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  1. Well, it's been fun yall, but this will be my last month contributing. My electricity bill was.... not pleasant last month, and looks even less pleasant this month. Adieu, my family! Keep up the good work!
  2. My favorite memory in city of heroes is of my empathy defender. Back in the day, people actually did street sweeping. In every zone! Gasp! Anyway, I think there should be a lot of people out there who remember that street sweeping solo was not only a grind but for many it could be super dangerous. For weeks, I'd been coming across dead or dying people, and no way to really help them aside from give them a rez or kill everything for them before they died. And thus.... The Roaming Medic was born! I specialized my defender to be pretty much pure healing magic with a REALLY fast flight. Then... I literally just flew around various parts of the city, finding near dead or dying people and healing them back to full so they could kill the bad guys! Eventually, I had my fortitude at its lowest cool down I could get it to, and so I started slapping that on people too. I did all this for free of course, and most of the time I'd try to stay hidden or fly away quickly so they couldn't see who I was. Some people were too smart for me though and checked the combat logs to message me a thanks. I know the other people were happy too, but I like the idea of a heal from the Paragon Gods just coming out to save an outmatched street sweeper just as they're convinced they're going to die.
  3. Glad to know there's a workaround, even if it is a little confusing. That gives me hope that making the global note a menu option might not be as difficult as some other quality of life changes?
  4. So I was going through my global list today and I realized... I can't remember half the people on my list. I know their characters, no doubt, but they've either changed their global name or I simply can't remember what I did with them! Local friend has this super nifty add note window with previous messages and all that cool stuff. Can we get that for global friends?
  5. I know we can kinda sorta do this, but not really. Girls just kinda get thicker, but they don't look the part. Everything is all smooth no matter what we do (with the exception of the barbarian abs and the muscle bodysuit). I wonder, is there a way we could add a visible muscle tone texture onto the females as a slider? Or maybe just pair it with the existing slider that adds mass?
  6. Well that's way different than what I had 😅 Gonna have to farm up a couple hundred million more influence and see if I can slowly work towards what you got there. With my mids build that I posted I'm really beefy and hard to kill (I focused on getting my defenses up first and foremost), but I eat endurance like the cookie monster eats cookies. That should get better once I get body mastery and such, but I really like the build so far. I was able to hang in there and do decent damage in a 4/8 red paper team. Think I'm gonna plug your information into a different roll-up and see how they compare to see if I'm finally getting the hang of making a halfway decent build from scratch. I really appreciate the run down 🙂
  7. Villain Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/ImaginaryDevelopment/imaginary-hero-designer Click this DataLink to open the build! So this is what I just came up with. Probably complete arse, but it's my first try lol. Didn't use any purple sets aside from the AT sets (which are easy to upgrade). So... there's plenty of room for improvement even just with what I've got there. Also, I possibly plan to use one of the new damage sets in energy drain, not sure yet.
  8. Yeah I have mids. I was trying to find a build to get me started down the right path but db/ea is the first set I've ever wanted to play that I couldn't find one haha. Hence why I'm here 😅 I think I'm starting to get the hang of IOs enough to kinda muddle my way to a mediocre build out after your suggestions. 😁
  9. @SwitchFade Awesome, thanks. That will at least give me a great starting point on what to look for. Would you recommend 6 slotting those attacks in general, or is EA a set that you'd want to actually put slots in the defensive set powers? I do like that there seems to be no shortage of defense debuff resistance in the armors, which I'm not used to having.
  10. @Microcosm I don't suppose you'd happen to have a DB/EA stalker build lying around somewhere? I see you've played a lot of DB but I have absolutely no idea where to start with this combo in making it powerful (and what rotation to use)
  11. Is this combination just that weird? I tried googling and searching and haven't seen anyone post a single build anywhere 😄
  12. I've heard dual blades is way better on a stalker than anything else. I've also heard that Energy armor is one of the best stalker secondaries. Sounds like a great way for me to introduce myself into the stalker world for the first time. Here's my problem. I know generally the good attack chain for DB. I know next to nothing about energy armor as I havent touched one since live. As a result... I have absolutely zero idea how to slot this thing, or what incarnates would be best to take once I get her to 50. Anyone can help a sister out with some midas build ideas?
  13. Out of those three options, Resurgent makes the most sense and feels right to me.
  14. Yeah, no, that's pretty much it. I know detectives are lazy and all, but they're also anti-social to anyone -not- a detective so... phone call instead of hundreds of heroes a week flying to greet them in person sounds reasonable to me?
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