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  1. WarLawk, on looking at your two Rad/Fire Brutes, you pick Vengeance (which to my mind is a team jobby) and leave out Devastating Blow (which to my mind kills things fast).There is obviously a good reason but I can't fathom it. Can you tell this dingbat the reason ?
  2. No, Destiny is the only slight change. I did the missions again just to be sure and yet again my toon almost bit the dust several times on the Fire version. Its fine as usual on the Smashing and Lethal.
  3. Absolutely, everything the same. The only slight difference is that I have tier 1 on Destiny (not equipped, just created).
  4. For a while now I have been using Briggs Smash & Lethal and Fire farms to get where I want to be. If I had to leave my computer for any reason amount of time, no worries, my Health and Endurance never faltered from almost full to full. Yesterday I got the Freedom Phalanx accolade. Awesome I thought until today when I went into a Briggs Fire farm (same one as always). I almost died several times. It would seem my HP has gone down rather than up (although it does show as upped) Has this accolade screwed my setup up ?
  5. From what I can see Mids seems to be wholly concerned with defence. Is there a programme out there that helps with attack ? I can make a build that is very solid but cant punch his/her way out of a wet paper bag.
  6. All over the place in Paragonwiki you will see positional coordinates. Why, what's the point, what purpose do they serve?
  7. Rad/Rad tank Aha, cool. Yeah I've got radiated ground on that control-click thing, seems to do the trick.
  8. Thanks I've tried bright and dark grey, not the best but far from the disaster it was, cheers. Why would the devs make all these amazing costume designs for us to play with, then cover them in shite.
  9. Is there a way to switch off the auras that surround the toon when the armours are active. I've taken my time creating a toon I'm proud of but when I'm out there fighting I can't see my toon at all or much of anything else because of all the bright or dark auras constantly surrounding me. Help
  10. Several questions in one here:- 1a - I got myself a Judgement and it's the dogs wing-wangs, but I thought hey what if I got a Hybrid Assault Radial and used them both together. Potentially 2 big hits in one go. But it dont seem to work if I click Judgement then Hybrid, or if I click Hybrid then Judgement. Will they simply not work together ? 1b - Even if they dont work together, I can still use the Hybrid with my other "normal" powers but which way round does it go. Hybrid then power or power then Hybrid. 2 - my laptop is brand new but i reckon the components were made in the 80's, it's s-o s-l-o-w. A lot of the time after i click a power, i get a blue ring going around it. Now I know that my Armor has these rings so it means they are constantly working but my powers should be hit, wait however many seconds, hit, wait however many seconds, etc. Why the rings?
  11. HI W.A., I did that but I didnt get a reply, and wasnt expecting one, the name was rather unique 😞
  12. Sorry if this is in the wrong place but... I sent the wife an email to her global email address with an enhancement attachment. Unfortunately I added a space in the address where there shouldn't have been one. Is the email and attachment gone for good or is it somehow retrievable ?
  13. ...merge (in case of HamiOs) them, you get a bigger bonus from them but what is the bigger bonus with Hami-o's ? (lets use Cytoskeletons to end the vagueness)
  14. Hi all, on the test server when you want to test your new build, you can reach whatever level you want to pretty quickly. However when you reach 50 the quick way you are also given all these accolades and badges that give their own little bonuses. Is it or could it be made possible to switch these extras off. I have a 50 on the live(ish) server and he has very few of these accolades and badges, so any testing of new builds on the test server give a false reading to my live build. Switching any or all of these accolades off would help immeasurably.
  15. Sorry for the late reply. Call me dimbo but is this the way it works:- OK lets say for instance I've bought a couple of Might Of The Tankers for roughly 20 million. For the cost of a couple of catalysts for 40 merits I can gain 2% extra damage from those (now Superior)Might of the Tankers. Lets say I've bought 2 Cytoskeletons for roughly 80 million, I would have to spend another 80 million just to enable me to fight at 50+1 rather than 50 Is this what your saying???
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