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  1. Holy shit this thread has gone off the rails so hard it's a frickin sled. 1. Invuln 2. Stone 3. SR 4. Shield 5. Everything else Done. Movin' on.
  2. Just wait till you get to the later levels. You'll be shredding things like they're texas BBQ.
  3. So uh, There's been lots of suggestions made here. Really good ones I think. Is anyone working towards any of it or are we kinda throwing coins down a big ol' hole of "Would be neat!"? I know we roleplayers are the red headed stepchildren of online mmos and all. 🙂
  4. I'm just saying I think it's misleading people who may not otherwise know what to look for, or what they're looking at, or even what's being explained to them. I'll drop it though, said my peace 🙂
  5. No, I understand that. I do. I just don't think it's something that can be measured on a spreadsheet, or by times. Tanking is a lot more complicated and nuanced than damage in general. You can't time it. You can't really put numbers on it. Tanking is... you either survive, or you don't. To not give a tank all the tools they need to survive is to do a set a disservice when you're trying to attain a baseline. You can't really test a good bit of tanker sets without a secondary because some of them really do require something from their secondary to survive... and sometimes survive even better than your basics like Invuln or granite. It's not really a baseline if you're not testing a realistic scenario.
  6. I think the problem here is that "Tankability" can't really be tested with a broad brush like "Damage ability" can. On the one hand, even the weakest damage type (claws) overcomes its inherent weakness by sheer relentless attacking. This doesn't really apply to being "tanky". You could be S/L capped and damn near feel invincible to a good chunk of the game. But walk into a couple of roman bosses and they chop you up like a thanksgiving dinner. Some sets that matters to, others it doesn't. The problem in testing that is... you really can't. At least, not in a spreadsheet, like you can with damage. There's -WAY- too many factors that go into being a good tank, and your build and armor is only a quarter of that each. The other half is how you take the weaknesses of those sets and put flex seal on those bitches so they stop leaking. Some do that through certain pool powers. Some do it through their offensive sets. Some just need the right combination of IO set bonuses. Some need all three of those, and then some. I think the point I'm trying to make here is... while this test means well, I think it's incredibly misleading to people who want to roll a tank, and play it well because what I see there does not represent anything I've learned about tanker sets. Except granite. Granite is always granite.
  7. Pizzamurai

    Dual Blades?

    Rather than drone on and go back and forth, I'll just point you to the scrapper testing thread as kind of an idea of what I'm talking about 🙂 https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/10506-scrapper-melee-primary-testing-standard-environment/
  8. Pizzamurai

    Dual Blades?

    Yeah, that's true, but other sets also tend to have an alpha strike power that does the bulk of their damage. Dual blades doesn't really have that without assassins strike.
  9. Pizzamurai

    Dual Blades?

    Can't speak on dual blades for scrappers. I imagine the AOE is pretty good. But for stalkers, it's one of the top single target damage options if you don't focus on combos. The difference is that stalkers have the assassins strike, which at least doubles your single target damage (along with the build up refresh ATO which is amazing on its own). I feel like not having that as a scrapper may make the single target feel a bit lackluster, compared to other sets. Which may be what you're feeling. But, again, I'm not super well versed on the scrapper version 🙂
  10. That's what I'm tryin to figure out, why? And how do I fix it? 😛
  11. So, I've downloaded your new launcher. Just found out about it. Took me awhile to get it downloaded... had to completely shut down my anti-virus in order to get it over the walls. First question.... why did I have to shut down my anti-virus to install your launcher? Secondly, this pops up every single time I open the launcher... again, why? I'm no technical expert so is there something nefarious lurking or what? I'm not saying ya'll are trying to install viruses on my system but bitdefender sure as hell is worried about you 😛
  12. I feel like I've just watched someone throw a tantrum, deny they threw a tantrum, and then get mad when someone calls them out for obviously throwing a tantrum. There's a fine line between ranting and constructive criticism (of which this thread has a healthy amount of both). I'd now like to share a graph of how this thread has walked that line.
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