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  1. I'm rolling a new dark/ control toon and I'm wondering what the best sets to pair with it are. I can go troller or dom, I'm open to both. I thought I'd ask about them both at once here instead of making multiple threads!
  2. any reccs/highlights for dark powers?
  3. I've been enjoying dark/nature. I wouldn't say they synergize exactly but it's a nice assortment of abilities that leaves me never at a loss for something useful to do. The damage seems pretty nice too compared to the dark/plant blaster I rerolled into that toon.
  4. dark! her name is the bog queen and she's swamp themed.
  5. I have nature on my corr and I love it!
  6. How IS dark as a secondary actually? I was just looking at the noir animations and they actually look p sweet and suit the character well.
  7. But not: - Dark (dark looks p sweet, I might actually try it) - Cold - Time - Storm I wanna do something non-obvious so not dark or cold and I've done time and storm already. Look forward to hearing suggestions!
  8. I'm a late night EST player too. I'll add you. @Puck Mulligan
  9. this is all very interesting and great information. thanks! i'm going to chew this all over.
  10. if that's the case, corruptor might be better anyway since I'm more inclined to play in groups!
  11. I've been running a rad/fire brute and he's pretty decent but so far, at admittedly a rather low level, he doesn't take damage quite as well as id hoped. Now, my impression was that the Brute was mostly a different kind of tank, since that's what villains had access to for tanking before going rogue, now I'm not so sure. I'm considering rerolling him as a fire/rad tank. I should also take into consideration this is a villain the rogue isles are rather barren so I imagine I'll be doing a lot of stuff solo or with my emp/rad defender friend. Any opinions or foresight on how these two potential toons will play out in the long term?
  12. Since returning, I've been running a dark/plant blaster as my main but im finding there's a lot of overlap in power utilities so I thought I might reroll as a dark/plant corruptor since /plant in that archetype seems more useful. HHowever , I'm a bit discouraged by the difference in ranged damage levels noted on the character creation screen. Does this accurately translate into damage in the game? Is my rerolled toon going end up feeling like a weaker shadow of her former self?
  13. I'm on excelsior which is pretty dead on the villain side. How's the population over here? any good villain-focused supergroups?
  14. I'm in a supergroup on the hero side but I'm more of a villain player typically. However, I'm finding the villains rather barren and I'd love to find an active group that I could team with regularly. I'm 29, EST but on all sorts of hours, have a mic but prefer to stay off mic a lot of the time (unless we're doing some big TF or something). hmu!
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