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  1. Is there a way to turn of auto unlocking armor pieces? Some friends want to try, but want to do a fresh start. Thought the always updating server was a great fit until this came up.
  2. 10000% powerset. Even mixing classes together! A MM/blaster hybrid, Bots/Fire. Heck! Katana/energy manipulation Titan Weapon/Time(whichever) Energy Assault/Fire Aura It's not like we parse for the 1337 deeps. It's already quick to level if you want, so where's the harm(besides pvp, that would be an issue).
  3. Is there a way to unlock the color palette for Ice powers? Red- Crystalized blood Yellow- Yellow snow, you know you'd want to.
  4. I was thinking of a fun build with Illusion/Energy only to remember Doms never got Illusion! Suggestion- Add the Illusion control set to Dominators.
  5. I've noticed lately that some builds people link are not opening in Pines or Mids. I get the error: Readsavedata failed Is it the builds that are the issue, or is this fixable on my end?
  6. Anyone have an IO build for this? Sounds like a really fun build!
  7. I noticed Lifegiving Spores says it heals for 25,000 ticks, and that the buff lasts for 27 hours. Edit: Power typo
  8. Wow, so my Gravity I was making is 100% useless now.
  9. Is it really only for the Tanker set you get AoE out of it? Does it also work for the Brute set?
  10. Grav/Storm sounds like a fun time, I'll have to find a build for it.
  11. Just finished my rad/fire brute, and I'm eyeballing Controller and Dominator. The two control sets that interest me are Gravity and Dark. I have not played them before, so any insight is appreciated! 1.) Do Dominators do decent damage? 2.) Is it worth it to bring buffs/debuffs over said damage? 3.) Which secondaries pair the best with these two control sets? Thank you!
  12. I've been hearing of some people succeeding at farming with a Water/Storm Corruptor. Could you do some tests on ranged farming classes? This is amazing work.
  13. I was originally going to corruptor this build, but defender farming looks much better. I saw the storm summoning thread, but I wanted to get an actual farming build for Storm/Water, if anyone had one on hand.
  14. Thank you! Do you happen to have a pines build for Fire/Storm?
  15. And they're all about power choices. So I have a spine/fire farmer, I wanted to get a Cor farmer going, just to change things up from melee to ranged. I'm torn between the following Water/Dark (I love the idea of having a pet that can also debuff/heal) Fire/Dark Fire/Storm Water/Storm I was also thinking /time would be good, but that's a set I have not touched. If you have other build ideas let me know!
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