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  1. I love Snow Storm and agree it's lacking at higher levels. That said Storm as a whole brings the pain now and I cannot imagine what it would be like if -regn got added to it as well.
  2. Corruptor can crit? I thought there thing was scourge.
  3. I don't understand your point. If you are losing damage from this change it means that you are at or very near the damage cap. Adding more +damage would not help because it would just push you even more above the cap. If anything it should validate your choice to make a more balanced brute as you are now closer to reaching maximum possible damage without changing a thing.
  4. I would like to see this issue examined by the dev's. To me the biggest thing is that some sets like Time massively buff there users defenses on top of everything else they do. Then you have sets like force field that do far less then, and don't allow the user to benefit from most of it. I guess I just don't see any rime or reason as to why some sets buff everyone and others exclude the user so heavely.
  5. This does appear to be the case. When I got hit my henchmen protected me from 22.86 damage and each of the four demons took 5.71 damage. So it's after the MM's resistance ignoring the henchmen's.
  6. Thanks. I agree with the share part and I have always assumed the damage was split after your resistance and bypassed the henchmens. But it occured to me that I don't have any justification for thinking it works that way and the article doesn't say anything about how resistance is applied so I figured I'd see if anyone has tested it. Edit: I'll see of I can test when I get off work later tonight of no one has.
  7. Does anyone know how resistance is applied to the damage split by bodyguard? For example let's say my MM has two pets nearby and is hit for 100 points of raw damage. Let's also say she has 25% resistance to that type of damage and her pets each have 50% resistance. Is the damage split then resistance applied so she would take 37.5 damage ((100/2) * .75) and each pet takes 12.5 ((100/4) * .5) or does something else happen?
  8. How hard would it be to give tankers a toggle? On, nothing changes: keep the res debuff, old damage scales, range, hit caps, etc. Toggle off you get the new updates.
  9. Thanks for looking, at least I know I've not gone crazy or blind!
  10. I have to be honest that seems like a very bad ability. As soon as everyone is hit capped it will essentially be meaningless unless you happened to be teamed with another ranged character that both has a Snipe and does not have enough extra accuracy to get the full insta-snipe damage bonus. Upping the damage scale to compensate just makes them blaster clones that trade some damage for survival. Now if you could tie extra accuracy into something that would be useful to them and the whole team that would be awesome. Like maybe an aura that ups accuracy and gives single target attacks a %chance to do an extra tick of damage that scales by how much over the accuracy cap you are. Edit: And to keep the damage from getting crazy in large teams the Sental could have a different % chance or base damage value or even both then everyone else. So they could get an extra tick of (X * hit chance) damage 30% of the time and everyone else within range gets (Y * hit chance) damage 10% of the time and pets might only have a 5% chance or whatever.
  11. These are awesome! Woild you mind telling me path to the sonic blast files in CoH? I've been hunting through the various ones labeled sounds and so far I have not come across them.
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