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  1. Well we've had 3 days since the 50-cap change and so far: It seems everyone assumes overflow just takes place in Hive 2. Recruiting simultaneously for blue/red didn't work out, everybody just camped in Hive. The overflow raid doesn't get quite enough people to launch until the main league downs their second Hami and breaks up to join them. So far it looks like doing the 8pm EDT raid works best if the main league forms up 30 minutes early (nothing new there) and the overflow doesn't bother forming up until the actual 8pm EDT, and both leagues are in the Hive. Also, thanks to Elmyder for stepping up to lead the overflows after the 50-cap hit us! If anyone else wants to lead a Hami raid, possibly even redside in the Abyss, feel free to form one up! I'll put it on the Everlasting TFs schedule.
  2. Everlasting's Hami raid composition is, on average: Arachnos: 1 Blasters: 9 Brutes: 4 Controllers: 6 Corruptors: 2 Defenders: 3 Dominators: 4 Kheldians: 2 Masterminds: 1 Sentinels: 2 Scrappers: 8 Stalkers: 1 Tankers: 5 Though there is some overlap with powersets and ATs for roles, Defender and Tanker would certainly be worth levelling up for helping with Hami raids.
  3. It does if they are leeching hardcore and not even attacking anything, which has been the case in the last few raids. But yeah, there's not a whole lot we can do about it.
  4. Hello Everlasting, I am one of the raid organizers for the server. Over the last three months, we have witnessed Hamidon raids go from 1 full league, to a creeping overflow league, to two overflow leagues. During this time, we went from the safe-and-slow strategy of killing every bloom, to nuking at 50% health, to 75% health, 100%, and then finally 100% ignoring Mitos. This is pretty impressive given that we are Everlasting and half of our server population occupies some sort of galaxy dance club with talking seagulls. As of 9/10, The Hive, The Abyss, and Rikti War Zone are now capped at 50 players instead of 150, meaning we're probably back to the slow 50% health strats, or 75% if the league has lore pets. This is fine, but this 50-cap change has caused a number of other problems: 1). We have way more than 50 people wanting to attend raids, and we were already forming up 30 minutes before schedule due to sheer attendance, which is understandably unfair to west coast 9-5 workers in the first place. 2). The league will fall apart every time we switch zones to The Abyss from people waiting or switching characters. I mean, it already did, but now it forcibly does. 3). There will be no more reserving of spots in a Hami league. You will either arrive in the zone or you will stand at the door going let me in waiting for someone to crash. No more tells to get invites into a Hami raid -- broadcast only. 4). Leechers cannot be removed from the zone, only from the league. All we can do is kick them from the league to deny them rewards. On the 150-cap leechers didn't matter so we didn't police it, but now it is a detriment. 5). Fewer EoEs will be available and a couple of shady people are already buying them all up to resell at exhoorbitant prices. There's really not much we can do about problems 3-5. For problems 1 and 2, we are considering the following options: 1). Hami can form up early and then overflow can take the next instance, and each league kills Hami consecutively in their own instance. But if overflow doesn't get enough people then they wasted a bunch of time waiting for the main league to fall apart and backfill them. No zone changes, everyone would be raiding in The Hive for its greater Monster density. 2). Blue and red Hami could be run simultaneously at the scheduled time. Raid leaders will probably have to LFG together to advertise which league needs filling the most. The problem is that this will probably cause a lot of confusion in the LFG channel, at least until people get used to it. No zone changes, but villains would get to participate. 3). Hami can be run seperately at multiple hours (such as 7pm, 8pm, and then 9pm EDT) by different raid leaders, with an honor agreement from the raiders that people don't greedily alt into multiple raids unless there's space for them to do so. So far, multiple Hami raids at different hours of the day have only seen mixed success but it might get better with regular scheduling. So, arguments and opinions aside about the 50-cap killing the server's biggest social get-togethers and whatnot, I want to know what people think is the best way to adapt the daily Hami raiding to the new player limit, and if anyone has a better idea than the above 3 options. Obviously the solution here was to instead buff Hamidon to be a challenge to 100+ players, but it is what it is: we have a 50-cap now and we have to make it work. We will try all three of the options over the next few days to see what worked the best for everyone, then tweak schedules to get it right for next week.
  5. I completely agree -- I'm actually flabbergasted these damage changes are even on the table. The only thing that Tankers needed, in my opinion, was more aggro gathering for the less-AoE powersets and more threat application so that it is harder for others to accidentally flip an AV to hit the league with a giant cone attack. It is perfectly fine to have damage that is less than average if it means you're better at the role your AT is named after, like Controllers and Defenders. It's the whole reason for the class system! Like, I agree that some of the powersets could use cone/radius buffs to bring them up to the level of others, but all this is going to do is make everyone roll Tankers for damage, and that kind of makes me mad because I rolled a Tanker to tank.
  6. Yeah, the raids have to be more serious now. We have to inspect the league for leechers and kick them, and anyone who crashes is usually out of the raid. Maybe we will run more raids? Maybe concurrently? We've been talking about what to do to adapt to the new cap. We will also likely have fewer EoEs going forward from now on, unless they decrease the chances of Hami spawning from Monster kills.
  7. On the topic of removing Bruise, are we sure this is a good direction to take? Aside from it enabling teammates to do more damage, it gave a solid reason to use the first attack in the Tanker's set in a chain, the attack that they're forced to take.
  8. The only change I am against is making Tankers do more damage. If anything, it should be only when they redirect aggro from non-Tankers, i.e. being an actual tank in a team and not Brute 2.0, or via a teamsize-related buff like Defenders have. I don't want to see 16 Tankers on my league all fighting for aggro when the itrial boss just needs 1 specific repositioning done to it. The aggro changes are good, the damage change is not. Buffing Tankers is just going to make DPS players reroll to Tankers for damage purposes (Over some of the DPS ATs with these tentative numbers) and that's not healthy for AT balance, Tanker-arguments aside.
  9. I disagree with making Tankers deal more damage. I rolled a Tanker to be the best tank for my team, not to be a Brute. Offensively, I want to enable my team to do more damage, not do more damage myself. I don't want to see tons of DPS players and farmers rerolling to Tanker just because they're now super good at dealing damage. I want to be a tank. That's all I ever wanted to be. If you want to buff Tanker damage, I would highly suggest taking an active buff approach based on how much aggro they redirect away from teammates.
  10. Sweats profusely from the amount of tells I'm going to have to deal with and how much earlier than the schedule I'll have to form up the raid every day. But on the plus side, we will actually raid Hami correctly now instead of just nuking the poor jello 100 to 0. More fun to do it properly!
  11. Who is this other kindred soul? I hit vet level 1,000 just a few hours after these stats were posted, so unless you were counting regular levels there's someone else out there who just loves playing one single character and nothing else. I'm curious as to who I'm levelling against!
  12. Very interesting! Now I get to make fun of my Inv/SS Tanker brethren for being so meta. 😂
  13. To piggyback on the above answer, here's an example: Let's take Numina's Convalescence, a healing set with one unique enhancement, being slotted into Bio Armor which can slot many healing sets. You have 2x slotted in Health, including the unique Regeneration/Recovery enhancement, giving you 12% extra regen from the set bonus list. You have 3x slotted in Inexhaustible, giving you 12% extra regen and 1.88% maximum health. You have 5x slotted in Ablative Carapace, giving you 12% extra regen, 1.88% maximum health, 6% increased healing, and 3.75% S/L resistance. For a total of 36% increased regen, 3.76% maximum health, 6% increased healing, and 3.75% S/L resistance. However, because you have the set's unique enhancement on Health, you can't also have a 6x setup on Ablative Carapace for the 6th bonus on the list: 3.75% ranged and 1.875% E/N defenses.
  14. Oh, nice! My issue might get resolved automatically with this. And yeah, I had done Praetor Duncan's arc in Ouroboros again and she didn't magically pop into my contact list.
  15. So I tried resetting alignments and running all the DA content over again from Oro, calling Max each step of the way, when I noticed something: his relation bar would move up a tiny bit each time I did one of his flashback missions. So I ran all his missions several more times to completely fill up the bar and... nothing. He's still stuck and won't give me Praetor Duncan as a contact, Praetor Duncan doesn't physically exist in DA, and Sister Solaris won't speak to me. I tried overfilling the bar by one mission and playing his personal story as well, no dice. https://imgur.com/a/QDs8a7q I'm 100% sure now that I need a GM to reset Max for me. I really hope his following contacts aren't bugged as well due to running their stuff in Oro before meeting them.
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