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  1. Please set loose upon us Quantums and Void Hunters. tyvm! <3
  2. I can find the modder but I have don't know how to use it, open it, or anything. I'm lacking some other component, I think
  3. So, not caught up with the rest of you all: Where is the update to vidiotmaps that shows Siren's Call as it is in game now?
  4. @Blue Jay I have a fire nature corr, a fire plant blaster, a beam plant blaster, and I'm afraid to play emp but will roll any toon if needed for a team. I have good days and bad days but I have potential
  5. What to with this info? I think my struggle is what directories to make where
  6. I'd just like to update: Smooth function. I don't hate it.
  7. Don't get rid of one of the best features since live, whether it was meant to stay or not. If the problem is PVPers (none that I know), suppress it in PVP zones. But allow for us to travel the City as fast as we've been doing since Score released
  8. Please! It's an addiction; the sweetness of something deadly to myself. I'm finally back in the realm of playing with others and it's nice. I'd really rather not badge ever again - I even loathe accolade-getting now (but red side is better).
  9. Every time I set my Q key to what I want it, and it has nothing else bound to it, which is "select previous enemy" in case I pass it with TAB, I come back after taking the night off or whatever, and it's unbound. Every time. It was reverting me to its default, but it stuck when I unbound it to that. Still, it will not remain bound to what I wish. Can you help me?
  10. My problem is there are a couple of really good farms, one from sister solaris and one from dream doc, for my fire kin to buff up hero npcs at 4/8 to kill for me That's why I asked.
  11. I ran the "new" DA stuff a lot on live. I know some didn't quite to get to it, but I remember the DA arcs being repeatable, once you ran all the way through them, you could start over and heather and run through again - it was supposed to allow the f2p, and anyone else, to get incarnate threads when there weren't itrials happening. Can we bring this back?
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