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  1. I've made headway. I got the blinkie, went into it the second time, and have reach the building in the mission where I place to doohickey on her face. I'm running into a locked door to get to her. I've cleared the whole base but no key dropped for me and I'm stuck.
  2. I read back a page and did not see this topic. On @KeyboardKitsune's list is Guardian of Forever. "(Issue 25) Recruit a new member into Ouroboros". It not being on the wiki, I'm not sure how to grab that shiny.
  3. I wasn't adept at handling the crystals yet. I see them now. Thank you.
  4. In doing the second story arc from Provost Marchand (Primal Earth), I failed to get the badge Pendragon's Ally as I failed to keep him alive. The mission ended, and I got the badge for the mission, but not that particular badge available only in that mission. Provost isn't available in Ouro, to the best of my knowledge, but only via phone in Brickstown. So I'm left wondering, did missing this badge mean I cannot go back and get it ever?
  5. Problem solved. I was stuck in a loop of going to the same ones over and over and missing the two I was missing. I'm glad I'm at least not crazy about the map vs. the terrain. A couple of those seemed have had markers though they wouldn't pick up. Found my first bug/plot hole, but it's with vidiot. Still. Fun being at the forefront of something. Thank you for finding out about the active vs inactive/nonexistent badges. ❤️ Fiddlesticks
  6. Good to know as far as the 4 that aren't there. I'm still not sure why I can only pick up 2. Is all I can do, then, to keep going back to repeat useless fly-bys on the 2 I can't get?
  7. Siren's Call: Vidiot maps labels explore badges named hangman, piratical, politician, broad shoulders, wasted resources, hot dog, still standing, and volatile. Having just arrived at the zone, I can only pick up hangman and piratical. I can see several of the others on the ground by my feet. I cannot pick up any of them besides the two.
  8. Bluejay

    PI level?

    I was running a team in the ouro level of the praetorian av arc through tina. One of us was lvl 30 and while that person could have joined us running it in PI, they couldn't join us through Ouro. Is that a bug or intentional? It doesn't sound intentional
  9. Bluejay

    No Field Crafter?

    Someone in game looked through my badges and told me I missed the tutorial one. It could be that. I'm in a trial so I'll have to check in a bit. You're a bit like a celebrity to me, though, for it was your name I saw one top of the badge checklist I use or am starting to use. That's good work~
  10. Bluejay

    No Field Crafter?

    I have just gone through the gambit: From https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Field_Crafter_Badge: "*Tutorial badge: Inventor *Crafting badges: Master Craftsman *Memorization badges: Declining, Decaying, Despoiler, Dismantler, Medicator, Mender, Rebuilder, Revivifier, Armorer, Guardian, Protector, Security, Blinding, Beguiller, Charming, Charismatic, Energy Conservationist, Battery Powered, Nuclear Powered, Mystically Powered, Trigger Man, Hired Gun, Hit-Man, Sniper, Major, Lt. Colonel, Colonel, Major General, Munitionist, Weaponeer, Warhead, Arms Dealer, Pilgrim, Vagabond, Wanderer, Walks the Earth. The fifth Crafting badge and the level 45-50 Memorization badges are not required." The only badges I don't have are the 2000 inventions one and now Field Crafter, though I have side-by-sided with the list on wiki. I should have more than enough so there's some kind of problem I need help with, I believe.
  11. Oh thanks! I did this, so now I just have to get into a trial to test it.
  12. I'm guessing this is a setting rather than a bug, but just to be sure... As the subject line reads, the cut scenes are just the chars in their stances and such, exactly the same as always (for instance, BAF with nightstar and siege and mother mayhem). There are no word bubbles though, so it isn't like a story so much as disjointed scenes. If I hadn't played these a thousand times, I wouldn't know what is being said. It doesn't seem at all related to whether I have word bubbles on or off as far as my char and those of others. I usually roll with the bubbles off, but that has never made it happen like this where I can't see the dialogue of cut scenes. I'm confident it isn't that setting, which I have actually turned on to no avail. Here's hoping for an easy fix.
  13. Disconnections all around, lag even rounder. Sweet merits, but if the older servers couldn't handle AE PLing, how are the servers doing these days on this? How is your computer doing? I'm just asking questions. If something seems game-breaking, I'd like to say something, even if I'm wrong. It's a bit like Black Friday, everybody GO! And it's only expanding.
  14. A good portion of the time when I cast this power, it gives me none or 1. Is it just a "chance to win"?
  15. Remember taking off wings and auras for hami raids? This game was much harder on my computer in 2012.
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