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  1. I've run it a few times as part of my worldwide monster hunt events, but the Seed dies way too quickly for it to be worthwhile for making a group for. The Seedling mechanic was an idea, but in practice only the defense and regen seedlings need to be killed. I was able to solo it as a Tanker using no inspirations or temps which is pretty sad. Seed of Hamidon should've been more on level with Avatar of Hamidon.
  2. You can do this with launch parameters in Tequila and the HC launcher. I know on Tequila it is Options -> Launch Parameters -> add in "-maxfps 72 -maxinactivefps 15" without the quotes. HC Launcher should be something similar.
  3. When I'm not leading content I like to start a level 10 flashback and then kill Skulls in Perez Park. Sometimes I'll even Rescue the Mystic from the Circle of Thorns!
  4. The two exit portals should be able to teleport to each other. Because it's Ouroboros.
  5. I have a feeling I know who you're talking about. I wasn't online for it when it happened, but I did receive a bunch of warnings a while ago about someone doing exactly this. Word tends to spread quickly when someone intentionally trolls like that. And yeah, the team leader is supposed to be communicating the level/parameters of the task force. If a team leader isn't doing that like the one OP described, it's best to use the Note system to rate their global low and then to just leave the team without further words. With an actual team restarting the task force will take less ti
  6. Well said. I lead Hami/iTrial badges/MoTFs on a daily basis to help anyone and everyone who wants to join such content but are afraid or shy about leading. Whether it be from not knowing how they work or from fear of being on a stage, I'm happy to bring them along or to show them the ropes. Some people are even afraid of asking to join iTrials in the first place, assuming they need experience to join or that they'll mess it up. I often assure hesitant requests to join "You'll be fine, you can just follow league instructions, you don't need to say anything in chat if you don't wa
  7. I love it when people use Fold Space to group all the Hamidon Buds together. I also don't mind it, as a tank, when people use it on regular content. That's just my team saying they're ready for me to jump into more mobs. If they die, "Oh I'm sorry, it looked to me like Blaster wanted the aggro for that group." And then I use Vengeance.
  8. Why am I being pinged into the Brute forum? O.o Dark Armor is arguably the best powerset for tanking Hamidon due to Dark Regeneration, and the regen-styled powersets are also high up there despite Rebirth Radial currently being bugged on Radiation Armor. You do need to slot a ton of knockback protection when tanking Hamidon with DA, though. Not at all. Hamidon and the green Mitos stack debuff regeneration and healing received. Regen's Reconstruction has the Unresistable tag, allowing a Brute/Scrapper to heal through it. Defenders/Controllers/etc casting heals
  9. There were a few Incans that I was designated to reject, such as Cuda mission 1 my job was to teleport the team to Ms. Liberty after both objective updates, and our team had variable load times so someone else was to Incan to the glowie. To do this, I leashed my pets (petcomall goto) to the air between the starting Flier and the tree/streetlight to the left of it, waited on the roof of City Hall until the prompt came up, used petcomall follow the moment it did to teleport them back to me after my pets took the Incan, then used my own Incan on Ms. Liberty when the objective updated. This stra
  10. A Mastermind is a bit difficult to work in a speedrun, but they do have the highest ST dps in the game by a large margin once buffed, and can further apply their -res while most of their damage is being dealt. As they are so reliant on Incan chains, taking a Mastermind over a Defender on this 6-man competition that contained a fair number of mob clearing/runthroughs was a big question during practice. A Mastermind can do some interesting stuff: Is able to Sleet->Heat Loss->Burnout->Sleet->Heat Loss while dealing lots of damage and additional -res from pets to an
  11. Thanks for hosting! This competition was a lot of fun to plan out and execute! (And anyone participating in the next one can breathe a sigh of relief as Cuda probably won't be in it) If anyone is curious, the second place team ran with: War Mace/Bio Scrapper Fire/Fire Blaster Demons/Cold Mastermind Fire/Sonic Corrupter Fire/Kinetics Corrupter Fire/Fire Blaster
  12. The Hive versus Abyss thing is something I can answer (for Everlasting, anyways): Objectively, the only reason why Hami raids in the Hive are more popular is that there's several large walls of monsters that are already ideally clumped, greatly speeding up the monster hunt phase. In the Abyss, there's no such spawns and monsters have to be pulled or defeated two at a time. I suppose there's also a bit less travel time involved (Woodsman and Barracuda are roughly the same distance, but the Abyss itself is much larger to cross). Subjectively, back before KiTTY took up t
  13. This. The endgame is not hard enough to require AT balance or setups, but it is also not easy enough to go in with only Tankers and get reasonable times. Playing a Tanker makes leading iTrials a very mechanical process, as you are able to command from the front and to take on dangerous mechanics yourself while typing out instructions (or popmenuing instructions and monitoring the league for sabotagers). Tankers make it extremely easy to lead a hodgepodge team or league of random people and to take point on all the dangerous things that could kill them, especially if running +4 co
  14. I'd be down for changes in this iteration of Hami raids to spice things up. I'd like to see some iTrial or Seed of Hamidon mechanics ported over, such as spreading out from an infection aura or moving away from a pseudopet-style location power to encourage people to pay attention and interact with the raid more. I might be personally biased towards such solutions because I think this approach to later content in the game worked pretty well given the balance situation (Destiny stacking through the roof, namely), but I'd still take any kind of numerical buff or mechanical change to the raid si
  15. I met Neutron Decay at the beginning of this year when he was interested in tanking Hami, and helped him put together the popmenus for raiding. He initially started with substituting for Elmyder's raids, later running alternating schedules, and eventually claimed the full Fri-Sun 10pm block. He genuinely enjoyed leading raids and was right at home with us in the Hive, and was very patient and helpful to new players. Several nights, we all goofed off on a third Hami raid after everyone else had gone to bed and ended up answering a bunch of questions on Hamidon's mechanics. In April I learne
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