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  1. Heya. I'm going to bump this post since nothing actually came of it. Maybe some fresh eyes on the matter and some time having past will yield results. Please help. I really love this game and would love to play it.
  2. Update: The FPS drops result in the usage of my GPU and CPU to go DOWN by about 30%.
  3. Here is what I have posted on discord. Here are the specs for the current PC I'm using: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 3867U 1.80GHz (2CPUs) 4GB Ram Can't find the GPU on it. Whenever I look at certain buildings I get a crazy FPS dip. Why do you think this would be happening? 65 fps looking in one direction Then 9 looking a little to the left. Same street, different focal point: I have tried -everything- under the sun. I have also tried it on 3 different computers, wi
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