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  1. Yup we've been waiting a long time for that one to be fixed. Most (all?) other sources of regeneration are unresistable. It's still worth using in a Hami raid regardless, though.
  2. The majority of problems with leagues are caused solely by what is generally called the "teambug," where someone joins a team but didn't actually, and doesn't show on the team's list but they do on the league list and they don't get sidekicked. This is almost always caused by the person previously solo-queuing for a trial or task force to fast travel to a contact and not using /teamquitinternal after arriving. If you invite a teambugged person, you usually get a "BlockingAccept" error on first invite followed by "Unable to join your team" as they join it anyways, but not always. However, if
  3. It's possible to skip some cutscenes by not triggering them, but it's not possible to skip them once they've been started. This was something we looked briefly into when HC was new and we were looking for speedrun shortcuts. Cutscenes put the mapserver itself into a frozen state, so even if you find a way to break out of the cutscene state for yourself you still won't be able to move until the mapserver is unfrozen.
  4. It's entirely possible that even if the conditions are met, that it still waits for the full 10 minutes before making the tentacles wave. It's also possible that if the 10 minutes pass without it happening that it waits 30 minutes to start the next attempt at it. Someone did confirm shortly after I made that Discord summary that the tentacles could wave, but they didn't mention how long they waited for it to happen. Since the counter only shows the 100 police defeats, it might be easiest to test this by defeating the 12 seers in the Protest event first so that you can check back at the popu
  5. So we all know (or at least badgers know) that Nova Praetoria has a zone event called The Protest where you fight either seers or civillians. What people don't know is that there's a hidden second event in this zone! I looked into this a year ago and dug around the files for a better explanation, and then promptly forgot about it after making a quick summary of my finds on a Discord somewhere. The recent discussion of Praetorian Hamidon here on the forum reminded me of it, so here it is: It started off with someone on another Discord mentioning they ran into a weird popup in the
  6. Praetorian Hamidon does not have a body ingame and I don't think he has one in the files either. A year ago I did some shenanigans to go out of bounds on the "Rescue Marauder" mission to explore the map because I was curious how its horizon was made: Basically, the main takeaways I found were: The tentacles are very large 3d models that rise up beyond the treeline, then fall back down under the map and disappear until their next wave cycle. They connect to nothing. The Avatars of Hamidon are supersized versions of the regular Avatar (From the Underground
  7. There are a few powers that apply an AI-only status called "Afraid" to targets, which tells the AI to immediately go into flee state. Some AVs such as Romulus and Requiem do not use "Never Afraid" AI, nor do they have inherent protection against Afraid, meaning they'll run all the way to Galaxy City if they get hit by a single DoT that has it. And despite most sources of Afraid being very short in duration, it can take a long time for the AI to loop back and realize it should stop being in its flee state once the status expires. Afraid is not to be confused with Terrorized, which
  8. When I run Triple Threat I have to dismiss my lore pets entirely for tanking Nega-Pendragon because sometimes he'll switch targets to them which usually results in him hitting teammates with the 80ft cones and charging a bunch of extra rage. Whether that's from inheriting Gauntlet or from being an extension of my damage, I'm not sure. Everyone else's lores are fine, though.
  9. I am noticing that people testing this have not reported any missing hit checks when using Lightning Rod where they already are, and also that when Lightning Rod is used where the source and destinations do not intersect are the cases where it can fail. I am also noticing that people are replicating the problem on Homecoming/busy mapservers, while not having the problem on Test/non-busy mapservers. Given that the Tanker version of this power is implemented differently than the other three ATs for some reason, this suggests to me that this is an issue with ArcanaTime or server tick rate, or a
  10. I'd be down for some way of changing KB to KD without the player having to waste enhancement slots for it. It would allow users of KB powersets a smoother choice to sacrifice some of the defense their KB provides (KB is longer than KD, can put distance on melee mobs) to be overall more team-friendly; and I'm all for good teaming, quality of life, and more variety. A global switch would: Not invalidate existing builds or characters, for those that prefer it as it is now or for those that want to mix the two knocks. Make the powersets more accessible to newer players who
  11. A few days ago the channel Everlasting TFs hit the cap of 2500 members (and appears to be the first channel on Homecoming to do so). While normally this would be a cause for celebration, 2500 is apparently a hardcoded limit in how CoH handles chat and cannot be easily raised without creating new problems. So, we are setting a timeout on the channel to remedy the situation. If someone has not logged in for 2 years they will be automatically removed from the channel, but they are free to rejoin if they decide to log back on afterwards. If you know someone that hasn't logged on Hom
  12. Weekly Streetsweeps: Enemies in these zones give more rewards and/or snarky defeat messages than usual. It'd be a good way to clean up all those Skulls from Perez Park! Could have different level zones on rotation at once.
  13. A few months after launch, yeah. The bans for it happened in September 2019: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/10442-pro-tip-dont-engage-in-real-world-trading/
  14. Nice! Looking forward to seeing HC content on Twitch and other sites!
  15. I've run it a few times as part of my worldwide monster hunt events, but the Seed dies way too quickly for it to be worthwhile for making a group for. The Seedling mechanic was an idea, but in practice only the defense and regen seedlings need to be killed. I was able to solo it as a Tanker using no inspirations or temps which is pretty sad. Seed of Hamidon should've been more on level with Avatar of Hamidon.
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