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  1. It's a bug that has been around for a long time. Maybe it will be looked at it now that someone has proof.
  2. Kallisti Wharf 2100.1 59.1 4638.8 Tree and Base clipping through a Flood Wall
  3. Arc-Mage

    Shout Out

    Just wanted to give a Shout Out to Yabba Dabba Dude. Yabba was gracious enough to spend time to help me get the Gold at the Ski Slopes this evening. After MANY runs coming in at 51 Seconds (50 Seconds or less for the Badge). He did a respec on the fly and picked up Inertial Reduction. That did the trick on my vary next run (in 45 seconds) So again, Thank you Yabba Dabba Dude. You are the best.
  4. I remember a GM saying at one point that the game's default entrance is to the North. So no matter what direction you are facing when you entered, you will always be facing the same direction when you zone. This was something that would be difficult or maybe even not possible to change.
  5. You can. And I do. The other players do not have to abide. It is a PvP zone after all. On a side note. I only play on the Excelsior Server. At times the most populated server in the Homecoming group. I go to PvP zones on a regular basis for Temps and Bonuses. In the last year, only once have I had a problem with someone not respecting my wish to be left alone. My point is that, overwhelmingly the people playing this game are decent people who will respect your wish. Usually you will get killed once before you can get your text out. That's just par for the course. You are playing in a Zone designated PvP. I see no need for a "opt-in PvP zone." Nor do I see one being made. PvP in general is incredibly under used in CoH. There are too few PvP players playing CoH.
  6. That in no way solves the problem of two "side quest" being unplayable when this happens.
  7. The location for the Banner Spawn in Bricks is -1276.6 -12.3 -695.8
  8. There are Radio Mishes that are, "Protect FF Bank from Robbers" that are similar to but not the same as the actual Safeguard mish. It really sounds like you where running the Radio mish.
  9. Arc-Mage


    They are experiencing Network Issues. The only thing to do at the moment is wait it out. If it does not come back after the Network Problems are fixed then bug it and I'm sure they will be able to pull your toon from the backup.
  10. Never mind. These are awarding properly. I thought they where listed under PvP but they are listed under Achievement.
  11. A few people have told me the Time Spent in PvP Zones Badges was dropped from Five Hours to One Hour. If so, the Badges are not awarding after one hour of in the same PvP zone.
  12. How much time is need in each of the PvP Zones to get the time Badges? Is it still Five Hours or was it knocked back to an Hour?
  13. Pretty sure you have to log out then log back into the game to get the window color change. You can also customize the window colors in the menu options.
  14. Fan of the theBurnettwork?
  15. Yes, Pretty sure Windfall only works on Street Fighting.
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