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  1. To me it sounds like TW will be nerfed, yes, but it's also going to be fundamentally changed (In my strong but humble opinion, by reading exactly how they worded things). I think the vast majority of people who want to play TW but don't, skip the set because of the momentum mechanic. It just feels... bad. A suggestion I made was to keep momentum, but shift how it works. First, a flat damage nerf across the board of 25%. Holy shit, that's a lot right? Well... Second, you take the powers you have from idle... and speed up all their base non-momentum activation times up by 50%. Then, once a power is activated, you build up momentum to attack 5% faster each time you attack, up to a max of say.... 75%? Build up can give 5-15%. That way, you end up attacking even faster than you did before for some super insane burst. But eventually, your cooldowns (or endurance. Or both) will catch up to you and you'll have to slow down or lose the momentum. I'm not even close to a numbers girl, so fudge with the numbers a little bit, but I like the concept. The set is still strong (while not 45 second pylon time disgusting overpowered) and the set feels (and would be) faster. I think it will still be near the top in sustained DPS, but it will still have that kings crown for burst damage (as it should, imo)
  2. So, I've done my best with my own personal skills... but yeahhhh <.< I've seen so many bases since then that are wayyy better than what I'll ever be able to accomplish with this system so if there's anyone out there that'd be willing to help a small time girl realize her dreams of having a personalized lair to fit the character I'd really appreciate a PM 🙂
  3. So I've had this toon going for a good long while... and I can safely say it's my strongest single target hero I have (and the AOE from sweep combos alone is fantastic, though throwing in an occasional thousand cuts is enough to wipe out the rest of the minions at 4/8). It's even better than my TW/rad, though that's because I absolutely hate the way titan weapons feels.
  4. Pizzamurai

    Rad or Invuln

    Oh it totally is and my build is trash.
  5. Pizzamurai

    Rad or Invuln

    Yeah, I plan on respeccing my rad/rad and seeing what I can do with it cause I had kinda put it on the backburner. I still wanna do an invuln/ss though.
  6. Pizzamurai

    Rad or Invuln

    I already have a fire armor XD
  7. Pizzamurai

    Rad or Invuln

    So, I read through all 14 pages of this thread. My brain hurts, and I'm still no closer to figuring out which is actually better because of so many opinions... and I already have a rad/rad tanker... so! I think after over a decade it's time to finally play an invuln/SS tanker. The Myth, the classic, the legend. Being that my brain has been completely melted by literally every post Habibi (or whatever his name was) made took away exactly 42 brain cells, can someone post me their -best- invuln/SS tanker build? I'm looking for something that will survive literally almost anything and still be able to do decent damage when I'm not yanking mobs off my poor squishies. Money is not an issue, I have billions in my scrooge mcduck gold tower just waiting for this moment. I'm putting this up against my super decked out SR/claws tanker (thanks again Bill) so gimme your best shot!
  8. Literally the only downside I have found to my Claws/SR tank is pure burst damage at the highest incarnate level, and autohits that hit hard. If you can survive until your scaling resists -really- kick in around 20-40% health... you're damn near a god. Specially if you take rebirth for the extra regen.
  9. So, I know base building has tools and stuff to be used.... but they're super user unfriendly imo. It was a long time ago, but I don't even remember it being this difficult on live. Or maybe I've just forgotten the tricks of manipulating stuff. That being said, are there any plans currently to make base building more.... user friendly? Such as the Wildstar or RIFT interfaces, for instance? I'd love to dabble more in base building but by the time I'm halfway through a room I'm exhausted because I'm absolutely terrible at lining things up properly without any way to gauge where stuff will actually end up.
  10. I have one REAL pet peeve. The rest is just minor stuff that I ignore. Roleplay teams. More often than not, people don't even try to come up with reasons of why these teams are forming together, or where the heroes and villains come from, or even what they're doing. It's like they're just an avenue for people to shout HAVE AT YOU while another guy goes PINK UNICORNS FOREVER, because reasons. Did you call us on all our telephone? Flyers around the streets? Like, why am I supposed to be coming to help you fight council in an office once again? And then the whole mission is just blowing through enemies like normal. No stopping and planning, or breaks, or conversations about whatever. Just task, finish task, move on to next task. Give me some STORY man. This is why I haven't joined an rp team in a long time. Feels the same as any other team, just with gloating and death messages.
  11. Well, it's been fun yall, but this will be my last month contributing. My electricity bill was.... not pleasant last month, and looks even less pleasant this month. Adieu, my family! Keep up the good work!
  12. My favorite memory in city of heroes is of my empathy defender. Back in the day, people actually did street sweeping. In every zone! Gasp! Anyway, I think there should be a lot of people out there who remember that street sweeping solo was not only a grind but for many it could be super dangerous. For weeks, I'd been coming across dead or dying people, and no way to really help them aside from give them a rez or kill everything for them before they died. And thus.... The Roaming Medic was born! I specialized my defender to be pretty much pure healing magic with a REALLY fast flight. Then... I literally just flew around various parts of the city, finding near dead or dying people and healing them back to full so they could kill the bad guys! Eventually, I had my fortitude at its lowest cool down I could get it to, and so I started slapping that on people too. I did all this for free of course, and most of the time I'd try to stay hidden or fly away quickly so they couldn't see who I was. Some people were too smart for me though and checked the combat logs to message me a thanks. I know the other people were happy too, but I like the idea of a heal from the Paragon Gods just coming out to save an outmatched street sweeper just as they're convinced they're going to die.
  13. Glad to know there's a workaround, even if it is a little confusing. That gives me hope that making the global note a menu option might not be as difficult as some other quality of life changes?
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