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  1. This is more of a peeve, yet it can be valid... When I play a scrapper for example, their power that gives them protections to status effects must be renewed periodically , not really much of an issue in general. Yet when I am in combat and its time to refresh my protection against status effects, I have little choice but to click on the please save me from the I win button or be subject to the spam status effect attacks. When I do so, the character engages in theatrics, poses in the middle of combat, which I refer as the pinata effect. In the pinata effect, my character is simply
  2. I may have issues with your suggestion... 1) The game is wired to control the level of the mob by size of the team. so your suggestion may call for code changes 2) As noted by another poster, not everyone is level 53 3) Different Arch-types have different soloing ability, thus raising an EB to AV may render the mission impossible for a tank who may not have the DPS to dent the AV for instance 4) The use of notoriety, I think, would let you choose to have an AV instead of an EB It would seem to me a more complex mission parameter GUI at the issuer of the m
  3. I have been sending shots in the dark to address this... The concept that people have billions of influence or even millions is truly a bad assumption. Those who do are a true minority, and are true masters of the game in many aspects. Yet because there are a few masters it really does not justify hurting the majority of the players, who just want to have fun and feel as super as they can be. In a previous thread I calculated the value of salvage based on what it takes to make them. Conversion: 1 Empyrean = 20 Threads Common Salvage - 20 Threads
  4. It occurs to me why Defenders secondary is 50% nurfed in teams? I can very poorly understand why the defenders were treated so poorly in the damage department at first in live. After all the view of the developers was that somebody had to be buffing and healing the melees since they were up on the face of the baddies and it would not pay that they instead of playing nurses and water boys they would be blasting away while the melee's got killed. So I can in a very sick way understand why their attacks got nurfed. Also to enforce the servitude of the support defender thei
  5. Getting a bit tired of the ole support types are supposed to be fodder comments, they are supposed to be super types as well, while they may lack in resistance bit, defense is the balancing factor that allows them to be heroic. Why not start a set of make it harder against the melee types, they seem to be the ones asking for challenge anyway. If anything why not do something that focus on melee types for a change, say give a whole bunch of mob types ignore resistance abilities for instance? How is that for challenge?
  6. As is at this time Super Reflexes is totally broken, I tried to make it work, but it just not survivable. I did get the character to 50 and really through mids tried to make it survivable and simply could not, had to many gaps. I gave up on it and deleted the character Regen needs a total make-up where they get true healing and endurance recharge as the other scrapper defensive sets V/R
  7. Not sure it is a good idea, increasing the minimum % chance would impact support types much greater than the melee types. so no thank you, leave the percentages as they are. Sorry bud v/r
  8. Just a suggestion... There are a variety of incarnate TFs that varies in difficulty, some a rather short and straightforward while others can require a lot of coordination between the players to be successful, yet no matter the difficulty the reward for completion is the same 1 merit (sometimes a bunch of astral merits that adds up to an empyrean merit) and a random salvage. What I suggest is to make the random salvage less random. For simple TFs let it be totally randon, as they become more complex guarantee the salvage to be tier 2 salvage and above, mor
  9. I support this concept I have posted before requested a way to break down salvage into empyrean merits, since empyrean merits is the only practical way to acquire tier 3 and 4 incarnate salvage; the idea to use a bunch of threads and 100s of millions to make tier 3 or 4 salvage is simply ludicrous. As I an many others do the insufferable Burden of the past, thirstily participate in as many incarnate TFs as I can, only to get a huge pile of tier 1 and 2 salvage which at the end are totally useless, trash and so are the threads eventually. SO why not have the ability to convert tier
  10. This truly more a question than a suggestion... I, sadly, am an alt-o-holic, so I focus to develop an alt to level 50, IO set to optimize performance and get incarnate slots to tier 4. Once I done that, I am done with the alt and go on to the next one. So far all is good. But from time to time, I do like to play those old super 50s and feel like, well, divinity. After awhile, I began to really accumulate lots of incarnate salvage and shards while I can transfer in-account empyrean and astral merits. I guess I could simply delete the stack of incarnate salvag
  11. How many of us go to Cimerora after the torturous trip to eventually get there (or use the LFG shortcut), and begin the ITF to have midways your exp booster fizzle out. So why not have a Pocked D like PW2 vendor where players in between missions or in their way back after going to hospital be able to re-stock in their exp boosters and temporary fly packs? This is only a QoL suggestion V/R
  12. Frankly, I was hoping for a one shot trip from anywhere, instead of a go somewhere to then go there... V/R
  13. Another suggestion for an alternate way When I do an incarnate TF I get the option to get empyrean merits or a luck of the draw at salvage, which is a nice choice. Unfortunately I am getting stuck on the award for random salvage, this morning alone I did 3 Burden of the past TFs, and received 3 Uncommon drops. I know it could have been worse and received 3 commons... Somehow this is bringing back memories during live for the streak breaker situation. It occurs to me, that there has to be another way for those players such as I who are strangers
  14. Only correcting my original post... Take any 4 tier one to create a tier 2; then combine any 4 tier 2 to create a tier 3; and lastly take any 4 tier 3 to create a tier 4 The math behind this... A tier 1 cost 20 threads or 1 empyrean A tier 2 cost 60 threads or 3 empyreans A tier 3 cost 8 Empyreans A tier 4 cost 30 Empyreans Thus 4 tier 1 would effectively cost 4 empyreans to get the 3 empyrean cost tier 2 salvage The 4 tier 2 would effectively cost 12 empyreans to get the 8 empyrean cost tier 3 salvage The 4 tier 3 would
  15. Good points, the ratio is already established since you can convert empyrians to reward merits, I only suggest to make it reversable. trying to get the tier 4 salvage by lock of the draw is simply insane, so II was looking for another method to allow getting there less fastidiously. Take care
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