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  1. Alright, it was worth a shot. At least we got some additional fps out of it I guess!
  2. I haven't touched my base in a long time and I don't need the merits, but what the heck, let's see how this old thing fares! It took me about 6 months to make. Character: Veracor Global: @Veracor Supergroup: Simulacrum Shard: Everlasting Passcode: SIMULACRUM-6940 Builders: @Veracor Base description: A massive and mysterious castle on an island of perpetual night, trapped between dimensions, it's little wonder as to why its denizens delved into forbidden magics to escape their prison. But the dimensions beyond contained friend and foe, and the castle Simulacrum became a martial order of dark magics for little other than its own protection. Contact and suspicion eventually gave way to contract and politics, and the Simulacrum became partners with several factions of Primal Earth, usually acting as an interdimensional neutral ground. Nowadays the Simulacrum has opened its extensive library and knowledge for others to peruse in exchange for service, and Arachnos has mostly risen investment in a bid to take over the castle's arcane order. But Arachnos will find that Simulacrum's rule may be more than they can handle. Note: This base is huge. Perspectives were designed to "cover" all draw distances from a walking/running height on visscale 2. If you fly or zoom out from the base, you'll want to use visscale 5 to see it all. It's generally easiest to tour the base floor-by-floor. The main things that people touring the base often miss are: The castle has an underground three-dimensional labyrinth that is accessed from the upper judgment room on the third floor. You fall through the square pit of red water and must escape the labyrinth to prove your innocence. If you get stuck inside geometry in the labyrinth (usually from Super Speeding), use /stuck to appear back at the base entrance. The castle has a teleporter room accessed from the fourth floor, adjacent to the library. Magic space! The castle has an entrance at the top floor of the tower that leads to a standalone dimension. The fog in this dimension takes a very long time to kick in for some reason that I can't fix, so this area looks cheesy for a while upon entry. Minor things often missed when touring: The symbol on the banners indicate which room you're in. There's a swamp-like area near the starting docks. The outside of the castle, past the forest, has a mercenary camp with a cave that has a secret passage into the castle basement. The first floor's chapel room has a secret passage dropping down into the basement. The basement has a not-so-secret passage leading outside behind the waterfall. The basement has a crypt that teleports outside, mostly to avoid backtracking. The second floor has a giant angry robot in the workshop that was mostly made as a joke. The fourth/fifth floor's library contains latin on the floor (which I probably got wrong). The seventh floor (roof of the keep) contains a large scene of Arachnos and Rikti bartering. Yes, a fair number of people have actually missed this. There's pizzas hidden in tiny crevices around the castle. I don't actually remember how many, like 6 or 7. Nobody has found all of them. Funny, they don't seem to have pineapple on them... There would be more secret passages and room decor, but I hit the 20k object limit too early. The labyrinth itself takes up 4k objects, and it was on my schedule to be removed in order to have its object count to populate the rest of the base with. I never got around to doing this, so enjoy the maze! Screenshots: (A zoom-out of the main gate) (The main entrance, floor 1) (Ground of the library, floors 4 and 5) (Throne area, sixth floor) (Entrance of the tower, seventh floor, it's windy up there!)
  3. I'll actually be hitting 1,000 Hami raids led sometime in mid-December, with 1,000 iTrial badge runs led not far behind it. I forget what the count will be for Master of TF badge runs led at that point, probably around 400. I'll do a recount when it gets closer. On the topic of the thread: I like the happy medium of QoL fixes and streamlining we have here on Homecoming, it's chill and people get to play what they want to play. Want the old grind experience? Then just play with only SOs, or never slot an incarnate power, or badge hunt with a petless MM. You don't need the game to impose challenges upon you if you feel the game would be more fun if played differently; you can just impose those challenges yourself. No one gets advantages or costume/AT unlocks over others here and that's great, because a new player can be just as creative or fast-learning as an old one (and in my experience, usually is!).
  4. I think you're right. It occurs to me that I don't often see people budcrashing in my 7pm EDT raids, and that might be because people are just getting home and logging on instead of having the game running for hours prior. Almost all of the budcrash reports I hear about come from the subsequent nightly raids. My schedule runs right up to the formation of the 10pm raid, so people are often jumping from itrials to the Hive right away without restarting their game first. We could try having people use /reloadgfx when the Mitos go down for the next week or so, to see if anyone still crashes after using it. It's not much, but I'm not sure what else we could do to help.
  5. I'm so sorry to hear this, I was really hoping he would make it. Rest in peace, you were a great dude and a positive beacon among the community. You will be missed.
  6. In this strike force, each AT gets a temp power from the machine. Defender/Mastermind get a temp power that stops Reichsman from healing when he hits 50% life. Scrapper/Stalker get a temp power that makes them immune to the laser doors in the back rooms and allows them to use the glowies there to halt reinforcements. The other ATs get less important stuff. Generally in an 8-man team you only need a Defender or a Mastermind to finish the task force, but on a duo run like you're attempting you'd probably want the other person to be a Scrapper or Stalker to stop the reinforcements from overwhelming you.
  7. Yes, I did not explicitly test for fungibility with this bug, but I see no reason why it wouldn't happen as they're just all put into the same buckets and then converted based on what's being requested by the AH UI or the buyer themself. So items that can be exchanged with each other on the AH, as well as items being bought/sold in bulk like boosters and such, are more susciptible to having "stuck" prices among the sellers (and I would imagine 99% of these are accidental). Inspirations was perhaps a poor choice for testing this with since they're not fungible, but they were easy to get an undesirable item to 0 sellers 0 bids for testing (and that nobody else would make bids on or posting new ones while testing).
  8. The bug where items refuse to sell unless you relist them for slightly different prices has been a topic of discussion many times in the HC Discord and other places. Many have assumed it was a database error or something getting lost in communication between servers since the code seemed fine, and the solution was to take the item back and relist it for a couple of inf higher/lower, and just deal with losing inf from the relisting fee. Well, I just found one way to replicate it: the "block" happens when someone attempts to buy the same items they're selling, causing everyone else's items behind it to not sell for that exact price. To test this, I logged on three accounts and then drained one item down to 0 sellers and 0 bids. I did this with the small dual inspiration "Shielded" for testing: Account (A) then bid 12 inf on one and also posted one for 12 inf. Account (B) then bid 12 inf on one. This screenshot shows Account (B)'s window not successfully buying it: Account (C) then made a 12 inf bid on it. Account (A) then rescinded its own 12 inf bid. The moment (A) rescinded its own bid, (A)'s inspiration sold to Account (C): So that may explain some situations when people are posting a bunch of ATOs for 7000000 or something and not getting sales, but people posting for something like 7000005 are. But the testing didn't stop there! Here, Account (A) listed its inspiration again with no bids from (B) or (C), but this time (A) bid for 12000 inf instead of the 12 inf it's listing at: Account (B) could only buy the inspiration if it beat (A)'s stuck bid, even though (A)'s listing price was far lower than the bids: This pretty much lets sellers of low-supply items bypass listing fees by bidding the price they want to get and then listing their item for 1 inf, since nobody can beat their own bid because the AH does not let players sell to themselves and this causes the queue to get stuck. This facet of the bug is not much of an exploit since it's just a 5% fee, but there might be additional shenanigans that I haven't thought of. The predicted fix would be to the auction server's code to make the queue jump over entries where the buyer and seller are the same person. However, it would probably be enough of a fix to just put a PSA or something on the AH's interface to simply not bid on your own items. --- Edit: And one other thing I noticed when doing these tests is that I could: (A) "stucks" the supply of the item with a bid and then lists 10 of the items. (B) and (C) both bid for 10 of the items, for the stuck price. (A) rescinds its stuck bid. (B) and (C) share the 10 items at complete random. I don't know about selling (it should be a queue), but buying apparently does not care about the order of the bidders.
  9. Oh sure, I eat all my veggies at the dinner table and you lump me in with the redsiders for it.
  10. Okay I've found what the bug is, or at least have a pretty solid guess on what it is. These specific IO globals are likely referencing the wrong field or function: Aegis, Impervium Armor, Reactive Defenses. Shield Wall's global +res works fine. The bug has nothing to do with Rage or powersets. So per your observation I used the Rage crash + zoning, and was able to get it to happen 10 out of 10 times on the test server. I wondered if maybe it's related to a toggle or auto power? So I made a second build that didn't take any autos, turned on only Rage and sat next to the exit waiting for it to crash. I slotted a single attuned Impervium Armor global during this wait period, and I noticed that when I did so, the combat attributes window showed me gaining 10.8% Psionic Resistance instead of 6%. It sat like this for four seconds before going back to 6%. The negative number bug replicated on this one-enhancement build with the following Rage crash, confirming it wasn't related to IO set bonuses, toggles, or auto powers. 10.8% instead of 6% is an increase of 80%, which is the damage boost given by Rage. Now that's suspicious. So I looked back at the screenshots of the reductions and the reduction of -593.4% Psionic Resistance corresponds exactly with the -9990% damage of Rage's crash (9890% here because it's negating its own value). So "+#%% strength to all damage" in the power window is multiplying the +res bonuses here. I then checked to see if the other +res globals were behaving this way, and found instead I could just slot Aegis and Reactive Defenses normally and then zone with Rage active, and that also gave +80% increase to them for that brief duration. Shield Wall stayed a static +5% during all tests, working as intended. So is this a Rage problem or a problem with these three enhancements? To check, I rolled a Scrapper and slotted the Impervium Armor global during Battle Axe's Build Up effect, and got twice the Psionic Resistance out of it for its 4 seconds before it went back to 6% (and Scrapper Build Up gives +100% damage). I then rolled a Blaster and slotted Impervium Armor during Archery's Aim effect, and got a 62.5% increase to it just like the power. So it's not just Rage, it's all damage increases/reductions (or at least these common ones). (Scrapper, +100% dmg) (Blaster, +62.5% dmg) (Neither of these characters had incarnates slotted) My conclusion is that the values we are seeing is related to how these IOs were made, and are being scaled wrongly by bonuses to our own damage. I don't know exactly what went wrong in the code -- my guess is that they're referencing the wrong field and then getting fixed by a correctional/refresh function on the server and that we're just seeing the IO-specific refresh timer for it... or maybe the IOs have a function for initial effect and a seperate function for refreshed effect, and the initial one is bugged? Regardless of the cause, if the code for the global enhancements for Aegis, Impervium Armor, and Reactive Defenses were simply changed to do it however Shield Wall's global is doing it, that would likely fix the problem because I never saw Shield Wall's bonus bug out once when testing. I find it rather amusing that this has actually been happening all the time for many players and we just never noticed or cared until Rage's huge negative crash value made it obvious. It also explains some of that bounciness in the Damage Resistance category of Combat Attributes that we're accustomed to seeing. Also side note @Sir Myshkin Elmyder and I, as well as several of the speedrunners on non-Everlasting servers, have soloed MLTF if you want any details or funny stories on that.
  11. Out of curiosity/boredom I rolled your build on the Aeon server and toggled everything up to see if I could replicate this, but couldn't. I did about 150 zone changes between different zones (with stats monitored and combat attributes open) but was unable to get the problem to happen a single time, trying common conditions like having Beta Decay affecting an enemy when zoning, Jaunting or having Hasten active, and I tried entering and exiting several radio missions. I had everything attuned with my tests; maybe I got unlucky, or maybe it's related to server load. The only incarnate I equipped was the Alpha since nothing else was specified. Hybrids do have passive components though: which are you using?
  12. So I've kind of been avoiding this thread, but it's probably time for me to chime in. The 1-year mark was a personal achievement for me, something for me to share with Everlasting TFs and ShadeRaids, the two main places I schedule from. I did not make a forum thread or a HC Discord mention about it for two main reasons: (1) That I had already done a 9-month thread when I was fully expecting real life to prevent me from getting to the 1-year mark, and (2) there was coincidentally a memorial service for the player who passed and that was more important. There also wasn't anything noteworthy in the statistics this time around (Maybe when I reach 1k Hami raids or 1k iTrial badge runs led). I personally don't agree with an ingame plaque about this for reasons already stated by others in the thread, but open-mindedness is a requirement of being a good leader. If this spotlight is something Homecoming is willing to do, then I will step up and try to make something positive from it -- my take would be to honor all who attend and run content in this game for the good of the community. But I do not want the spotlight focused on me when it could instead be focused on the show; my motto in life is to always lead by example and to let everyone enjoy themselves and be what they want to be. Helping others and being a part of a constructive and friendly community is its own reward.
  13. Nice! Thank you for the update!
  14. I did say the majority of firefarmers that join my raids -- the positive firefarmers are open to ideas and discussions and follow instructions well, and I have no problems with them. It does raise an interesting observation, though, that there almost never seems to be anything inbetween: a firefarmer in league content is either completely fine and a helpful contributor, or a toxic and willful problem. In my experience it seems the problem-causers make up the majority, but I don't AE farm myself to confirm it. Keep in mind that when it comes to Hami raids, I handle problems privately as often as I can to avoid the rest of the league from piling onto the person, so multibox leechers being identified, politely reminded of the Code of Conduct and told to leave on their excess accounts, refusing to leave and hurling slurs and threats at me, and me getting a GM to remove them are all things not done in broadcast or league chats. The majority of multibox leechers in the Hive are firefarm accounts, and one guy once stupidly brought 13 bot accounts (!) to leech in a raid (that guy's accounts all mysteriously stopped logging in shortly after). One of the reasons why Chiasa gets so many hateful and vile responses as control targetter is because she is proactive with identifying leechers and they usually tell her to F off when she sends them an early tell asking about it. Some days it can be very discouraging (especially when there's no on-duty GMs), but the community we have created is worth fighting for and I refuse to give ground to anyone that willfully harms it. At any rate, this was just an explanation for why I personally have a negative opinion of AE farming in general. It is just my opinion and could be changed -- I used to think AFK farming was a strict detriment to the economy as well, but I was shown evidence to the contrary and now think it has a neutral impact. Regardless, I do think my point of losing a feature of the game (however pointless) to ToS-breaking bot farms is valid. If the solution to the double inf thing was a little more comprehensive than just flat-out disabling it all, we could have the damage from this behavior prevented at a mechanical level without harming legitimate farmers. As for your fear of being lumped in with the problem people, it wouldn't happen: we don't look for AT/powerset, we look at follow behavior, skill activation chains, and positioning, and we do account for people periodically AFKing due to real life issues or stopping to scroll up to review instructions. If the person's behavior is indicative of multibox leeching with another account (such as never having simultaneous non-follow movement throughout the whole raid), we give it a few rounds to confirm it before messaging them directly. We really take the time to identify detractors before raising an issue with the person, because a coincidental false positive would be really bad.
  15. Since it seems I'm getting pinged, I'd like to clarify that the reason the xp change annoys me is because I have literally led about 700 Hamidon raids, 650 iTrial badge runs, and approaching 300 "Master of" TF runs on Homecoming, for no reason other than to help community members get familiar with iTrials, to help them get the harder badges, and in general to encourage people to team up and make friends. This is what I pride myself in: the community we have built. My 2700 vet levels are simply an amusing side effect of running so much content for people as regularly as I can manage, and are the closest thing to a metric I have for how long I have been at this. That said, I admit that my personal opinion of AE farming has been quite negative for a long time. The majority of firefarmers that join my raids are usually toxic to others and don't follow instructions, and often try to sneak in leech accounts to the Hamidon raids and lock out legitimate players. AFK farming is merely one step removed from full-on automation and there's an alarming number of reddit and non-HC forum posters who publicly admit to breaking the ToS and running bot farms on Homecoming. As pointless as vet levels may be for everyone including myself, I do not enjoy the thought of their integrity (or any other feature in this game) being lost to such practices. Hence, I'd love to see adjustments or a rework made to decouple incarnate rewards from vet levels, or AE xp gain changes or similar, in order to make such damage mechanically impossible. The positive firefarmers I know wouldn't mind changes being made, and often advocate for them when the topic is discussed in league or discord. Hopefully this clears up what I was pinged about as well as why I even have a strong stance on the subject.
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