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  1. Kindly "old" faces. Different bone structures from around the world. More options for animal heads. Rename P2W vendor to something in-game. Re-add Statesman. The story makes no sense without him. Ms. Liberty doesn't as his replacement. I know this one will never happen due to Statesman's owner, but a boy can dream. Make a staff that looks like a rake for a Zen garden. Here's a biggie: Leave in the enter_base_from_ macro. Since it is cheating to do this in a PVP match, suppress it in those zones completely. It's a big change to the game, but it's efficient with our time. We are already living with many other structural changes from the days of yore.
  2. I still have random settings resetting themselves to default, from mouse inversion, to camera shake, profanity filter, chat bubbles. And more. I'm not complaining about the updates, just that I ... hope your fix is coming soon. I love spooky time. This is more MY holiday than my birthday. Blessed month-long Samhain.
  3. I typed this in support, but I read one of my old reports, and it linked me here. I don't mean to type in two places. I'm still getting used to what site and what page is for which type of thing: When I log in, mostly everything is fine. Sometimes, however, like today about about a dozen point five other times, MANY, not all, of my controls (screen shake, chat bubbles, mouse inversion, allow expletives, etc) go back to whatever the opposite of how I want them to be. I THINK this happens when I switch from full screen to windowed and back, but I cannot always be in full screen nor always in windowed mode. Is there a way to cement in my settings against whatever this bug is?
  4. Perhaps I'm not seeing it. I'm not the only one who has done the Cathedral of Pain recently and discovered despite picking the Item of Power numerous runs, we are not being awarded the badge.
  5. Is this "putting in a ticket" or different than /petition in game? I already filled out a /petition, but just in case, because I've put in tickets there before and not heard back (Cathedral of Pain badge)... I am getting the badges for heavies. I found that if you log out after clicking one, to the character screen, then log back in, run to another heavy, you can in this way control two heavies.
  6. I have... issues. That isn't a mystery :P
  7. Would it be possible to get sent back to character creation instead of login, or as an option, when you've goofily wandered off?
  8. I think my last post was stupid. I want to see some friendly faces. Most of the faces are stoic or dower or neutral ... none are exactly kindly or at peace, especially not the old age ones. I'm happier about this post.
  9. Someone mentioned a progress bar on story arc. I like that one. I'd also like to see people in tfs able to read along besides just the leader in talking to the contact. I was healed from the loss of this game that first weekend that Score became available. That was all I needed, even with the panicked wipe that happened. It was just right. I played from i6-close, and now I've gotten addicted to this game again with ever-increasing shard stability (your team is unprecedented). The game looks like it's going to become fully legit (and will start earning revenue somehow - and I'd like to know how), but living on a limited income, and trying to better myself personally, doesn't mesh well with me continuing to play this awesome and enveloping superhero/supervillain game, as much as I'd love to learn all about Battalion and Omega (etc) incarnate powers, and the accumulations of more than 1500 badges. I ❤️ CoX, but my time here is limited to when I know the right time to drop it will be. I just wanted to say thank you to whoever kept it alive all these years, and released it back into this sweet resurrection and into a full revitalization. Good god, that's hot! I like playing at 50 with accolades and enhancements. I like playing endgame, not trying to get there. I like playing mid-game content through ouro, badges or not. I like PLing a character I want to play up to 50, getting in all the enhancements I want, and then playing at 50 (endgame and -50 content - tfs, etc). More mid-game stuff is an excellent idea, but know when things actually need changed versus making it into something not quite like City. Let there always be more ways and reasons to play this game than one. Goofing off with a league on the ski slopes using incan is a perfectly legit way to play if that is what ends up happening some evening...
  10. Maybe it'll settle down. On the weekends was usually the only time having this problem. The cost has been at a stable 500K inf per. 450K during the week nights. Now it's upward for 600K-1m for a single piece of salvage. People fucking with something that was comfortable for me. I realize it's not game-breaking, but it is hard on the virtual wallet. I wanted to see if we could get it driven down a bit, for some pretty necessary salvage.
  11. Thank you. I have it. I just never got back here to say it eventually worked for me. I ran the mission several times, even after having read the clue, but eventually I got the shiny.
  12. Blue Jay

    Fire Chief Badge

    The progress bar is full: 100 Hellions, 100 fires extinguished. But it does not complete. I've tried changing alignment. I've tried continuing to fight fires and Hellions to infinity. The progress bar is so stuck, when you hover the mouse over it, it doesn't even show you the progress, like every other progress bar.
  13. I've made headway. I got the blinkie, went into it the second time, and have reach the building in the mission where I place to doohickey on her face. I'm running into a locked door to get to her. I've cleared the whole base but no key dropped for me and I'm stuck.
  14. I read back a page and did not see this topic. On @KeyboardKitsune's list is Guardian of Forever. "(Issue 25) Recruit a new member into Ouroboros". It not being on the wiki, I'm not sure how to grab that shiny.
  15. I wasn't adept at handling the crystals yet. I see them now. Thank you.
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