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  1. Mm. Thanks for the input folks. I think I'll just stick with my traditional build then 🙂
  2. My dark armor toon is dark/staff. I find it to be more than adequate for any content I throw at it. For me, I'm not focused on damage for this build so I literally just rotate four attacks. Mercurial blow, Guarded spin, eye of the storm, and sky splitter. Single target damage is average, AOE is pretty decent, and the only time I've ever died on her to my memory is in 801. Also, I sing the love language of "TOK TOK TOK.... TOK TOK TOKTOKTOKTOKTKOK" Staff in particular is nice because it adds that extra layer of melee defense for the debuffing types, while still doing pr
  3. This is a very specific question. I've been thinking about proccing out follow up, cause I've heard a little bit of noise about it. But here's my question... in your experience, is it worth it? Like, I know it would bump up single target damage pretty decently, but without slotting for recharge and stuff, wouldn't I be losing out on a whole lot of AOE damage in a double stacked FU spin? And for those who do proc it out, do you slot as many procs as possible and a -res proc, or just a few and try to frankenslot for maximum buff spread elsewhere?
  4. Pizzamurai


    Whelp, that seems to be all I need to know 😂
  5. Pizzamurai


    So, I haven't touched my savage/bio stalker in a good long while. It's okay I guess, just doesn't feel all that great. It's not as durable and doesn't feel as strong as my DB/EA stalker. So I've been considering rolling a Sav/bio brute. Is it worth it? Will I see any big differences in the two? Does anyone have a good build that I can compare to?
  6. Probably not. That's how much I hated it. Lol. But I get what you're saying.
  7. Yeah, I made an SS/invuln. I ended up hating SS so badly that I deleted the character.
  8. Okay, I was just wondering if there was some weird anti-debuff thing going on there which made it irrelevant that I didnt know about 🙂
  9. Other than the obvious of playing solo and wanting more damage, is there any particular reason you're not using void judgement for the damage debuff, and Diamagnetic on the interface for to-hit debuff?
  10. Y'know. I always think I have great survivability on my tanks. And then I go into the higher difficulties of 801 and get the peoples elbow to my ego as I drop in 30 seconds. 😅 My tanks can usually survive up to 801.5 or 6. After that I drop off a ledge. Lol. My staff/dark tank can actually hang at 4/6 in 801.A if I can manage to aggro like half a group. More than that and it's one tequila two tequila three tequila floor.
  11. It was a DB/EA. I dunno what happened tbh XD I was just recording pylon times at the time.
  12. Yep, that's why I said what I did. Electric melee is the same way 🙂
  13. It was against a pylon when it happened. It doesn't happen often, so I chalked it up to really bad luck.
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