Further weakening your target. Additionally, while active your successful attacks of any type will deal bonus damage and cause you to gain a small amount of health and endurance Basically, we've now taken the confusing and poorly-explained power and given it a simple description and visible numbers, combined its' effects, and made it mechanically better (Bar full, click button, hit any power with a colored ring around it) Also, made it SLIGHTLY more powerful for those paying attention, when you pop it, you can ST to apply the current debuff to a single target, but your PASSIVE debuff is also doubled during the duration which basically brings you to a 1.05 scale at a full 10% debuff Seriously, if you don't believe me roll a dark blast sentinel and do the Dark blast -> Gloom combo with a full bar at near max range so you stack both buffs, thats when you realize how ALL powersets should feel on a sent.
  2. Title, i'll have to make a quick video of it, but the assassin's staff power is bugged. Occasionally it will fire off, and after a delay pop up as hit/miss, but on a hit, it un-hides you long before the damage actually hits And it's entirely random. Every other AS hits instantly when the animation plays and either shows miss (Keeping you hidden) or hit (Dealing the damage and unhiding you) Reproduction, make a staff/anything stalker, get to 6, randomly assassin strike enemies until it happens.
  3. Oh cool, some /Dev love that just generically adds damage instead of fixing even part of the sets problems (Sets with "Setup times" suck) Ideas for Traps/Dev proper fixes: Caltrops, trip mine, time bomb, acid mortar, gun drone, triage beacon, etc: Now instant cast, no longer ground targeted, instead, the Mortar & Explosives have a short arm time, and the explosives scale up from 30-100% Damage over their old cast durations once dropped. Beacon/Mortar/Explosives/Caltrops are dropped at your feet instead of being targeted on the ground (Some already work that way i know, but they should ALL be that way, so you can just jump into a group and click caltrops, instead of trying to click it on the ground and targeting an enemy instead half the time, that kinda thing) Gun Drone: Needs to work more like a proper limited pet, Attacks with more along the lines of Burst & Heavy burst so it has some AOE utility. It's a freaking T9 power after all. And the fact that you decided to "Re-work" Devices and COMPLETELY IGNORE one of the most disappointing T9's in the game..... Seriously, L45 Water/Dev against some L42 minions, it took 5 full bursts from it to kill a single minion and it has no AOE Other secondary T9's are: Total focus, Midnight Grasp, Hot feet (Another one, for another day) Frozen Aura (Natch, lateeer) Shocking grasp, Eagles Claw and Psychic Shockwave Every other set with an offensive T9 has a huge melee attack or in the case of Psi a very solid AOE, Fire/Ice/Dev get stupid underperforming skills, and Dev is the worst of the 3 IMO, it's the only one that can be straight-up killed without doing literally anything Either: A.) The drone needs to be waaaay tankier and it's ST Damage needs to be higher, or B.) It needs more attacks and some AOE Damage to make it worth using in big fights Or C.) Make it a multiple-choice toggle power, like dual pistols ammo (EG: Taking the "Combat drone" Power unlocks 2 toggles that summon either a fire support or a team support drone and are exclusive with individual cooldowns) Overall, i'm underwhelmed by basically all these changes, it feels too much like "Changing things to look like we're doing something important" instead of "Fixing the actual problems the sets have" Not to mention the scaling changes, you guys doing the dev work realize that doms have a pretty high inherent melee scaler, right? They're SUPPOSED to hit like a train in melee (Like blasters) Because they're a squishy class, right? THEY HAVE A HIGHER MELEE SCALE THAN RANGED! (Source: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Damage#Damage_Scale ) Meh, lets see how this all plays out after a week.
  4. Pretty close, yeah, slotting is season to taste as you level as always, but it's maybe 3-5 slots off from how i leveled mine up
  5. Sniper attacks can crit, moonbeam hits like a truck on crits and can debuff targets with proc shenanigans or nearly one-shot lighter AT's in PvP from miles away. Shadow meld is also an amazing "OH FU--" Button and can hold an LotG +rech, the hold ain't bad either. Given that ghost widow is canonically the Night widow leader, makes sense she's the stalker sugar momma
  6. As a note, Shield charge (Any any other teleport attack like Lightning rod) Doesn't crit It doesn't unhide you because you -don't- deal the damage, it's a funky thing in the way it's programmed, but also since you don't deal the damage it can't crit And in my experience "On paper" numbers mean absolutely nothing, something can do 999999999dps on paper but good luck getting that perfect situation where you can attack one enemy that long without moving for it to work EG: Kinetic melee is absolutely mad on paper, in practice however it's not nearly as scary, Even dark melee is completely murderous....if you stay at 10 stacks of siphon and never have to stop hitting something Broadsword is scary because the DPA (Damage per activation) is EXTREMELY high especially on crits, so it's DPS Trends higher in a stick&move fight and it's in-place DPS isn't shabby either The ATO's drive this point too, BS Can get the build up proc, but lose almost no damage if you have to hop away before popping it and jumping in again (EG: To dodge a big AOE) Placate -> jump back -> Jump back in w/ Build up -> Crit/AOE More or less, one crit from Broadsword is a crit and another attack or 2 from some other sets, THAT is the major factor at play in actual practice
  7. The DFB nerf is foolish at best and highly counterproductive at worst. *snip't* It also sets a Dangerous precendent for other, long-running massively efficient XP/Inf farm TF's & trials like ITF. Especially since as far as i can find, this was a full-on stealth nerf to the Trial SPECIFICALLY to stop the "DFB to 20, -REDACTED- to 35. ITF 35-50" Loop a lot of us have been doing to power up alts. of note, is that instead of changing merit drop rates, they tripled the amount needed for a conversion, this sets up the potential to stealth-nerf the droprates over time. And now this with DFB. DFB was great because you could get to 22 (Low-level TF's SUCK and are absolutely horrible slogfests, and random radios are equally slow if you're just trying to level up) and it kept people from begging for PL's and crap from level 1. P. soon you're gonna see all the good 25-45 content get nerfed to crap too, it's got nothing to do with "Player choice" or "time/effort to reward ratio" either, that whole line is BS. 1-20 List it with me: DFB, Posi 1&2(Long as fel, useless) Synapse, DIB, Yin....Or random radio/paper/whatever missions AND OH YEAH, lets NOT FORGET VILLAINSIDE. which has EVEN WORSE OPTIONS IN THE 1-22 RANGE Make the drop-off point for DFB 20 instead of 10 (Because skipping the 10-20 content as well is less BS, especially redside) and just stop trying to nerf speedlevelling. This is City of heroes, you'll break the freaking game completely long before you beat powerlevelling. Also: It never was. AE PL's are still faster, PIPL's are still faster, but it was the combination of XP and TF Mechanics that made it great for leveling toons AND catching up friends or bringing friends into the game who've seen your upper-level gameplay and want to join in without being useless Having them stand at the door in AE/PI Farms doesn't teach them anything, rolling a new toon and doing DFB with them a few times on even footing not only gave them the same super fast levels, but also taught them significantly more about actually PLAYING THE FREAKING GAME. Lessening the rewards also hurts a solo player, i have a very specific loop i do on my alts, because i can literally hit 50 in a day without being farmed by anyone, all the DFB Nerf does is slow me down a bit. I'm trying to get numerous alts to 50 so i can help my friends that i keep running into by filling any role they need at the time With the old merit rate, the comical influence and XP that some TF's give, and my loop, it took no time to get a decent L50 build going. Still doesn't, it's just 66% more obnoxious and slow.
  8. First things first, a slight bug/porting fail for any I25 Devs that bother to see this: Hide shouldn't replace phalanx fighting, it should replace grant cover. Stalkers are "Selfish" and do not typically get damage-dealing auras or team-support only powers, the taunt-free version of Against all odds is fine however. Now to the meat of this. So, as a LOOONG time stalker main, I25 has stalkers with shields, something i wanted for AGES after we got broadswords and electric melee both on stalkers. And i am obsessed with building very "Tanky" stalkers who just jump into the middle of L54 crowds and start beating faces in (My Energy/SR and Elec/Elec on live were both well known for tanking AV's and farming 8-man missions) And now, we have an IO Set called "Stalkers guile" with a proc that is "Chance to hide" Some rundowns: Broadsword on stalkers has a tendency to be very "Broken" as it's original balance was more or less that it's ability to crit was random, so the ridiculous damage of things like Disembowel and Head Splitter on crits was fine, since it was random, Stalkers remove this randomness with Stalkers Guile and Hide/Placate - Simply slot the SGuile proc into Assassin strike. You now have a chance to instantly rehide after AS from hide, and also any time you use the instant unhidden AS, meaning you get a free crit disembowel or head splitter basically at will, since when slotted into something like AS the proc chance feels like 75%+ It's also tanky, against melee or lethal damage, Parry, 5-slotted creatively with defense set IO's and accuracy, can stack 15-odd percent def to melee and lethal, which combined with Shields in this case, easily softcaps you to both defense-wise. Parry also has a recharge like brawl, so it's easy to throw it out between basically every other attack On to shield, You get both shield charge and "Against all odds" Shield charge lets you teleport and lay the smack down on groups of enemies, Against all odds increases your damage for having more enemies around you, and SC has the ability to knock down enemies on hit, combined with the damage potential of broadsword, this means you can warp into the center of a group after potentially fearing most of them by landing an assassin strike, and start laying down the damage with slice, disembowel, and head splitter, with parry thrown in here and there to keep your def up to their CQC ability Lets talk stupid and/or basically useless: Grant cover. This power being in the set for stalkers tells me whoever did the porting did NOT read the design stuff for stalkers. Damage auras and team-buffing powers are the first things to go when porting or designing the stalker form of the set, so Hide should have replaced this instead of phalanx fighting (It makes more thematic sense for the stalker to be harder to kill in a melee with it's teammates, than for the stalker to be protecting them) HOWEVER, since we get it, lets abuse the crap out of it until they change it. Grant cover, with 2L35 END cost reduction IO's and a defense IO Gives roughly +11% DEFENSE to everything but Psi and a 30% Buff to defense/recharge reduction resist. This is stupid. This means my shield stalker paired with an SR stalker, even if that SR is only using SO's in all 3 toggles (3def 2EndReduc) they are SOFTCAPPED out of hide (Assuming Stealth+Hide+Toggles) Let alone if there's 2 shield stalkers, having around 25%+ Base def to all + grant cover on each other giving over 10% + Stealth means you can basically softcap def to everything like an SR without even trying. It gets better. You also get Smashing/Lethal resist on both toggles, Toxic/En/Neg/Fire/Cold resist and +maxhp on grit, and FEAR/REPEL resist with confuse resist on Active Defense (Repel/Fear resist is huge in PVP, almost nothing resists those usually) All around, this means you can hit pretty solid Defense/Resist numbers, do amazing damage and bursts of damage, you've got a lot of clear potential, and you're really hard to kill, especially in PVE and doubly so in team content where you have a version of maneuvers on-par with the Arachnos soldiers/widows for some reason. The hard part Rotation. You don't really have one, generally, you want to use AS Every time it's up, crit or not. Because a proc gives you a crit Disembowel or head splitter, and those will actually hit harder than a crit AS. ideally though you want a crit AS followed by a crit of either, but it won't always happen A Basic opener goes like this: AS -> Placate/Head splitter(PR) -> Disembowel/placate(PR) -> Shield charge/AS/HS (Based on rech/enemies) -> "Scrapping" loop (PR) Denotes proc-based actions, if you get a proc from the intial AS you go straight to head splitter for the crit potential, otherwise placate into disembowel for a guaranteed crit since it's ST not AOE (Placate into AOE only in last resort situations, since AOE only gets around 50% crit chance from hide) The loop: Parry -> Slash -> Parry -> Slice -> Parry -> AS/HS/DB -> Repeat This constantly keeps 1-2 stacks of parry active, if you go into AS and you get a hide proc, follow it with DB or HS, otherwise, loop as normal. When placate is off cooldown, ideally you want Placate -> DB for the crit Final thoughts: While i understand the original devs idea that "Shield doesn't fit" when it comes to stalkers that had more to do with the sets design than actual thematics. Broad sword, Radiation, Staff, and street justice are all questionable anyways. Since we have it in Homecoming, Shield makes for a great secondary for those wanting a very tough "Scrapping" Stalker that can do crazy damage to groups of enemies very rapidly, and smack down on elite bosses and in AV fights through controlled huge critical strikes If one of the devs familiar with the porting of sets would fix the issue with the set (Grant cover should be replaced by phalanx fighting, because Cover doesn't fit the usual MO of stalker sets) It would be even better, in groups you'd be on par with an SR or similar to begin with if near your team and basically untouchable to melee in the same team once you started fighting and stacking parries. For right now however, with grant cover, if in a team with an arachnos soldier, the 2 of you can basically give 20% defense to almost everything to your entire team, on top of whatever buffs any ally has (Lord help your enemies if you have an ice or thermal on your team) and basically ignore anything any enemy does even up to 54's Pools are personal choice, but with TP's being available from 4-on i take SJ for travel, Hasten from speed, and stealth for more stealth (Since stalkers can stack them) and defense to all. This makes it easy to get 5 LOTG global recharge IO's slotted. Tough&weave are also good options, but the build is already very endurance hungry, especially with recharge boosts and hasten, so adding 2 more toggles could be a problem Epic pools, i'd go rogue for a bit and unlock patrons, adding ghost widow gives you a click buff that more or less caps your defense instantly, which is great for avoiding nukes in PVE like doing TF's & SF's or just popping it to avoid alphas when jumping into groups of high-acc mobs (Rularuu, etc.) and they also give a ranged attack and a hold, if you want to 5-slot a couple more purple sets. (Plus dark blast reduces to-hit and soul storm looks cool AF, especially when you have an AV enemy floating comically in the air.) TL:DR - Sword & Board stalker is ridiculously fun, currently kinda broken between it's damage and team buff, and with the addition of the Guile IO it's absolutely monstrous. Thoughts? Planning on making more breakdowns of some of the other hilarious combinations i've been levelling.
  9. Man, always makes me wish i had the old squad or a driven enough group to revive the "Soopa Troopa Squad" 8x Thug MM's with varied secondaries, holy crap was that fun. Doing something like the ITF or Katie hannon was always a riot. Some notes too: "Hard" supports do exist, but generally still have an ST, AOE, & Nuke power to contribute damage Exception: Masterminds, the scaling on primary powers is very low due to the damage output of pets, but it's worth having an attack, usually a cone or AOE that has a debuff if the set has one "Tanking" can be done by almost any role, i've seen and played tank stalkers using presence and the like "Ranged" classes have melee builds, X/NRG Blasters come to mind (Blappers!) who use the inherent boost to their damage to do devastating close-range damage "Manaburn" is a viable tactic, Enemies also make use of endurance, draining their bar to nothing basically stuns them, as it reduces them to brawl until they get enough end to use other powers. This is where electric and the like really shine "Death" doesn't really matter, in a midlevel competent team of almost any composition, someone has a rez skill, or a selfrez. Various tactics even use "Suicide dives" to allow the use of powers like Vengeance, mutate, rise of the phoenix, etc. to help power through certain encounters or even buff the damage of the person who died. Combat is three-dimensional, against some types of enemies, simply hovering above them with a flight ability almost completely neuters their damage output, if you're playing a heavily ranged class this can make fly a very valuable power in some content "Melee range" doesn't actually matter, you can superspeed past an enemy and jump with a melee attack readied up on them, even though you land a ways away out of melee range the attack will still execute and can hit, this can buy you some time solo to use a heal skill, or can be used against bosses with stunning/damaging auras when you're on a squishier class to mitigate the damage you take from melee skills with a huge windup (Total focus, shatter, etc.) There's more, but writing a full-on tipbook of everything i know would be like 200 pages.
  10. For all the hate, smack talk, vitirol & more, The CoX Community has always been one of the most easy-going ones out there. Be it Helping lowbies get through a slow spot, helping people get badges for accolades, bringing extra firepower to help people tackle AV missions, or indeed powerleveling people. I have a couple friends i brought in who mostly level organically, and i have another few who want to play more like me (Get a bunch of levels quick, then see what the game is really like with full attack/debuff chains, etc.) It feels good to be home. This is the game i remember so fondly.
  11. This, also, most of the story can be read later off the whole souvenir system anyways. As far as end-game content goes, only a handful of them actually matter anyways because they award badges you need for accolades.
  12. I Miss the old PVP/TF Group from my VVS days Soulkazm, Zani, Demon Gladiator, Tower & More Mein gott. The cage matches, The supa troopa patrolling in RV/WB, Blowing up TF's at speeds that shouldn't be possible. Good times.
  13. AE, DFB, PI With a buddy, it doesn't matter. There's always going to be people (Like me!) who prefer to hit 50 as quick as possible, have everything available, then go back and do the content we missed (TF's exemp down, etc.) I plan my builds around this even Complaining about this is stupid, circular, and downright old after a while. If you want to "Organically" Mission chain/TF/Street sweep your way to 50, you do you. Heck, if you want a couple quick levels to skip a grindy point or reach a new contact i'll gladly hop on a farming toon and power you through them But farming/powerleveling should NEVER be nerfed into the dirt. As was said earlier in the thread, DFB is great for powering through to level 20 or so to see how a build starts playing out much faster. And since CoX is SUCH an alt-friendly game, after the first couple of "organically" leveled chars, it's a nice way to just boost up a build, spec it out a bit, then jump into a level 20-ish TF and see how it plays Combo sucks? send the Inf to your global (if you didn't use the 100% booster currently), delete it, reroll the toon, try again. i have 24 chars at this point, and about 6 of those are WIP Builds, i do exactly that. Make the dude, DFB with the XP booster a few times to hit 20, drop some mods on them and go do normal content to see how the build holds up. If i like it, they get a permanent slot in my roster, and if they don't work that well i just reroll the build with a different set and try again I get the complaining about LFG spam or AE Being flooded with intentionally broken farm maps, But those are both moderation things Farming has literally always driven CoX, from the glory days of herding entire ZONES and murdering them pre-ED and softcaps to portal corp and the various farmable maps, to speed-TF's and AE, it's always just been a thing Nerfing it or punishing people for doing it is dumb. I'm all for smacking people that do the patrol/ambush broken AE farms. Anything i make for that purpose is typically a Battle maiden-esque farm map. No patrols, just groups of mobs and an AV somewhere with some glowies or smashable things.
  14. Specific question on "Multi boxing" While we don't, there are 2 of us that play in the same home on different accounts, i'm assuming you're using the proper tech to differentiate single-machine MB and household multiple-machine multiple players? I'd hate to see people who aren't multiboxing, but rather have many people in the same house playing be affected, friends of ours have as many as 6 people at the same residence playing on the same shard at once.
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