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  1. If it's the "Classic" Tray, you will have an "up" or "down" Triangle on the far right upper corner or that Power Bar. Click that up or down to remove them. If it is a power Bar that "popped" up on your screen "Right Click" over the number of that bar. Options will come up for that Power Bar. You can delete/remove them from that screen.
  2. Download the new HC Launcher. That should solve everything. Tequila is going away at some point anyways. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/installation-guide/ Then follow the instructions on how to install it. Also I'm not sure it's a good idea to post your XP Registration number. You should probably delete this pics.
  3. This. If your computer came pre-loaded with bloatware from the manufacture you may have to do some digging and find out what "features" you can uninstall. You may have pointless programs running in the background that only benefit the manufacture and are preventing CoH from running as you wish.
  4. Arc-Mage

    Buddy Cop

    If I remember he is pretty early in the mish. He is at the end of a Hallway but the baddies are to your left before you get to the end of the Hallway. If you follow the baddies to your left you can totally forget to go back and go to the end of the first Hallway. Thus you miss him entirely.
  5. No. However, I believe you can do one or the other and it will count towards the badge.
  6. Then you are doing it wrong. Believe me. You can. 1) Save Detective Hopp in Part Two: "No Escape" mission from the "Burden of the Past" story arc from Heather Townsend. You must rescue Detective Hopp before you complete the mission or it does not count. 2) Find Detective Hopp in Part 6: "The Life of David Hazen" in the "Choice of Hope" arc from Dream Doctor.
  7. You can not get the Badge if you do not rescue the Detective. You can run the contact again in Ouroboros if you missed it the first time.
  8. Siren's Call /loc 739.9 88.2 584.8 Double Skylight dropped on top of building.
  9. Close as in Delete? You can not delete an account. Only a GM can delete accounts. Contact a GM and they should be able to help you.
  10. What mode where you in? Was it an Ouro mish or Regular contact?
  11. Never Mind. I totally forgot about the "F" keys. Move Along...Move Along.
  12. Do you have Anti-Virus software running?
  13. Yes, it happens from time to time. I've experienced it myself. As long as you get the XP and INF it's nothing to be worried about. You will continue to ding many more times past lvl 50 now too.
  14. Final mish of, Nictus Dissection 6.53Mission: Defeat Romulus the WarshadeRomulus's info Window says: "Romulus is Warshade working with Longbow in the Rogue Isles...."The first sentence is missing an "a". it should read, "Romulus is a Warshade working with Longbow in the Rogue Isles...."
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